I’m Divorced and Prepared to Start Over.

I’ve been divorced for 3 years and it took a while to get here. I just don’t know where to begin.

Answer: Congratulations! I respect you for doing the job you have done to be prepared to begin over!

Where to start? We could talk for an hour about it!

I would advise that you get clear on the qualities you want in a person, in a relationship, in a lifestyle. Also get clear on what you offer your man, your gifts, your strengths, your distinctive yumminess. Often we believe that part of our life is a turn off or weakness, for example I am a single mother and right now I have my son Wednesdays and every 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends. On the one hand, I might be afraid he thinks I am a bad mother or if he has children, our schedules are not aligned… however on the other hand, he can LOVE I have that program providing additional time for us to cultivate a solid base. There’s someone PERFECTLY suited to precisely who you are and how your life is… promise.

I would also suggest making space for him in your life. Go out more if it’s originally with girlfriends or even alone, so you get in the tradition of earning time so far and enjoy getting to know guys until you find one that you particularly fancy! Go through your wardrobe and actually ask, What do I look fantastic in? What clothes say, I’m hiding and recovery from my divorce? I recall giving away these’flowing loose” clothing which didn’t show my body off, because I was not ready for focus yet.

Finally trust your gut instincts about how you’d love to meet him, the way the Universe is bringing him to you… yet also be ready to reside outside the box, stretch yourself, be ready to be surprised. By this I mean you might choose to employ a relationship coach or matchmaker and not be interested in the internet world… yet taking the time to write a killer profile and take some sexy shots of yourself might very well lead you to him… be ready to be pleasantly surprised while still being true to you. A balancing act… yet that is life… we appear to do our best, and {} completely out of control, yes?

I know you understand this. Yet it’s a fantastic reminder. You can not WANT him HAVE him at precisely the exact same time. Do some potent launch work to let go of wanting him, so you aren’t destitute on your dates and may function as invitational feminine glorious space to possess him. And if that is proving to be hard, then I’d really like to steer you to bring that amazing man with a series of training sessions so that blind areas are dissolved and you’re the most irresistible lively force of character possible… so he can not overlook your radiance no matter what!

Wishing you enormous love and joy for this delicious experience,


A version of the post was previously published on Allanapratt.com and is republished here with permission from the author.


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