I Believe My Marriage Is in Trouble

Q: It began with my husband sleeping on the sofa so I can find some rest because we have two very young kids. Then it turned to him resting on the sofa because it was simpler. Afterward, he no longer worked but he was still sleeping on the sofa. I don’t know whether this is in my mind or if these are indications that it is over.

A: The first thing I’d say is — speak, communicate. Not from a place of nagging or blame, but from a place of heart open vulnerability, love, sincerity –“I miss you”. He can respond that he had no idea and acknowledge he misses you also. If he reacts with resistance, then a conversation should happen. Begin to discuss it — I know there’s lots of fear about opening Pandora’s box but it does not have to be like that, it doesn’t need to be this awful thing. Relationships have problems, you both develop, you both move on, and what’s better.

There are several training packages that I offer. We could only do a 1 time strategy session, if you prefer.

Maybe this is something which, should you want to make this work, would be an investment (a divorce cost far more). It could be an investment to perform six sessions (possibly a few with you, a few with him, and a few with you both together) so we can let go of the past, and create a solid base and some new skills and tools so that you guys can stay connected and remain communicating as you move forward in your relationship. I’d be honored.


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It began with him sleeping on the sofa.

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