Signs You’re at a Bad Relationship

Signs You’re in a Bad Relationship

Signs You’re in a Bad RelationshipA poor relationship can be many things, from psychological or physical inadequacy to psychological or physical abuse. The signs you are in a bad relationship can be subtle or glaringly obvious to some and not so much to other people, so understanding the common signs of a terrible connection can help stop the relationship until it hurts you or your spouse in unimaginable ways.

You Partner Constantly Criticizes You

One of the numerous signs you are in a bad relationship is if your spouse always criticizes you like pointing out weaknesses, inadequacies or out and out bullying you into submission. When they do so they want to change who you are or want to make you cow beneath them in”obedience” which {} healthy.

Arguments Resulting in Physical Altercations

Just because you’re a man does not mean that your wife or girlfriend is not capable of physically abusing you. Sure you may be larger and more powerful, but a slap or a hit when she is in the heat of the moment remains abuse even if it does not hurt you very much and may be a significant signs you are in a terrible relationship.

Sometimes among the biggest signs you are in a bad relationship is the way you feel about it and oftentimes those feelings could be disregarded as insignificant. Do not ignore them if they’re constant or plague you. If you aren’t pleased with your relationship your partner probably is not either, so then what are you gaining from being together other than pain and distress?

Your Loved Ones and Friends are tense About Your Partner or possess Concerns About Your Dating

Listen and watch your loved ones as they can help give you and insight in your connection. Whenever you’re in a relationship it can sometimes be tough to see it for what it is unless you’re on the outside of it appearing in. Your family and friends can help you do this by watching how they respond to you partner or the way they interact together. If they’re stressed, guarded, make obscure anxious comments, etc it may be sensible to take a better look at your relationship and find out if it’s beneficial for you or not.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment we will say something like”You are nothing like ____ was” and that may be forgotten or talked about and resolved. But if your partner is continually saying something like this and comparing one to an ex it may be among the significant signs you are in a bad relationship. When your spouse says it frequently it means {} not satisfied with the relationship and when they are not happy, they are not fully invested in being with you or at caring for your emotionally and physical wellbeing.

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Do Your Dance

Do Your Dance

Do Your DanceDance and music are expressive arts. People who dance or play music professionally are often very in touch with their emotions. Men are encouraged not to give in to their emotions. So, it’s not at all surprising that most men don’t like to dance or simply feel uncomfortable trying. And just to be clear, we’re not including that side-step shuffle you do under our definition of dancing. We’re talking about men who salsa, tango, swing dance, or otherwise make a noticeable effort on the dance floor.

Dancing is a great intro to intimacy

What these men are showing everyone else in the room is that they are secure in their masculinities, that they know how to channel emotion and energy, and they know how to move their bodies with skill and precision… all qualities that are desirable in a sexual partner. Dancing is a great intro to intimacy and can help you burn calories and significantly improve the mood. All of a sudden, those guys you make fun of for dancing don’t seem so foolish, now do they? Worry not. It’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon.

Find a girl friend with dance skills

Ask her to teach you what she knows. She may also be your perfect companion for a dance class – many of which are becoming fun social outings. If class is too much of a commitment in your busy schedule look around and you’ll see tapas bars and Spanish restaurants offering dinner/dance/drink combos (these are also great date destinations). Dance halls (like, yes, Arthur Murray) are offering happy hour hors d’oeuvres and wine for clients who purchase a series of classes. And, bars and clubs frequently do weeknight theme nights with dance instruction. So go and try a few events, knowing you’ll be surrounded by other amateurs with no judgment. Then, take your moves mainstream and watch how quickly the spotlight shifts to you.

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How to be a Great Wingman

How to be a Good Wingman

How to be a Good WingmanBeing a wingman is all about giving your friend a little support as he goes to the front lines and attempts to win the woman. You are there to provide him support when he falters, rein him in when he begins to drift a bit and just be there to give him a feeling of motivation when he desires it. Being a wingman might appear easy, however there are a couple of tricks, tips and guidelines to doing it correctly.

We’ve assembled the best 4 tips on how to be a great wingman to help you be a better wingman.

Hint #1: Evaluate the Situation

Before you and your buddy even approach his woman of selection, assess the situation so you go in there with the best strategy for him a date, a telephone number or a small late night company. If she is surrounded by a whole lot of friends talk about getting her away from the pack or if she looks a bit hesitant and shy decide how to bring her out of her shell. As soon as you know what you’re doing and how you’re doing this you can be a much better wingman.

Tip #2: Create a Excellent Introduction for Your Buddy

The wingman is the person who might have to start off the conversation to get it on the right path, so once you present your friend make it a excellent introduction. Rather than saying something boring like”…and this is John” say something like”This is John, he is an avid climber and he has plans to scale K2 later on this season.”

Suggestion #3: Pump Him Up

Among the biggest advice about how to be a great wingman is to pump up your buddy and give him the confidence to cinch the deal. Talk about how good your buddy is while ensuring to be honest but show him at the best of light also. This will give him confidence and help to make the woman feel like he is a fantastic catch.

A fantastic wingman knows that they might have to be the sacrificial lamb in their friend’s bid to win the fair maiden’s heart. If she’s surrounded by a bunch of girls or is having a friend, you might have to keep the other girl (girls ) entertained while your buddy goes in for the kill.

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If there was something you could eat to keep you feeling sexually young you would try it, correct? Great! Then let us begin talking about Maca Root — an herbal, plant origin that has been used in native South American civilizations for centuries. How Maca Root can enhance your sex life About the size of a small pear […] Download my eBook The Secrets to Attract Women FREE now by clicking here

What She Heard.

What You Said. What She Heard

What You Said. What She HeardWhile men often see things in simple, simple, black-and-white terms, women are all about subtlety, nuance and shades of grey. When you talk to a woman, she is not hearing what you really said. She’s hearing what she’d imply if she said those very same words. Yes, it is confusing. But we are here to help.

Here are five things most likely you mentioned that have an entirely different meaning for women.

YOU SAID:”You know, I am kind of tired. Would you mind calling it a night?”

SHE HEARD:”I’m not enjoying our date, and I wish to go home. I’m also reconsidering ever dating you.”

What you should have said:”You know, I was actually excited about our date. However, I’ve had a very long day, and I must get up early tomorrowAre you free Saturday? There is a movie I’d like to take you to.”

The reason:
Women are utilised to backing from social situations politely to refrain from hurting peoples’ feelings. If you offer up something that seems like an excuse for breaking up your aims or going home early, they’ll assume this is what you’re doing. Explain that you’re tired, and then make it very clear that you do want to see her again by providing a concrete solution strategy.

SHE HEARD:”I do not want to be with you.

What you should have said:”It is really cool of you to offer to remain. But I am feeling overwhelmed/stressed/outside of it and I want some time to think. I’ll call you tomorrow once I get the opportunity.”

The reason:
Women have a tendency to decompress and de-stress in the business of others, so they do not always understand a person’s need to be alone once in a while. However, girls are also about feelings. If you let her know how you are feeling and why you need to be alone, she is a lot more likely show you compassion and not as inclined to take it personally. Don’t forget to reassure her that it doesn’t have anything to do with her.

YOU SAID:”I need some space”

SHE HEARD:”I want a couple of hours/ days to sort things out, then we are back in business.”

SHE MIGHT ALSO HAVE HEARD:”I want to go out of five phone calls a day to something less… like maybe two.”

What you should have said: Well, that depends. If what you meant was that you want to slow down down your relationship because it is moving too fast, you will need to express that clearly. But if she is far more into you than you are to her and you feel like you’re being pressured, it could be {} to accept that you are in various places and finish it altogether.

YOU SAID:”I had a fantastic time. I will call you.”

SHE HEARD:”I had a fantastic time. I’m definitely interested. I will actually pick up the phone and call you shortly to speak or ask for a different date.”

The reason:
If you are not interested, make it clear from the politest and kindest way possible, and do not say you will call when you’ve got no intention of calling. Better to risk hurting her feelings now than to risk wasting her time, hurting her feelings and destroying her view of you down the street, when she realizes you were not that into her but did not have the courage to tell her.

YOU SAID:”I believe we should see other men and women.”

SHE HEARD:”I found someone better than you, and that I very much want to {} have started seeing her. Sorry.”
What you should have said:”I do not believe we should see each other anymore.”

The reason:
If your girlfriend feels strongly about you than you do about her, and is more invested in your relationship, there is no way to downgrade from exclusive standing to non-exclusive standing without looking like a first-class jerk who is hoping to have his cake and eat it too. If you wish to see different people, see thembreak it off with her first. The exception: you feel lukewarm or unsure about the relationship and you want to remain in touch but keep your options open. In cases like this, be direct and talk about your own intentions; not hers. Try”I wish to see different people,” instead of making broad”we” statements under the guise of it being healthy for your relationship. She will either agree with you or she won’t, but she will not resent you trying to induce her to tow your line.

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The New Dating Rules of Engagement

The New Dating Rules of Engagement

The New Dating Rules of EngagementWhether you are new to the dating scene, an old pro, or recently returned to the singles world, you will find a set of unwritten principles of engagement which are of great advantage to people who understand them and follow their orders. Not sure if you’re up to the newest?

Listed below are the top three factors for each sex for taking a connection to a more physical level.


1. Let Her Lead:

There is nothing wrong in the present day and age with a girl who knows what she wants in the bedroom. In actuality, she might just surprise you with her confidence and imagination. But — if you insist that you commence sex and that closeness must be in your terms, you could shut down a whole world of opportunities that she was prepared to give you.


You’d be amazed how many girls want, no, yearn for a guy that is not the stereotypical tall, dark, handsome and wealthy. What is more, girls typically spot a fake from a mile away, or {} he opens his mouth. Try a little honesty and you will be delighted with what she will reveal in return.


Sure, you are still likely to find girls out there that utilize gender as leverage towards a committed monogamous relationship that is headed towards union. However, with increasing frequency, girls are embracing their roles as sexual beings that like to have a fantastic time, too. Respect them as equals on the playing area and they will reward you well.


1. They SEE You

There is a fine line between bringing attention and looking desperate. Even tried-and-true favorites such as stiletto heels and a body-skimming dress can epically neglect when pushed to extremes. Believe less is more… you do not want the sky high heels, red”do-me” lipstick, skin-tight dress, pushed-up cleavage, body glitter, inch-thick mascara and thigh-high stockings all on exactly the same evening. Want to be treated like a woman? Begin with acting like one.

It is a Conversation; Not a Contest:

Nobody wants to hear about your ex, how great/horrible he was or the way everyone believes your very best friend is hot but is really a psycho. If they are speaking to you, they would like to know about you. So keep their attention in your own personality by refraining from comparisons.


We are not saying agree to go skinny dipping in a kiddie pool filled with spaghetti (unless you are into that), but DO be ready to try something a little from the ordinary. Try a small costume, some naughty conversation. It’s awesome how fast most men are ready to play along.

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How to Take Care of a Jealous Woman

How to Deal with a Jealous Woman

How to Deal with a Jealous WomanJealousy is most times a consequence of insecurities and booted feelings that take form from the irrational thoughts that you’re cheating on her or thinking of doing this. It’s a destructive force that could sour any connection if left unresolved and has to be addressed and worked through for the relationship to survive. Sure, occasionally a jealous woman could be adorable, but just in moderation. If it goes from cute to absurd and damaging that’s as it can ravage a connection.

Although the jealousy is on her role there are ways for you to avoid situations where she might become jealous. Try not to speak or look at girls in her existence in a means that’s anything but non-sexual. Do not exclude her from your future plans as that can oftentimes lead to the feeling of not being good enough or undesirable by you on her role. For those who have a female companion attempt to find both girls to become friends, otherwise you will most likely have a lifetime of jealousy on your girlfriend or wife’s part. And last but not least, do not ever compare her with another girl… if you do your only asking for her jealousy to take centre stage!

 Jealousy is a form of insecurity

And because it is in both your connection and her ability to keep you interested in her, that insecurity has to be addressed for the relationship to continue in a healthy and happy way. You can’t reside in a relationship where each time you speak with a woman she gets mad or each time you go out with your friends she has got to know precisely what you did during the evening.

Take some opportunity to speak with her and work through her jealousy into the root of the issue.

{A healthy relationship is based on trust and you {} to be trusting of the other for it to survive. |} Reassure her that you love her, find her beautiful and {} never cheat on her because you are not that sort of man. Make her know that her jealousy is endangering the connection and figure out ways to help her cope with her trust problems in a manner that strengthens the connection and resolves any lingering insecurities.

Jealousy is a human emotion that most of us deal with at one time or another.

However, a healthy quantity of jealousy is 1 thing and an entirely irrational jealousy is another. Occasionally a jealous woman is not able to be anything but jealous and you might need to accept her being jealous is something you aren’t able to work through. If that’s the case you want to work out is that you can continue a connection where she’s going to be jealous of girls in your life if the danger is real or imagined.

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Is She Family Material?

Is She Family Material

Is She Family MaterialYou are closer to her than you’ve been with anyone else in your life… She knows things about you that you have never told anyone. She has heard your complaints about your loved ones. She has heard you rave about their greatness. But is she prepared to meet them face to face? Even if she tells you she’s, you are the one which should make that decision if she’s household material or not.

Do you have a history of bringing home women to satisfy your loved ones?

Just to have your household treat her badly or disapprovingly? It may be smart to bring up the subject of meeting with your parents or the most outspoken member of your family to get them accustomed to the idea that someone new will be entering their small dynamic. This also gives you an opportunity to talk about what type of behaviour you expect, how important this individual is to you, and your intentions about where this relationship might be headed.

Does your special lady have a propensity to compare one to other guys.

Or unintentionally say offensive things? You might want to do some prep work before you see family members. To broach this topic delicately you may state that you want everyone to enjoy each other then once-in-a-lifetime first impression and thus you only need to maintain the dialog light this time around.

The biggest consideration you need to evaluate

Whether you and your spouse feel like you can be yourselves around your loved ones. If there’s some part of your relationship you are not proud of, or when you feel like you must keep something secret about yourself or your spouse, then this is something that you will need to deal with in your relationship before involving your loved ones. The best relationships are the ones which allow both people to be themselves, and be at ease with one another in a number of situations.

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Rejection – Keeping it Classy, When Shot Down

Rejection - Keeping it Classy, Even When Shot Down

Rejection - Keeping it Classy, Even When Shot DownAs guys, it’s typical for us to flash with anger in reaction to rejection or disappointment. Insert the conclusion of our peers and a tiny alcohol into the equation and it’s understandable why so many guys torch the girls who turn them down. That doesn’t, however, make it excusable.

Rudeness never got anybody anything worth keeping, including a spouse.

The issue of you flashing with anger.

You begin conditioning yourself to look at relationship as an adversarial contest with a winner and a loser. As time passes, you become the sort of man that looks to succeed at any price — which leads to relationship the girls that respond best to strategies as opposed to real connection. You wind up relationship someone that is not suitable for you and you cycle through one woman after another.

Obtaining shot down is a natural side effect of this dating game.

The best you can do isn’t let it change who you’re fundamentally. Try being sincere when a woman turns down your offer to buy her a drink; tell her”maybe next time” and proceed. Or, should you encounter a particularly reactionary female, ask her (politely) what you didn’t violate her. Then, really listen to what she has to say, and think about adjusting your strategy accordingly.

You might realize that your friends are what stands between you and a fantastic girl.

In which case, you might choose to set aside time with the men that does not coincide with time out meeting girls. Keep your mind and your manners around you, and you will quickly be remembered as”that {} man” — that has a propensity to draw girls towards you rather than push them off.

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