It’s 2019 and I’m Recommending This $300 Cock Ring

“How much better could a $300 penis ring actually be?”

That is what I was thinking to myself as I opened up my package from King Rings. After all, the metal penis ring does not even vibrate. Still, I can at times be a sucker for beauty and luxury, and online, the pictures of the penis rings looked like the ideal blend of the two.

Scrolling through different styles in the catalog , I came across products with titles such as Sea Dragon and Savage Rose. Finally, I settled on the Father of Pearl, whose description reads:”Tungsten Carbide penis ring inlaid with organic Abalone, a natural gem owning strong iridescence and found in a number of swirled colors; moody blues, mysterious greens, and royal purples.” As someone who buys underwear from a website called”CheapUndies,” I knew with certainty this ring are the nicest thing to ever touch my crap.

The organization, King Rings, was kind enough to send me the ring at no cost.)

I opened the package to discover a small black box. Within the box, I discovered a black velour pouch with two golden tassels as drawstrings. I loosened the drawstrings and took my Father of Pearl… and mother of God, it was thick. I am so used to lightweight plastic or silicone cock rings I wasn’t certain how this one would feel. But in its own weight, the Father of Pearl felt authentic and high.

I didn’t waste anytime before using it. I went through my phone and texted two of my stable fuck friends who always jump at the chance to bone. The first one got back to me within minutes, saying he would be over in 20 minutes. I told him I would leave the front door unlocked, so that he could come {} my room.

Two minutes before his birth, I got naked and stuck my entire package through the cock ring. Cock rings such as these are tight, and they are supposed to be. If it takes all of a second to wear, it may be too loose. (FYI, every King Rings cock ring comes in four different sizes. The business offers sizing rings to test on ahead, so that you can find out which one is ideal for you.)

When I was not vertical, the ring’s enormous size and weight felt somewhat awkward. But when I played with myself and got hard, it fit as it was supposed to. I was ready to go.

Father of Pearl



My FB entered my apartment and found me on my sheets, crap from complete screen. After shutting the door behind me, the first thing that he said, was”Holy shit, that is big.” While I wish he had been referencing how big my dick, he was really speaking into the ring. He hopped on the bed on his hands and knees to further inspect the ring. “It is amazing,” he said. Again, not referencing me.

From there, he went down on me until we began to have penetrative sex, finishing in doggy style. Doggy really turned me on because I could see the ring, and it made me feel like some wealthy, bougie, d-bag. Yes, seeing it turned me on for a reason which we’ll not be unpacking here. That is a conversation for me and my therapist.

Getting turned on, I was ready to orgasm quickly, but slowed down my stroke and took a few deep breaths to keep going. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to delay ejaculation with any penis ring which pulls your testicles down. Your testicles naturally grow into your body when you are about to orgasm, so gently pulling them down can, in actuality, delay orgasm.

When I finally finished, I lay next to him for a moment or two catching my breath, bathing in post-coital endorphins prior to taking the ring off. (FYI, it is a lot easier to take off than it is to wear, especially when you’re soft.)

Undoubtedly this was a few of the best sex we have ever had. It was not because I did anything different–missionary into doggy style is as standard as it comes, particularly for anal intercourse . It was not because the King Ring actually felt any better than another (metal) ring, although as I said, I’d like the additional weight. It was because psychologically, there is something strangely arousing about knowing that you have a gorgeous, outrageously priced gem around your personal crowned jewels. It makes you feel like a goddamn king, which is likely why these beauties are known as King Rings.

Needless to say, you do not have to shell out $300 to reap the benefits of a cock ring. Check out the less expensive options below.