Superman or Clark Kent: Superman Never Let Me Drive

After some practice, driving is just one of those things you may appear to do without thinking. Like dating the same kind of man over and over again , you frequently go on auto-pilot.  

Sure, Superman’s attributes vary- different colours and models,  some are lavish, others are rugged, but for the most part they have the basic package, same frills and functionality that grabs your eye. As soon as you get accustomed to the features of your {} ,  you drive as you usually do. 

Then one day, you meet another sort of man, the Clark Kent kind and you must learn how to drive on the incorrect side of the street. The big distinction is not the street, it seems exactly the same, the difference is within the man. The pedals and buttons are in various places, you press something expecting to get a response and nothing happens or worse, you inadvertently cause a malfunction. It can feel like daily every day. 

Learning how to drive this new man can be scary and requires concentration. You may veer off the street and get scared, you may wonder if you should return to another more comfortable side (Superman remains texting you, if you text him back?) .  

Like driving on the other side of the street you will need to use caution, take your time, and accept that you will make errors. Clark Kent is a challenge worth researching. Learn how to maneuver a new sort of person and you’ll see and learn a lot. Like driving through the uk, New Zealand or Australia for the first time, you start to see and feel things you have never experienced before. Despite the fact that you’re driving on the other hand, you keep on going because the new scenery and atmosphere is remarkable. 

I met with a Clark Kent a couple of months back and I am learning to drive on the other side. I’m studying some subtle and not so subtle nuances daily. Like communication, it is important to him (historically I’ve always needed more regular check-ins compared to supermen I dated). If I don’t text my Clark Kent in our typical check-in times, he worries.

I realize I do not have to drive daily. Some days he drives and I’m his co-pilot, a few days we {} from the backseat and we receive a driver. We take turns driving this crazy thing we call life.

Superman never allow me to drive.  

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