Build Me a Relationship

Something I find really important to building a relationship is as far as possible to see everything that is happening between the two of you.

As all you’re winding down your weekends, and might have been met someone over the weekend, I thought that today (Sunday) might be a great day to talk about relationships. Enjoy your Sunday!

Let’s talk about building a relationship. It is really interesting. So a lot of people don’t know how to create a relationship.

Of course people always come to me seeking advice on the best way best to meet somebody, but the question is what do you do as soon as you do meet someone? Whether you have just met someone you love or whether you are already in the process of relationship, how can you build a connection up so that it is strong enough to actually work out and continue?

The main thing to do to accomplish this is to be certain to have open lines of communication. If you’re dating someone today, then ask yourself this: Can you do recaps with one another? Something I find really important to building a relationship is as much as possible to see everything that is happening between the two of you.

You know, it’s interesting, because I had been dating a girl one time that was definitely a bit more conservative than I had been sexually. So in order to actually to get her to open up sexually with me, we made open lines of communication about sex and actually talked about it. She opened up sexually with me, she opened up amazingly.

Another time I was dating someone who was really uncomfortable communicating about virtually everything. She really wasn’t comfortable communicating about matters, especially emotions and feelings. So what I needed to do was to create a very safe haven for her to discuss things and to discuss things with me. After I did this, she did open up and shared amazing pieces of myself.

If something is bugging you, do not be afraid to discuss it with the new person you’re dating. Establishing the lines of communication similar to this is the only way you can get in contact with one another, and really begin to learn about each other.

Do not be afraid to say things that are on your mind, because they’re going to learn sooner or later anyway… plus, it is far better to learn as much about someone when possible. Consider the alternative. Otherwise six months could go by before something is out in the open, which is six more months which you have invested your hearts to the relationship and each other.

My proposal, then, is to go and open up a different line of communication with the person you’re dating. Be open. This won’t only make it more probable {} have the ability to build a strong connection, but it is going to let you make a deeper connection and distinctive bond with one another.

So communication is really, really important to building a solid relationship. It’s extremely important to have open lines of communication at all times, because when you do you have the ability to establish a connection that keeps getting better and is far better than any relationship you have had previously.


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