Why They Really Ghosted You


They disappeared.

Or perhaps you had good sex…

And reach out, but no response.

You are left hurt, confused, and left with the question”What did I do?! / What is wrong with me?”

So why does this occur?

Well first, a person’s lack of ability to get confrontations and speak their truth doesn’t have anything to do with you personally.
1- They see the see your worth and don’t feel {} enough to maintain a relationship with you, so that they just simply leave
two – They see that you need commitment and that is something they might not be prepared for in this phase in their lifetime
3- They watched you in a glance and as they got to know you better, they just realized it was not a match.

So rather than facing you and saying”Hey, I do not think this will work out”… they just LEAVE!

Now, it is good intended because they do not want to hurt you, but in leaving… they really DO hurt you.

So what now are you left to do?

1- Do not take it personally. Now, if this does keep happening, it is a pattern and patterns show us things to work on. But if it only happens once, do not get so hung up on it.
Sometimes among the biggest reasons I have seen people ghost is by a kind of neediness… from you! I know for mepersonally, people would ghost since I’d cling on and project into the future since I REALLLLYYYY needed it to function, and in doing this, they did not feel liberated… they could feel the controller, so they left. The needier you’re the less attractive you are, so dropping the neediness and supporting yourself and getting the one instead of searching for the one like its a search… will help out tremendously.

Two – Speak your truth. Now, of course this person ghosted you so that they do not need to talk… so a text message is the best course of action. The text should not come from your harm where you want to attack them so that they can”alter”… It should come from the heart, sending them to appreciate”even though”… and should be written something like this:
“Hey, I just wanted to let you know I had an wonderful time with you. It seems as if you are going through some things and you are not open to speaking and that is leaving me feeling (hurt confused), and I just wanted you to be mindful of me and my feelings. You don’t need to respond to this, and I truly care about you. Wish you the best.”

That’s Very Different than:
“Why won’t you answer to me?!” or anything of the like.

It is coming from your higher self that is just letting other men and women become aware of what they’re making other people feel when they ghost. Because that is the beauty of ghosting for them, they DON’T see how it affects you.

Maybe from that, they will respond back and develop. Perhaps they never do and keep repeating the same patterns. But in the end of the day, that is their path and none.

So often we’re focused on trying to fix and find out others on what they need and what they require. That stuff is important, but we will need to spend more time figuring yourself out and curing yourself so that we can become more. And we do not need it. So we can then develop into the one and magnetize us, rather than hoping to”find” the one.

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