Can She Be Attracted to Me?

Many men pay too much attention to body language — if she is holding her arms this way… Many men are searching for signals from her body language, but they are not leading with their own bodies.

You must lead with your own body. As an example, let’s say you are out on a date with a girl and you are talking. If you lean back in your seat, she is likely to lean back to hers — usually people mimic one another’s body languages.

So how do you know that she is not just mimicking you — how do you know if she’s actually interested?

You need to be the leader from the body language match. You need to be the man that gets her to do what you’re doing.

What I’ll occasionally do on a date is mix it up. I will lean back in my seat, and then when she says something especially interesting, I’ll lean forward. I will get her to accompany me. If she is interested in me, she will also lean forward.

One more thing which I’ll do is put my hands on the table as I am leaning forward. I will then watch to determine if she puts up her hands there too. Sometimes she will move her hands closer to my own hands so that literally the middle of the table is the dividing line between our nearly touching palms.

Why? It’s to do with this teasing aspect. Life is all about teasing.

So then I’ll lean back like this, and I will see where she is at. If she leans back too, then I understand that she is after my guide and mimicking me. I’m leading and she is following — that is what you want!

Perhaps five or six minutes later, I will do the same thing and lean ahead. This time I will put my hands over the dividing line and I will see how close she will move her hands.

She might put her hands over the dividing line also, on my side of the desk. It follows that we have broken each other’s personal space boundaries.

These are a few of the little clues which it is possible to read into as it comes down to body language. You need to play it a little bit.

Do you find the difference? It is all about playing; following and leading, leading and following.

We covered some ideas about the best way best to know if she’s attracted to you.

How about the 1 way never to behave after a night of drinking to flip off her every time!!

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