Is He Lying About Being Single? 6 Evidence to Figure it Out

Does He Prove Signs Signs He’s Another Girlfriend?

Hello my lovely readers! Gregg here, and we will need to speak about an important topic… Is he lying about being single? Can he show signs he has another girlfriend? There’s nothing that irritates me more than once a man pretends he’s single, when in fact, he’s married or has a girlfriend. Here is the first of two articles.

This post provides you the hints, and my next article will expose him if he shows the signs!

He does not give you his mobile number

Men don’t be worried about safety in regards to women. We do not need to overly, for the most part, we’re bigger and tougher than you men. The only reason we do not give up it is because we do not need the other woman to discover.

He’s scheduling day time dates with you

You might think he is only a fantastic guy, right? And perhaps he is, but men rarely schedule dates — for one reason — gender does not occur during the day!

I know, I’m being shallow and you do not need to date a man like this anyway, but men think about sex all day long, even the good guys. It’s in our DNA to schedule a date on Friday or Saturday night. Why?

We’ve got a better probability of having sex with you! Having said that, I would like you to schedule dates, not him!

He texts you after 7 pm

Ok, let’s say you have his mobile number. Cool. But men in relationships are scoundrels, many have multiple numbers. If you’re getting texts throughout the day but they”dry up” if the sun goes down, guess what? He’s with his wife or live-in girlfriend.

I know this sounds crazy but, as most of you know, I’m a Dear Abner for girls and I get about 30 mails daily. I’ve had several women which were duped, through no fault of their own, by married men!

An overnight stay is nearly impossible for a man who’s in a relationship unless he travels all the time for work.

He has interrupted when you are on a date

Yes, it might be his boss, but it might also be his girlfriend. If he gets up and walks away from you for solitude, this should raise some red flags. When I’m on a date with a girl I like, I’m not taking calls which aren’t important. A wife or a girlfriend calling is quite important.

He goes MIA

I saved the best (or worst) for last. You know the script, everything is going just dandy and SNAP — where did Mr. Beautiful Blue Eyes disappear too for three days? Does his explanation sound something like this?

  • “I dropped my phone and had to replace it”
  • “I had been very busy with work”
  • “I had to help my sister move”
  • “I left you a text message, did not you get it?”

I don’t know about you but when I lose my phone, I am in the Verizon store in five minutes. And even when I am really active, it takes all of 15 seconds to fire off a text. “Didn’t get the message?” Ah, no.

To sum up…

Gregg, are not you being too cynical? Shouldn’t you give men the benefit of the doubt? After all, he took me out for supper and he’s was nothing but a gentlemen.

No! No! and NO! You’re in the early screening procedure. Reduce the rose colored glasses through which you’re seeing his lovely blue eyes and change back to common sense. If you’re feeling insecure in your relationship, you might not be the issue. There might be another girl in his life.

If he shows the signs over then he is probably in a relationship. Bear in mind, you’re a high value girl and higher value women have alternatives, set boundaries, and make men prove their value through their activities.

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