Bad Sex or Poor Partner?

Bad Sex or Bad Partner

Bad Sex or Bad PartnerWe have all experienced it. Bad sex. What gives? How do insane compatibility emotionally and mentally lead to less than desired sex? What about people who spend years together because they love each other but can not really get it together in the bedroom? The reply to these questions is much more complex than you might thing.

Let us begin by clarifying that sexual chemistry and psychological chemistry aren’t the exact same thing. Sexologists will inform you that the body and mind aren’t necessarily in synch with each other, when compatibility does not fit on all levels the outcome could be bad sex. Normally, bad sex is readily identifiable as sex that doesn’t light up you or that does not meet your sexual desires. Many couples that are together for many years experience a bout of lousy sex or even a dry spell, but always poor sex is more upsetting for relationships.

It’s important to point out that poor sex doesn’t mean that you are in a bad relationship. But, lining up on each level is vital for long-term happiness. If your spouse fulfills your emotional and psychological needs then throwing away the connection due to awful sex is most likely a bad idea. Needless to say, an unfulfilling sexual connection could lead one to wonder towards other people which in turn will hurt your relationship. So how do you find a balance?

Finding a Balance and Fixing the Problem

As men, it seems simpler to just jump ship than to confront the issue head on, but if you genuinely care about your spouse the perfect way to deal with bad sex is to deal with the issue.

Tell your partner what you need in a tactful way.

By way of instance, if you want to incorporate a few new moves, role-playing, or sex toys speak with your spouse about it. Let her know that you want to begin experimenting it in the bedroom and get a sense for what she needs. If she reacts negatively or shuts down the conversation immediately, then you may be in a poor relationship with the wrong person. But if you’re open and honest you might end up getting a positive reply, the only way to discover is by asking.

Do not write off your incredible partner because of awful sex. Give communicating a shot. You might be surprised by the results.

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