Bedroom Toys and What they Prove About a Woman

Bedroom Toys and What they Reveal About a Woman

Bedroom Toys and What they Reveal About a WomanWhat a lady uses in bed to pleasure herself and her spouse reveals a whole lot about her, and when a man can comprehend this he is going to have the ability to give her exactly what she wants from the bedroom. Is not that what every guy wants… to be the master of the bedroom? The king of foreplay and sex generally? Well, with these helpful insights a guy can do that and much more by simply paying attention to a lady’s bedroom toys by following along below.

Bedroom Toys: The Rabbit

What it Says About Her:

In plain English, it means that a woman means serious business when she is looking to have some fun and she needs/wants to be aroused to the point of becoming too much. The Rabbit is a sex toy that if used correctly can put a person to pity; it is like those old infomercials for all those kitchen draining apparatus… it slices, it dices, it minces and more! But actually, the Rabbit can stimulate a woman in numerous regions due to the two”ears” that vibrate at things that provide a woman extra stimulation.

What Do You Need to Do:

To contend with The Rabbit you have to be more than just the man who penetrates her. Sure, it is fun and it brings her joy, but she needs more and you will need to give it to her. Use your pointer finger and middle finger to excite her on both sides of her clitoris to give her the exact same sort of pleasure she receives from her toy.

Bedroom Toys: Dual Stimulation Device

What it Says About Her:

A woman who uses a toy in this way needs both internal and external stimulation to get the work done. A double stimulation device operates by stimulating both a female’s clitoris and her g-spot, triggering a sufficient pleasure for her to the end point.

What Do You Need to Do:

You want to offer your partner that exact same sort of inner and external stimulation by using your fingers, tongue, erection, etc to do double duty during intercourse. If you’re pleasuring her orally in the outside, use your fingers to stimulate her g-spot. If she is in the cowgirl position that arouses her g-spot, don’t forget to use your fingers to add delight around her clitortis.

A vibrator is a surefire way to supply a woman interchangeable stimulation on the region which is the most likely to trigger an orgasm: the clitoris. When your spouse uses the conventional vibrator she wants the advantage of the numerous vibration settings to bring a small bit of the unexpected element to her joy.

What Do You Need to Do:

Be certain to change this up during both the foreplay and the main event.

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Spicing Up Things In The Bedroom In 2019

Sex is an important part of any relationship. However, most of us are familiar with the fact that sex life with a significant other can get a bit less “interesting” as time passes and you two get to know each other. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed. However, you might want to start coming up with ideas to make sure that the sex is fresh and exciting again.

After all, sex can help in some very tangible ways. Did you know that a healthy sex life helps your immune system, or that it can improve bladder control in women? Of course, it can also relieve stress in a relationship and help when it comes to feeling loved and connected with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or casual date. Here are some ways you can spice things up in the bedroom with your partner.

Make The Sex More Random

Often times, one of the issues with a sex life between those who have been together for some time is the fact that the sex is always at expected times. For example, you two might only have sex at night, or you may even schedule your sexual encounters if your professional life is extremely busy.

If you start making it clear to your partner that you want to initiative sex in a bit more spontaneous manner, it might turn both of you on. You might consider having sex in the middle of the day whenever you can, or in the kitchen while you two are cooking. If the sex is more spontaneous, it will definitely help to spice things up.

Add Some Toys

While it might not be for everyone, adding a sex toy can certainly help to spice things up. A sex toy can help bring your partner to an orgasm when you might not be up to the task, and it’s a great way to show your partner that you are willing to cater to their sexual needs and desires. It doesn’t take much to add some toys into the mix – browse an online sex store and order away!

There are some that might even consider doing more than adding toys – they might consider adding another person. Of course, when it comes to threesomes, there is clearly a conversation that must be had when it comes to the expectations and desires of everyone involved.

Talk More

You should find out what your partner wants to hear while you are having sex, and start to try out whatever words “feel right” in the situation. Of course, you should take into consideration the preferences and personality of your partner.

If you are better at “dirty talk” – it can not only help spice up your sex life, but it might clarify more about what your partner appreciates or wants more of during sex. 


You might find that the answer to your sex life is about what happens BEFORE you have sex. Are you taking enough time to make sure that your partner is sufficiently turned on? Does it feel like you two are simply “going through the motions”?

You can try all sorts of interesting foreplay games, and discuss what type of activities you might be open to. One obvious option is to concentrate on giving each other oral sex for an extended period of time before real sex is initiated. In fact, even the act of kissing passionately for some time can build up the anticipation needed for a more interesting sex life.

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