Who’s Alpha Male 2.0 For? ) has brought up some questions about just who Alpha Male 2.0 is for. Is it for everybody? If not, which sort of person is it for?I am right in the midst of promoting the class so I did not want to post anything too controversial, but I feel strongly about what I think, and most of whom I think is backed by the facts and the study, so I will proceed anyway and possibly upset of a great deal of readers today with what I am going to say. So be it.On a semi-regular foundation, I get people saying”Yeah, this Alpha 2.0 stuff is very good, but it does not apply to everybody.”Correct. You’re god damn right it does not. Nor do I want it to be.I received that remark so frequently (and still do) that I eventually had to write this article, clearly saying that Alpha Male 2.0:Isn’t for everybody, and was never supposed to be. (I trace my own small business advice. Would never be adopted by society at any full-scale way even when I had been world-famous and endorsed by other honored, world-famous men and women. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the freedom-based lifestyle educated in The Maximum Freedom Course is for these two types of guys, and only these two types:1. Beta males that are sick and tired of being slaves (for their wives, wives, bosses, families, or whomever) and have the balls to go through a small growing pains for a more happy and free masculine life.2. Alpha Male 1.0s that are sick and tired of all of the work and play their life frequently comprises and have enough of an open mind to be somewhat flexible in their”conventional” (a wonderful way of saying”outdated”) philosophies.Both of these kinds of guys are rare. I roughly estimate that those two sorts of men comprise about 10 percent of men in the Western world, at best.They’re rare because:A. Most beta men are pussies. I really don’t like saying that but it is a factual statement. Most beta men do not have the balls to make the adjustments required to really be long-term happy. They do not like being unhappy; it is just that the changes required to attain Alpha 2.0 standing are too frightening for them. Betas would rather be miserable than fearful. It is just the way they are. The majority of them, anyway.B. Most Alpha Male 1.0s are fairly stiff. I really like Alpha Male 1.0s and I vastly prefer their business over that of betas, but Alpha 1.0s are not exactly the most flexible thinkers. They are not just wide open to fresh ideas. Again, I don’t like saying that, but that surely represents my expertise. I mean, shit, even I will radically change my thoughts on strongly held opinions when introduced new arguments and evidence (as I demonstrated here, as only 1 example), since I think that is an indication of a rational thinker. However, most Alpha 1.0s are not interested in this regardless of what facts you reveal them. Alpha 1.0s would preferably be subjectively”right” than be happy. The majority of them, anyway.There are, indeed, a small proportion of betas who have some balls and a small fraction of Alpha 1.0s who appreciate happiness over doctrine, and those are the ones all my Alpha 2.0 content is for. If you are in either of these classes, you want to acquire this class before I shut registration on Thursday evening. This class was designed especially for YOU. Yes, you’re the man I made that route for. YOU. I don’t mean to state that all betas or Alpha 1.0s who refuse Alpha Male 2.0 are somehow wrong or bad. They aren’t. In this article I clarified the”self-aware beta man.” This is a kind of beta who’s well aware that how he lives his life won’t ever make him long-term happy and he fully admits it. He admits he’s either too lazy or too scared to do anything better and contains consciously chosen to stay a beta male. He is not one of those angry men who shout that gender is not important or that earning a fantastic income is immoral. I don’t have any issue with these guys. They are making a conscious decision based on the truth and they are not deluding themselves. I don’t agree with their choice in any respect, because I think the whole purpose of life is long-term consistent happiness (and you have to be a fantastic person so as to accomplish this), but I respect their choice. They will never be as happy as me, but they have made their own conscious decision not to be.You will find”self-aware Alpha Male 1.0s” too. These aren’t the mad, conventional conservative Trump-worshipper types yelling about  Mexicans, cucks, socialists, or anything else while defending cheating or drama. Rather, these are such Alpha Male 1.0s who state (generally in behind closed doors in private) something like,”Yeah, I have a good deal of drama with my girls and I hate it. What you teach works, but… I am simply not going to get it done. It is just not for me. Again, I don’t have any issue with these guys. They are being rational and making their own informed choice. Again, it is a choice I strongly disagree with, but at least they are rational and self-aware enough to acknowledge the negatives of the choice.It follows that those charming (at least to me) 10 percent of guys my articles is for are the betas and Alpha 1.0s that are not the scared/rigid men and not the”I consciously decide to be happy” guys. They’re the guys that are tired of not being happy and choose to become happier. Again, that is only likely to be about 10 percent of those.(This brings up the debate stating that Alpha Male 2.0 might not be the only means to realize long-term happiness for a man, and they’re may be alternative lifestyle models that may do this. That’s a really different subject than the one I am analyzing today and one I will address in a future article.)The interesting aspect about all this is the freedom-based lifestyle of this Alpha Male 2.0 encompasses plenty of different areas. It’s not only about money, or company, or gender, or anti-aging, or time management, or investing, or nonmonogamy, or anything. It includes all those things, and more.Some men simply pull the components they need and leave the rest, salad bar style. I have readers and clients that are traditionally, monogamously married like everybody else but carefully follow Alpha 2.0 business models. The Maximum Freedom Course, in addition to all my 2.0 content, covers a lot of bases. While I think all these foundations are important, that is just me. Don’t hesitate to pull only those that interest you and ignore the rest. If all you did was convert your income to location-independent, or if all you did was add 1 girl to your sexual orientation (going from one girl to two), your life could be orders of magnitude better. Go for it.For those who missed the live webinar on Friday night, you’re welcome to see the replay of it here. It is well over an hour where I go through all of the course concepts in detail and field plenty of questions.The class and its two add-on classes are available now but I will close off everything Thursday night. Only three and a half days left…

Is it for everybody? If not, which sort of person is it for?

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We are just 3 days away from the greatest class I have ever done, The Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle Course, where you will discover how to improve your financial life, woman lifestyle, and total levels of freedom. Today I will offer you some of the new articles from the path I have never discussed anywhere else before.   To quickly recap, in the previous two posts I defined the three baselines for the Alpha 2.0: fiscal, girl, and for men over age 35, physical. I also went into great detail as to what comprised an Alpha 2.0 financial life, girl life, and for the sound readers of the site s, a 35+ person’s physical life.  These 3 baselines are core to your long-term happiness for a man.  But! There is a catch to all this.  The issue is that I can not tell you what, by way of instance, your perfect woman life should look like because I do not know how old you are or where you’re in life. It would be presumptuous and downright ridiculous of me to sit and lay out a particular image of what your Alpha 2.0 woman life “should” look like.    “You Ought to Be full size polyamorous with three MLTRs!”  “You should find an OLTR girlfriend!”  “You ought to go fuck a supermodel!”  “You should receive OLTR married and have some children!”  “You ought to have a lot FBs and have fun!” Can you see how ridiculous those things seem when I am saying them to tens of thousands of people? I hope you do, because there are a whole lot of other content providers in the manosphere who do precisely that. They inform you, in very specific terms, what your girl life should look like. Furthermore, they state (or suggest ) that in the event you don’t get just what they let you get, there’s something wrong with you.   There are pick-up artist types who say you will need to bang 50+ girls , otherwise you are a impossible beta loser — and you see it using tradcon types who say that you will need to get traditionally/monogamously married and have children, or else you are selfish and ruining the world. And you will find scores of variants in–involving these extremes.  ALL OF THAT IS FUCKING STUPID. Some of you’re 22 years old, and some of you’re 57 years old. A number of you have had sex with 70+ girls already, and some of you are practically virgins. A number of you’re hardcore Thrill of the Hunt guys who always crave sexual newness and love the search, and some of you do not give a shit about any of that and just want regular, recurring sex in the same a couple of women forever. A number of you have not ever had a serious relationship, and some of you’re divorced from a union of over 10 years. A number of you have a great deal of spare time on your hands to devote to your girl life, and some of you are very busy with your job, fitness, family life, or Mission and have hardly any time to take part in picking up girls. That is why saying or suggesting that you”want” to configure your girl life a certain way (or else you suck!) Does not make any goddamn sense. Any decent-sized audience will be full of very different men with different needs, wants, and limitations. As a monetized blogger with 10+ years of experience, I know this well.  So any recommended structure for your girl life, your budget, and any other facet of your life has to be calibrated to how old you are, your character, and where you’re in life. This will change greatly from man to man.   That is where the three life spans come in.   As an Alpha 2.0, as soon as you reach (virtual) maturity at era 18 or so, you’ll go through three different phases in life.  1. The Breakout Stage  2. The Empire-Building Stage  3. The Actualization Stage  The Breakout Stage is the initial stage in adult life. In overall , you are in your twenties or maybe early thirties (though there are loads of exceptions of men over age 35 who are still in their Breakout Phases). — Your parents (or comparable parental figures in your household )– Your boss– Your Company occupation — Your girlfriend– Your own neediness and result dependence regarding what people think of you Throughout the Breakout Phase, you’re still being controlled by one or more of the above mentioned authority figures. This means you’re not free… at least, not yet.   Your job during the Breakout Stage is to break away from those people so that they do not control you anymore. Move out of your parents’ home. Get your own company so that you don’t need to report to a work anymore. Dump that dominant girlfriend that runs your life and have sex using joyful FBs and MLTRs rather who never let you know what to do.  That does not mean that you have to eject these people from your life; you just remove them as authority figures. To put it differently, move from your parents’ home, but you’re more than welcome to still see them and as far as you like and have them in your own life.  The Empire-Building Stage is when you have, more or less, removed the shackles of those authority figures so today you’re free to concentrate your time on excitedly building your empire. Your “empire” can mean anything you would like it to mean. Your empire may be a little, humble $75,000 annually Alpha 2.0 company with a single MLTR and one FB. Perfectly fine. Someone else’s empire may be to earn $10 million with three MLTRs that are 19 year old ideal 10s. Also fine. Your empire is whatever you want it to be. There’s no wrong or right. In the class , we discuss very particular, step-by-step techniques on how to specify your empire and how to receive it.   I myself am in the heated orgasm of my Empire-Building Phase at this time, and I fucking love it! I have got only a few more years until I transition into…  This is the stage during which you’ve pretty much accomplished all your big goals and dreams in life. It is for much older men, usually over age 60 (though again, there are a number of exceptions to this ). Because you’ve accomplished all of your”worldly” targets surrounding things like financing, girls, and wellness (as far as is possible according to your age), you’re now free to experience anything you want to experience using a very different set of goals that have nothing to do with building an empire.   Here are a few examples. If you choose to set new business/work/finance goals on your Actualization Stage, you do not work for your money (because you do not need any), but rather work for the betterment of the planet or to get some inner expression or satisfaction. If you set any girl targets, it is not because you will need to get laid or want companionship (because you already have all that you will ever want ), but rather to deepen the connection (or connections) or maybe experience something on a religious degree as opposed to a physical or psychological one.  Your financial life, girl life, and (if it applies) your physical life want to be corrected, perhaps greatly, to your present life phase.   Here are some examples: If I told you to concentrate on building your investment abilities, but you’re on your Breakout Stage, that would be dumb. However, if I instead told you to begin your Alpha 2.0 company on the side, that would be an excellent idea for you.  If I told you to go have sex with 40 girls whenever possible who are as sexy as you are able to attract, that may make de erfect feel if you’re on your Breakout Period, but that would be complete lunacy if you’re at the tail end of your Empire-Building Stage.  When I told you to settle down with a girl through OLTR Union or similar, that would be insanity if you’re on your Breakout Stage, and dangerous if you’re at the previous phases of your Empire-Building Period, but might perhaps make perfect sense if you had been at the latter part of this Empire-Building Stage or on your Actualization Phase.  Your present life span applies to all types of things — whether to perform night game or online relationship, whether or not to take that new job, whether to have a serious OLTR or merely casual FBs, whether or not to change your attention from your company to your own investments, and on and on.  The Maximum Freedom Course will help you through this whole process, from planning all the way to everyday implementation. It can allow you to become freer and happier and attain abundance financially and on your dating/sex life. It is the largest course I have ever done, and the greatest amount of content I have put into one location. I seriously can not imagine doing something this large and comprehensive again.  It is going on sale this Thursday night at midnight PST/PDT for only 1 week. Following Thursday night on September 5th, I will shut down enrollment for the course and it’ll no longer be accessible. The add-on classes for younger guys and older guys will follow the exact same release schedule.  This Friday the 30th, the first day the program is published, at 7pm PST/PDT, I will perform a FREE, LIVE webinar that overviews some of the techniques from the program. This webinar is largely geared toward individuals that are new to my articles, so some of you regular readers may see things from the webinar which are familiar to you. But, I’ll devote the latter part of this webinar answering any questions you might have, live. Click HERE to book your spot.  As always, I am here to answer some of your queries, comments, or concerns.   

We’re just 3 days away from the greatest course I have ever done, The Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle Course, where you will discover how to improve your financial life, girl life, and total levels of liberty.

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Here is the second article in the series about the best way best to make your own Alpha 2.0 lifestyle filled with maximum liberty, and thus maximum happiness for a guy. The Maximum Freedom Course comes out on Friday the 30th (really midnight on the 29th PDT/PST) within just a few days.  From the first article I described how the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle is a life built on principles based on long-term liberty as opposed to Societal Programming. This is because when living life based on Societal Programming may impress your mother or get you a pat on the head from the dominant girlfriend, it will not make you happy. In actuality, it will most likely make you unhappy a good amount of the time.  Happiness can only be found in liberty…  at least long-term happiness. We also spoke about how your financial life and your girl life (along with your physical life if you are over age 35) are the most significant cores of your freedom-based lifestyle. Without these, all of the different regions of your life will suffer, or {} make you happy lasting.   Now we will need to get into detail about what your financial life and girl life must include beneath an Alpha 2.0 version, all of which you’ll learn how to implement in the class .  Alpha 2.0 Financial Life The fiscal life of this liberty based Alpha Male 2.0 is based around these core traits:  Self-employment. You won’t ever be long-term happy working for boss in work. You won’t always be miserable, but you will be much happier if you can set your own schedule and do what you wish to do instead of what your stupid boss tells you to do. 2. Location-independent income. If you’re forced to remain in the city where you currently reside so as to generate cash to pay your bills, you’re not free. If you can not live wherever you want, traveling where you want, whenever you want, and remain there for as long as you need, you’re not free. You are after the lifestyle model of a plant, not a human being. You need to be able to make money irrespective of where you’re physically located. Multiple, diversified income streams. You don’t need to rely on a single income source from one company selling one thing. That’s not just harmful in these economic times, it is also extremely hard work. Instead, you need monthly income coming in from 2-4 small companies, each owning multiple streams of income. 4. $75,000 annually pre-tax earnings in US dollars. I have talked about this earlier. The research clearly show that men who make less than $75,000 annually would be far happier if they obtained their earnings to (or past ) the $75K per year mark. Obviously , you’re free to make more income than that if you wish (I earn much more) but $75K annually is the Alpha 2.0 minimal provided by your location-independent companies. 5. Extremely low taxes. You will need to get your legal tax burden as low has humanly possible. This way you can enjoy a larger lifestyle performing much less work. Self-employed Alpha Male 2.0s who earn $75,000 annually make considerably more money in real take-home pay than men who earn $120,000 a year as workers in San Francisco, and on far less hours weekly. Speaking of that…6. Your companies should only expect a maximum of 30 hours per week to keep once they are ready to go. (I could maintain my whole business empire working only 15 hours a week if I decided to.) Debt is the second biggest killer of men in the modern age (after oneitis, that’s the largest). You don’t need any (barring certain exceptions). 8. Rock-solid savings and investments. You want to have diversified investments and savings to look after you later on when you get old, have some catastrophes, or cannot work. Having these things offer you options. Men who have no savings or investments aren’t free. The next pillar of your freedom-based lifestyle is the woman life. Including all intimate or sexual relationships you have with women, irrespective of if they’re casual, relationship, serious, very serious, or wed.   It is based around these core traits:  Nonmonogamy. A guy who’s only permitted to have sex with one girl isn’t free and will never be long-term happy. I really don’t care what your religion says, or what your mother says, or what your girlfriend states… it is not how you were designed. Any biologist will tell you that human beings are pair-bonding monsters, yes, but we’re not sexually monogamous creatures. Pair bonding is fantastic (I’m pair ensured and I really like it), but monogamy does not need to be a part of it, nor should it. You ought to be allowed to have mutually consensual sex with any girl you want, whenever you want, even when you’re in a significant relationship or union. If , you are going to be stuck with either A) simply being able to have sex with one girl and finally hating it, B) not having any sex at all, or C) cheating, which generates all types of drama, psychological difficulties, and logistical issues.  2. Sexual abundance. Science. Physicians, researchers, and psychologists all agree that guys who never have sex are less happy as they can be (and do not give me this exception-to-the-rule bullshit about Buddhist Monks; you are not one of these ). It is also not healthy emotionally or physically. You should be having regular sex with women (at least two, because one is monogamy) you believe at least adorable (not average or ugly). Low or zero play. Struggling with girls, arguing with women, and putting up with women’s crap is not going to make you happy. Even guys who”like” play (coughHispanicscough) are not happy when they are yelling in their girlfriends or wives, and you are not either. You will need to structure relationships where asserting and anger are uncommon, short, and unusual. 4. The more rules you need to follow in a relationship you are in with a girl, the less happy you’re going to be in the long term. Sure, originally you won’t mind, but over time, you’ll. FB and MLTR relationships pretty much demand zero rules on your part. OLTR relationships involve only a few. You simply want relationships with girls where you’re permitted to live your life and be a man, as opposed to a beta male servant or an Alpha 1.0 who must hide what he is doing all of the time. 5. Multiple Ladies. Having zero sex will not make you happy. Having sex with only 1 woman, at least at the long term, will not make you happy. You want to have at least two girls on your sex life on a regular basis. That may mean you semi-serious MLTR and one jagged FB on the side you see sometimes. That is plenty for most guys. (And if you want to have more girls than just two, you are welcome to this as well. I have two or more.) 6. Attractive women. With my four-level female hotness scale of ugly, average, cute, and sexy, the girls in your life have to be at “adorable” to you (since most of this is subjective from man to man). Men who only have sex with ugly or average-looking girls (again, to them) aren’t likely to be happy lasting. It is really bad for the self-esteem also. Financial protection. With the current sky-high breakup rates and divorce rates, if you get serious with a girl or proceed with her, you have to do so in a way where if/when you become divorced or break up, 100 percent of your financing are 100% secure so that she does not get 1 cent of your money (unless you select to give her a number ). Men that get traditionally married nowadays with none of those protections would be the stupidest men on Earth. You can’t be among them. This is not the 1950s anymore. The likelihood of breakup/divorce are way too large and the financial devastation caused to you as a guy is simply too extreme. In another article, I will explain how to incorporate all these items based on the Three Life Phases. Coming in a few days.  The Maximum Freedom Course is over 16 hours of video, plus over 70 podcasts, also training from me where you will learn precisely how to implement all the above things in your lifetime in step-by-step detail. There is optional and also add-on course for younger guys here and one for older men here. They are only available for one week beginning August 30th.   If you can not place all of the money together right now, there is an installation plan too, so you don’t need to miss out. If you receive the course and are not happy with it, there is a 30–day money-back guarantee.  There is no danger to you. Here’s a quick movie on some of the questions we have been getting about the course:[embedded material ]Let me know if you have any queries, comments, objections, or observations.   

Here is the second article in the series about the best way best to make your own Alpha 2.0 lifestyle filled with maximum liberty, and thus maximum pleasure for a man.

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Here is the first in a series of three posts that will offer an overview of ways to create a lifetime of maximum liberty and manly happiness through the Alpha 2.0 Lifestyle. These are all in preparation for the Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle class which will be published on August 30th for only 1 week. A free video in the program is situated below, so that you can find an idea of the content and style of 16+ hours of video you will get in the program.  As a quick aside, from today until September 5th, the usual posting schedule for the Blackdragon Blog and the Caleb Jones Blog will be a bit different. The normal posting programs will resume for both sites after September 5th when the Maximum Freedom class becomes inaccessible.  Once the term”Alpha 2.0” is used, it usually denotes a sort of man. It may also be used to refer to a lifestyle, a specific way of living in which manly and freedom happiness are maximized as much as is feasibly possible for the long term. Most men build their own lives based on one thing: Societal Programming. Whether it makes sense or not, whether it’s factually true or not, or whether {} make them happy at the extended term, guys sadly utilize mostly false or outdated societal de rogramming as a guiding standard for their lifetimes.   Examples of this would be things such as: Visit school   Get a Fantastic job  Date one girl at a time Get a monogamous girlfriend Have a traditional, monogamous marriage  Have children (ideally, as many as possible )  Vote for Democrats and Republicans, but nobody else (use your equivalents if you live Outside the USA)  Live how your parents need Do what your wife/girlfriend wants Purchase a Lot of cool things   enter debt  Combine the faith your parents needed and obey its own rules  And so on.  A few of those things were really great thoughts 60 or 80 years ago but are now detrimental to a person’s happiness. Some of these matters were never great ideas. But none of that matters; many men follow some or all these items and devote the heart of their lives to them.  The end consequence of this is always reduced liberty for the guy . This, then, contributes to diminished happiness for the man. It can not be any other way. Scientific studies clearly demonstrate that men are delighted to the degree to which they’re free. That means they can, within ethical and legal limitations, do anything they want, anytime they want, without needing to check in or get permission from anybody.  So, the modern–day guy follows the tenets of outdated or false societal de rogramming and lives a life of reduced liberty, leading to low, moderate, or rare happiness. Sure, he is happy every once in a while, but he is never consistently content. He can not be — even if he is a pretty amazing guy.   Rather than following systems which make him less free and less happy, the Alpha Male 2.0 follows systems which increase his liberty and maintains his liberty for the remainder of his life. This means he’s the happiest person in the Western world, perhaps barring the super-rich (and the Alpha 2.0 does not need to be anything near wealthy — that is the attractiveness of the lifestyle).  The Three Foundational Baselines Like I discussed within my primary publication, The Unchained Man, you will find Seven Life Areas (the SLA) which might be important to a guy. However, three of these areas are significant to all guys (barring very bizarre and rare exceptions). These are:  )  his girl life (his sex life, relationship life, relationship life, etc. )  his bodily life / general health (Note: this only applies to men age 35 and above )  If he wishes to be happy, a man needs a fair amount of money to live, to keep the baseline lifestyle aspects he needs, and to be financially secure in his old age.   If he wishes to be happy, a man needs regular sex from women he finds attractive, and many elderly men will wish to pair-bond with a woman in a means that won’t endanger or hurt their sexual lives or their hard-won cash.  If he wishes to be happy, a man over age 35 wants to be as healthy as he could within the limits of his age and genetics. (Men under age 35 should be healthy too, but most guys under 35 do not have to do anything special to keep adequate health or great looks. Men over 35 certainly do.)    The Alpha Male 2.0 makes money in a manner that maximizes freedom rather than constrains it. He has his own business(es) that’s /are 100 percent location-independent, earns at least $75,000 annually, can be worked {} he chooses, and only needs 30 hours each week or less to maintain.  The Alpha Male 2.0 dates and has sex with girls in a way that maximizes his liberty rather than constrains it. He dates multiple girls (two or more) instead of just one. He’s consensual sex with whomever he wants, whenever he desires, even when he has a serious girlfriend (OLTR) or spouse, without needing to lie to anyone or conceal anything. If his relationships fail, his money and his sex life continue.  The Alpha 2.0 over age 35 ages and he can, as healthfully as he can, within the limits of his genetics and age, so he could be as happy as possible and as attractive to women as potential in his older years.  These three areas make up the heart of the the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle. It’s a step-by-step system to maximize your freedom with your cash and your dating/sex life. Once both of these things are in place, such a person is now poised to concentrate on the different areas of life that he finds significant (family, kids, fitness, social life, and so forth ), but {} his Alpha 2.0 financial and sexual baselines, these things will set him free rather than enslave him to the normal Societal Programming versions.  {The Maximum Freedom Course covers how to design all this for yourself in {} detail. |} Here’s a sample video in the course seeing one of the most frequent questions I get: When is it ok to quit my job once my Alpha 2.0 company is making money? [embedded material ]Have a look: it is merely one of the 62 distinct movies you get, and it is among the shortest ones (most of these are much longer).   In the next installment in this series, I’ll go into detail about how best to design the sexual and financial baselines, starting from scratch. That is coming in a couple of days.  Additionally , allow me to know if you have any queries, comments, or opinions about the program, and I’ll be delighted to answer.

Here is the first in a series of three posts that will offer an overview of ways to create a lifetime of maximum freedom and manly pleasure via the Alpha 2.0 Lifestyle.

The article Designing an Alpha Male 2.0 Life appeared on The Blackdragon Blog.

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