Back Pain – Poor Back. Very good Sex.

Back Pain - Bad Back. Good Sex

Back Pain - Bad Back. Good SexYoung, old, male or female… anybody can experience back pain to a level which makes sex uncomfortable. For many, back pain might even be so severe that they remove sex from their own lives. It’s unfortunate that several of the same nerves that bring us pleasure could change to cause excruciating pain with just the slightest change of movement or position. At exactly the exact same time, unless your back pain is caused by a significant injury, a degenerative illness, or a spinal defect, there are many different ways for you to keep on enjoying sex without subjecting yourself to future pain.

The Way to Still Have Great Sex With Back Pain

Get a Fantastic back prop

Keep your knees elevated/bent during sex as this will keep your lower spine stretched rather than arched which frequently relieves pressure on nerves that are stressed.

Try a new place

If laying flat on your back is uncomfortable, consider laying sideways or attempt sitting or standing positions. By disengaging your back muscles in the sexual activity, you reduce your chance for pinching or bothersome pain nerves. Kneeling provides the fullest opportunity for the back to relax.

Consider wedges and erotic furniture

If you require extra support or even less effect on your spine. These relatively simple tools can provide a vast array of comfortable positions for both you and your spouse, and at a reasonable price.

Clearly, if you are in pain despite trying these tips, seek the advice of a physician or chiropractor. There could be something serious going on that needs medical care. But if the pain is manageable or irregular, it may be that sex can help your back pain. Gender frequently participates your lower back and core muscles. These, in turn, encourage your spine. When strong and in good shape, these muscles prevent unhealthy spinal curvature — the source of most lower back pain. Sex works these back muscles to strength, and may, over time, relieve your back pain and keep it from coming back.

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