Supply and Demand in Relationship Culture

When weighing choices about where to go to school, most individuals consider factors like location, athletic or academic opportunities, and dimensions of their student body. But with 28 percent of individuals meeting their partner in their undergraduate years, people who dream of finding their soulmate at the college cafeteria should consider another element in their college decision: the sex ratio.

The pupils who arrive in school with the unspoken expectation of fulfilling their future partner during their school years could be in for a shock–hooking up is the new”going steady” on many college campuses. Even without the anticipation of marriage, a specific school’s dating/hookup culture can strongly influence the course of a student’s undergraduate years, long recognized as a period of sexual awakening and exploration.

The data implies that if men are presented with a greater”source” (a dehumanizing and reductionist perspective of sex ), they just raise their”demand,” and drop interest in committing to a monogamous relationship in light of the diversion of a seemingly endless supply of single women. This often leads to low female self-esteem, forming a type of feedback loop which only intensifies the pervasiveness of the hookup culture. It’s possible that the growth of hookup culture is partially because of the expanding majority of girls in student bodies–the United States Department of Education estimates that by 2026, girls will comprise 57 percent of US college students. Therefore, the qualities of a majority female student body become quite important in conversation about college dating civilization.

Another study concludes that girls that are a part of a female-dominated student body have more negative remarks about their male classmates, go on less conventional dates, are less likely to date throughout their academic career, and are more likely to be sexually active. 1 gender cannot hold sole responsibility for proliferating the consequences of hookup culture, but it’s troubling that men react so differently than girls to finding themselves the powerful minority. The combination of competition and the ability to be selective in relationship have the capability to supply an important ego boost, and give life to the opinion of women as a renewable source.

Hookup culture has the potential to be quite harmful to both female and male participants–a refusal to engage can be socially isolating, whilst involvement forces compliance with an unhealthy paradigm which reduces hookup spouses to a means to an end, as opposed to a fellow human being. Gender ratio can’t be solely blamed for widespread hookup culture, but its influence over it gives a reminder of the necessity of guys who honor their female peers, regardless of in what amount they exist.


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