Why Guys Should Watch Chick Flicks

Do you enjoy sex? Do you want to”get lucky” more often? Permit me to let you in a not-so-well-kept secret, chick flicks put girls in the mood.

I am always amazed at guys who absolutely refuse to see any film or tv show that is directed at women. I wonder, are they mad? Actually, what these men simply don’t know is how sexual interest and desire work in girls.

Do not be one of these men!!!

When you haven’t noticed, women and men do not work the same in regards to sexual desire. For women, sex is principally in our heads. This means that we will need to be present in the moment so as to be interested in getting down company. Chick flicks put us at the present time. This is because they’re all about love and connection. They’ve an emotional undercurrent that hooks us in a manner that most action movies do not.

Having said that, among the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen was in an action film. Incidentally, period pieces, such as”Pride and Prejudice”, are terrific films for after physical interaction. Additionally, it involved putting on clothes rather than taking them off. The film is”The Last Samurai”. I know it’s old and stars Tom Cruise but check it out anyway.

No matter the genre, spend some time finding out exactly what your woman enjoys. Be there when she yells at the ending of their very recent Nicholas Sparks’ story or if she sighs over the most recent exploits on The Affair or Victoria. (If you do not know what I am talking about, you will need to learn.) Do not look at these men as risks to your manhood, but as weapons on your love arsenal.

Do not be shy.

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For women, sex is principally in our heads. Annnnddd. . .chick flicks put us at the present time.

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