Better Sex During Sleep

Better Sex Through Sleep

Our sex drive is no exception. When sleep levels return, anxiety levels tend to rise. And as that occurs, cortisol (the most important hormone related to stress), begins to dial down the hormones which control our libido.

How Better Sleep Habits Can Lead to Better Sex

Our bodies are programmed to react to stress by removing all unnecessary functions. But, with a little additional sleep, cortisol levels fall, allowing other hormone functions to resume at regular, or better still, levels than previously.

Improves Mood

Having the ideal mood and energy are vital ingredients for better sex. Nobody likes it when they’re stuck doing all of the work or when the two of you’re lazy just going through the motions. Poor sleep quality has a direct correlation on reduced libido, nausea and improved irritability, and all things which don’t actually put you in the mood for sex. In reality in a study performed by the Better Sleep Council 6 out of 10 Americans would prefer a decent nights sleep over sex, and some of the participants polled even confessed to nodding off during intercourse.

Ideas for more sleep

Unsure how to sneak in those few extra minutes of sleep? Be certain you’ve got a comfy mattress, with the suitable quantity of support so that you’re not fighting to sleep. Surprisingly just 7 percent of Americans expressed enjoying their mattress, so if it’s been over 8 years you may want to consider investing in a new mattress.

Get a head start in your morning

Another way you may be able to sneak in a couple of additional moments is by setting out your clothes the night before and getting your lunch ready and breakfast readily available  so that you can sneak in an additional 20-30 minutes of sleep in the morning. With just an additional 2 hours of sleep per week (just under an additional half hour per night), you should observe a small but noticeable lift in your libido. And moreover, if you and your spouse make a habit of going to bed early, you never know what could happen.

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Blue Chew Delivers Fast, Affordable Effects in the Bedroom

Please Note: This guide is presented for informational purposes only and isn’t intended to diagnose or cure any illness. For those who have any health issue, see a licensed healthcare professional in person.

As a guy, you understand how difficult it is to admit you have a health problem serious enough to justify a trip to a physician –just a small minority of men even go to their annual physical–but if the issue is sexual in nature, you are more likely to be in denial than in therapy.

It doesn’t take a private investigator to understand that erectile dysfunction and other sex-related dysfunctions are easier to fail than to face. But if you would like to feel your best–and perform your best–you neglect this critical element of wellness at your own peril. BlueChew provides a solution to some common-yet-sensitive problem that avoids the price and shame that result from conventional healthcare choices.

We make it simple

For as little as $20 a month, you can get help delivered to you in little, non-descript packages. (No one except your BlueChew’s affiliated doctor will ask questions, and you will never have to explain yourself to your roommate or neighbor.) BlueChew’s pills have the identical active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis but in chewable form and made to work quicker for some men, which means that your partner isn’t left wanting and waiting.

However, BlueChew is more than simply chewable tablets: it is a subscription service where members get around-the-clock access to a medical team that customizes treatment for your 21st-century man. While its rivals sell you magical (and potentially risky) solutions at a premium, BlueChew provides quality, affordable, and convenient maintenance.

Twenty dollars per month gets you six, 30-milligram Sildenafil or four, six-milligram Tadalafil chewables (subtly ) sent to your home and free 24/7 online consultation with a doctor. If you select Sildenafil, that’s the active ingredient in Viagra, thirty bucks gets you ten chewables rather than six, and the most popular–$50–alternative gets you 17 chewables. If you’re extremely active sexually and need to double the amount of chewables for the month, you can do this for just $90. All products are made in the united states. If Sildenafil is not working for you, it is easy to change to Tadalafil (and vice versa).

Online doctor consultants

All subscriptions include online consultation with a doctor.

You do need a prescription to place an order, but you can be obtained via BlueChew-affiliated doctors after an online consultation–so that you won’t have to physically go to the doctor. Just make certain to be honest about your medical history and mention all current medications and supplements you take. This is extremely important to make sure that BlueChew is ideal for you.

Boost your sexual life, Boost your confidence 

BlueChew’s customers say it is easy to purchase, can work faster than Viagra and Cialis, and will leave you feeling like you did not take any medication in any way. It works for both younger and older guys. Again, there isn’t any shame in getting the help you need to get a more ordinary, dynamic, and enjoyable sex life.

While BlueChew helps many men achieve better outcomes in the bedroom, please make certain that you’re healthy enough for sex and ask your doctor or one of ours if you have any questions.

If you experience big symptoms like chest pain, nausea, or nausea during sex, seek immediate medical care –and don’t be bashful about it.

If you attempted BlueChew and it did not work for you, you can find a complete refund (minus shipping).

Order today

Please see BlueChew’s site to find out more and to place an order. It is the future of manhood. Order today!

This post is sponsored by BlueChew and contains affiliate links.

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These Four Words Are Certain to Supercharge Your Love Life.

I know. But trust me!

First of all, I am not going to allow you to read through this article to find out that those four words are:”What turns you on”?

But why am I so sure that this simple question will make such a gigantic difference to your {} enjoyment of sexual activity together (assuming you are not already using them, that is)?

It’s this. Women friends have repeatedly explained that their guys don’t appear to comprehend how they like to be touched and loved — or to have a lot of interest in finding out. And I have been one of those guys for a lot of my life — until my present partner (and now wife) did me the enormous favour of explaining that she could tell I was guessing at what she wanted from me in bed, and most of the time I was imagining wrong. She wondered why I did not just simply ask her. This question was so fundamental and so evident, it left me wondering why in the world I had never done that with her, or with any other girl I had been to bed with.

It was not that I did not care — I did…a lot! Partly because I wanted to be thought of as’a fantastic lover’ (or at least good enough for a woman to want to come back for more) and partially because in mind I did want our experience of sex to be enjoyable. Like most guys, I would not have been happy eating ice cream when I thought my partner was having to make do with a slice of bread. However, by not only asking that question, and acting on the response, that was too often the situation I had been (in all senses of the word) creating!

Those girls friends have told me that they often feel that their spouses are absent-minded or indifferent to their expertise in bed — and they have a feeling of being poked at in an insensitive manner because he’s in a rush to complete. The outcome? They feel frustrated and frustrated — feelings that over time can {} into the sort of buried resentment that’s often simmering in the heart of arguments over anything in the washing as much as politics, and which could be the source of an otherwise promising connection strangely ending. This certainly helped me understand better why some of my liaisons had gone wrong before.

They also state if they heard that’magic question’ in their spouse and felt that their response was listened to, and — most importantly! — acted on, their entire experience of being in bed {} be transformed. And they’d also be massively encouraged to ask him the same question so that they would know how to do what he enjoys best too.

This is the terrific double advantage that comes after using these four magical words along with your lover; not only will you be having the delight and joy of turning her on and becoming a sexual maestro in her eyes by doing what works for her, but she’ll also be eager to do the same for you This has become the greatest win-win situation on the planet!

The big mystery is why are not more guys asking this question in bed?   Are we too shy about sex to just figure out whether we are doing it right for the individual we are doing it with? Or is it because we believe that, as men, we are supposed to know just what to do, in bed (as well as everywhere else) and requesting advice might make us look less capable as fans or not as manly somehow — when actually the reverse is true!!

To put it simply… what hu-man would like to maintain preparing the identical dish for someone they love, without checking if they like the taste of it  — leaving open the possibility that she does not really like his cooking very much, but is afraid to say anything because she believes he’s so insecure he could be offended, or does not love her enough to want to seek out — neither of which choices are most likely to carve him a really large place in her heart. So she continues to attempt to eat what he is making because she won’t starve to death.

1 thing sure — this kind of relationship dynamic is destined to become quite unhealthy or codependent or is doomed to die.   Quite soon.   It is hardly a situation that will produce mutual joy and happiness. Yet from what I am being told that is exactly what too many couples’ love lives are like. Together with the result that both spouses lose out.

The situation may be so readily and radically improved by the magical question. Why is it that, tragically, so many guys seem unwilling or not able to take that simple step. Is it because of the ghost that haunts a lot people the fear of not being’man enough’ in bed? A fear that no girl I’ve ever met seems to understand or care much about, but which we guys can believe determines whether she is going to be attracted to us, or — if we do not have enough’man-stuff’ – — will want to denigrate and disdain, or even worse try to restrain, us.

I went through a stage as I got older and my erections were becoming less reliable, of needing to’ do the business’ with my girlfriend quickly, so I could reassure myself that I was’a man’, — out of an inherent fear that if I did not strike while the metaphorical iron was hot I’d lose that revered hardness and be ashamed of my’failure’ —

But in fact, all this did was make me look greedy and fearful in her eyes, and decreased the pleasure which I found could be there once, with her encouragement I stopped trying to get someplace or establish something with our lovemaking, and allowed myself to truly surrender to the fabulous sensations that were naturally occurring for both of us, and be deeply connected to my own feelings and to her.

As a side note, I noticed that the less I cared if I was vertical or not, the harder I looked to get! Still another win-win! It really did look true in my case there was nothing to fear except fear itself.

If you have ever experienced it, you will be aware that there are few things sexier than making love with a woman who’s completely welcoming and prepared for you, who surrenders voluntarily in the confident knowledge that you understand how to make her feel great, and care enough about her to do precisely that. Who feels that magic blend of excitement and safety with you, and who wants to be certain that you’re enjoying yourself as much as she is.

This is the consequence that asking and acting on the magical question is certain to bring.

Try it — you will (both) enjoy it. Guaranteed!

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Make Your Morning Sex Even Better With These Tips

Let’s not deny the undeniable fact here people. Morning sex is the best thing to do. You can do so much in the mornings and a naughty hookup session under the covers is certainly one of them. And, who doesn’t like good shower sex? Oh, it’s just the best, isn’t it? Getting a little naughty with your man in the shower isn’t a bad idea.

Waking Up Sexually!

Morning sex always makes your mornings with your partner turn into a beautiful and sexual awakening.

  • Don’t you just hate it when your alarm goes off in the morning with a blaring sound? Instead of doing that you could set something slow and romantic, just to set the mood in the mornings. The feeling when you wake up to sensual and romantic music will be good for you and your partner. And while you are at it, you could always massage his genitals and get that blood pumping downwards. You know that always works.
  • We all want to have fresh breath during love-making or kissing. But did you know that brushing your teeth right before giving your man a blowjob will multiply his pleasure? No, right? Well, the trick here is the menthol in the paste. Not only does it give you a minty fresh breath, but it also gives a chilling effect to your man’s penis. You can just forget everything else and concentrate on the head of the penis, a long lick can do wonders here.

  • Men love morning sex. And they are the horniest during that time. Studies prove that the testosterone that is used during the daytime, accumulate while a man is sleeping. So don’t hesitate to let it flow. Your man will surely like it if you take a ride in his morning wood.
  • Why not tease your man with a sneak peeks of your curves, the first thing in the morning. Men love visualizing stuff. So while you are awake, then slip the covers a bit to reveal your curves so that he gets greeted with this sexy sight just as he wakes up. You know that’ll make him hard, for sure.
  • How many of you knew that the musky scent of the body can be a booster for libido? We bet not many. Well, that’s what the experts say. Snuggle closer to your man in the mornings and take in that musky scent of his body. Now that’s a definite turn on, isn’t it?
  • A good and hot shower in the morning always works, even when you are alone. And do we even have to mention how good it is when you have your partner with you? Well, certainly you know. Having a quickie in the shower is what everyone wants. And while you do that, don’t forget to give your man a sensual massage. Just the feel of your soft fingers, running all over his body will make the blood pump south…if you know what it means!

Are you someone who is looking for some ways to make your man go crazy in the mornings? Then with these tips, you will certainly succeed in bringing out the inner animal within your man. Download my eBook The Secrets to Attract Women FREE now by clicking here