I’ve spoken before about the four-level scale I use for bodily female attractiveness, but I have never completely described it or clarified it. In this column I will do so in addition to explain why I use this scale instead of the usual and highly wrong 1 to 10 scale.   It has absolutely nothing to do with anything else. It has absolutely nothing to do with her character, age, intelligence, education, style of dress, hygiene, culture, socio-economic degree, amount of drama she’s in typical relationships, etc. I will publish a future article about another scale which I occasionally use to rank non-physical traits, but that is not the topic for now.  Why The 1 to 10 Scale Does Not Work The reason I stay away from using the 1 to 10 hotness scale most utilized by other men (“She is a seven,””She’s a perfect 10,” etc ) is due to the motives and data that I explain here. The summary is that there’s simply no consensus at all among guys when you point at a girl and ask them to assign a 1 to 10 amount to her beauty . You find these arguments all of the time in man forums all over the net when discussing pictures of girls. The arguments you see regarding this stuff often gets intense.  What a guy can do is give you a precise 1 to 10 mission for what he believes that woman is. Joe looks in an image of a hot woman on the internet and eclares into the world that she is an 8.5. That’s a really accurate ranking for him. His buddy Larry looks at exactly the same photo, even with the exact same display, states Joe’s mad and that she is actually a seven. That’s 100% true for Larry.   But that’s just it; the physician is asking you to position your pain. If the doctor asks you to rank the pain of the man from the hospital bed across from you your response is not likely to be accurate whatsoever. That’s precisely what you’re doing when you point at a woman and announce her 1 to 10 beauty status. It only works for you and is unlikely to apply to many different men. This is the reason men who declare women as”objective 10s” are completely full of shit. There’s absolutely no such thing. (I talk relating to this here.)   The issue is that you can post images of many girls with perfect facial symmetry and perfect hip-to-waist/hip-to-bust ratios, ask guys to rank them from 1 to 10 and you may nevertheless get no consensus on the specific amount s. You will get consensus that the entire girls are appealing and that is a significant point I will get to in a moment.  Therefore, while the 1 to 10 beauty scale is a fantastic way for one to quantify what you think of girls, it is almost un seless when attempting to describe how sexy a woman is to both you and the majority of other guys . For that, we need another system.  I use another system that’s a lot more likely to make consensus over a wide spectrum of guys, that’s very unlike the 1 to 10 system.   Rather than a 1 to 10 scale, I use a very simple four-level scale that’s much wider . — Ugly — Typical — Sexy — Sexy   This looks overly easy, but that is exactly why it works. When I posted a photo of a random woman at this time and asked all of you to assign her a number from 1 to 10, we’d get very little consensus. But when I just asked you if she had been ugly, average, adorable, or sexy, we would get massive consensus. Sure, there could still be a small debate, however it would not be nearly the segmentation attained with the 1 to 10 scale.   If a woman is ugly, most guys will recognize her as such. Exactly like a woman is ordinary and largely the same if she’s cute. If a woman is sexy, you will still get most men indentifying her as such, but you will start to have a few dissenters that will identify her as adorable. That is the worst disagreement you are going to get below this four-level scale; a few men saying a sexy girl is adorable.   It’s a fact that a few ladies ride the line between ordinary and adorable and you’d find some debate there, but these girls are somewhat rare. Again, most guys will differentiate between (and agree with each other regarding) a woman who’s average and who’s cute.  The four-level scale is more objective. The 1 to 10 scale is a lot more subjective. No, the four-level scale is not 100% goal or ideal, but it is far better at getting a simple consensus compared to the 1 to 10 scale.  Look in these two statements: A. “I fucked an eight last night.” B.”I fucked a cute girl.” If a person makes announcement A, most men react with instant suspicion. Is she really an eight? Well, what do you think about an eight? And so, the dumb argument ensues.   If a person makes statement B, there is an immediate understanding and approval. There’s unlikely to be any debate, discussion, or feeling because most men both know and agree upon what”adorable” means.     Look at these two statements:  D.”I fucked an average-looking woman last night.” Again, announcement D makes far more sense to you than announcement C will.  It’s somewhat unlikely that a guy wouldn’t have sex with a girl another man identifies as cute or sexy. The exclusion to this could be those very few guys that are extremely picky. Regardless of the fact that sometimes you hear from these guys in the comments on this site, those guys are incredibly rare. In actuality, the reverse is true; as I have mentioned and demonstrated many times on this site, guys will fuck just about anything.  The four-level scale accounts for the various”types” of women. As I empirically series here, guys find various female body types as many attractive (skinny, curvy, hourglass, athletic, etc) although many guys clearly favor the hourglass/curvy type.   However, if you believe the athletic physique is ideal and I believe that the curvy type is perfect (which I do), I’d probably have sex with a girl you think is sexy with an athletic physique. She will not be my favorite, but I will probably admit she is hot as opposed to cute. The opposite is also true with a curvy girl I state is hot; you would probably agree with me {} you would rather athletic women (unless, again, if you’re one of those rare super picky men ).  Because I know this subject is going to be brought up in the comments, I want to deal with the problem of positions inside every level like a woman who’s about the”high end of adorable” or the”low end of sexy.”   If you start doing this, you’re essentially return to the 1 to 10 scale and today we will have no consensus again. I could map out a visual scale of four coloured blocks of ugly, average, cute, and sexy then place another scale within each block. But if I did this, I might as well just use the 1 to 10 scale because that is precisely what it would be.   We’ll find a whole lot of consensus on if or not a woman is at the”cute” category, but if we start talking about precisely where she’s inside that class (low end, middle, or high end), the arguments and disagreements will start.   The four-level scale works just because it is less specific compared to 1 to 10 scale.  Finally, the four-level scale does not address the degree of hotness in respect to who men would actually have sex with. As I said, most men will fuck anything, and many guys reading these words will have sex with any girls that are sexy, cute, and ordinary. Lots of you, perhaps even most of you, will return to ugly, especially if you’re feeling really tired or tired and you know that you can keep it silent out of your friends.  As I’ve talked about a few times before, back in 2007 I made a pact with myself that I’d only go after girls who I believed a eight or greater. Because it was about what I considered an eight, the one-to-ten scale functioned for me. If I were to extrapolate that to the four-level scale, then it would be girls who were just cute or sexy (and, in my view, on the mid or higher array of cute). With just a few exceptions, I have maintained with that standard for the last 12 years. About two years ago I upped my standards and today I just have sex with sexy women, but that took me some time.  That is just my example. Many of you men have sex with a great deal of average women and actually enjoy it. My point is I am now able to use the nasty /typical /adorable /hot scale along with the huge majority of you won’t just know it, but will agree with it, at least for the most part.  That’s the reason why I use the four-level scale rather than the 1 to 10 one. My scale is not perfect, and disagreements can and will occur regarding it, but it poses much less problems compared to 1 to 10 scale, which does not create any real consensus in any respect.  

I’ve spoken before about the four-level scale I use for bodily female attractiveness, but I have never completely described it or clarified it. In this column I will do so in addition to explain why I use this scale instead of the usual and highly wrong 1 to 10 scale. 

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First Dates — Permit HER Do the Talking

Among the basic methods for successful first dates would be to allow the woman do 80 percent of the talking. The issue is that most guys do not know how to do this. While I discuss a specific and easy-to-follow arrangement in my primary relationship guide, Get to Gender Fast, now I will offer a smattering of one-away tactics which will help you.  

I {} to explain why you need her to perform at least 80 percent of the talking on a first date because some of you might be unfamiliar with this idea.   

As I have discussed several times in my books and blogs, in regards to sexual partners, men seem to qualify, and girls look to disqualify. To put it differently, once you’re trying to get laid, you’re searching for items you want such as long hair, big boobs, pretty eyes, whatever.  

Women are a bit different. Since women live in a constant state of sexual prosperity, they, rather than searching for what they enjoy, keep a constant eye out for what they do not like. If you prefer a live demonstration of the, watch a woman really undergo pictures of guys on an internet dating website. You will get quite an instruction on how girls disqualify men. You will notice a steady flow of complaints such as : 

Nope. His hairstyle is dumb.  

Why is he wearing that hat?  

Wow. He wants to get his teeth whitened.  

His saying is weird.  

He looks like a woman.  

He must shoot a picture with his bike? Really? Next!  

Since, unfortunately, women are the sexual choosers in our society, their brains meticulously scan for defects in guys like radar in a way most guys don’t with girls. I mean, lets be honest, provided that a girl is barely fuckable, you would probably hit it. Right? Right. You do not care what sort of fucking shirt she is wearing or if she is wearing a stupid hat.

But girls care. A lot.  

This expands to the first date when she starts listening to you speak. Whether or not she is aware of her scanners are on complete burst to find out whether you state anything she does not like. She could be seriously attracted to you 30 minutes into that first date, but if you say something she finds offensive or dumb, you are out! It occurred to me many times before I understood what was happening, and I guarantee it has happened to you too.  

The objective, then, is to maintain your god damn mouth shut during a first date and allow her to perform at least 80 percent of the talking.

This accomplishes several important items: 

1. The less you say, the lower the chances are of you saying anything that she will not like. This is the main reason by far. I guarantee that if you just begin talking in a relaxed fashion, you will say something that she does not like. The chances are overwhelming.

2. Obtaining her speaking and keeping her speaking reduces her nervousness, sometimes almost immediately. I have had many first dates in which the girl was near-terrified in the beginning and within ten minutes she was relaxed and smiling, just because I made sure she spoke a lot.

3. It raises her amount of sexual relaxation with you, thus lowering ASD, because she is talking so much. She feels just like”she can speak you.” Ladies process the world by speaking.

The catch is that maintaining your mouth shut is often tricky for extroverted men, highly opinionated guys, nervous men, and men with shitty game. Unless they are actors or have some other enormous type of social proof, it’s extremely difficult for quite talkative men to get laid. (Note: I am referring to a date or a first match; I am not speaking to high-octane night game or similar situations.)   

You must learn how to shut the fuck up and just let her talk. It’s not too difficult as soon as you get in the habit. It is worth it.  

Here’s a few techniques that will allow you to do this: 

Take a couple of deep breaths and force yourself to unwind before entering the initial date place.

Frequently, men talk a whole lot because they are nervous. The less worried you are, the less probably you will speak too much. This is significantly simpler for more outcome independent guys, but if you are not in that class yet, get in the habit of standing at a quiet place before the first date/meet and taking a couple of deep breaths and centering yourself. The Get to Gender Fast novel has a lot of specific methods on this.

2. Don’t talk unless you are asking a question.

The individual asking the questions is the one controlling the dialogue. Consequently, you will need to be the one asking the questions. The majority of your statements on a first date should end with some sort of question. This will keep her talking and you silent (hopefully).

3. Redirect if you’re asked a question.

If you’re asked a question, that is fine. Again, do not let her take control of the conversation! YOU will need to be the one asking the majority of the questions.   

A significant side-note about this: Girls that are supplier seekers , Dominants, or who are over age 33 will frequently place you in”job interview mode” when on a date, and will begin drilling you with queries about your work, family, sexual history, education, etc. Do not fall into this snare. After she blurts out the next question from her upcoming Beta Male Husband Questionnaire List™, smile, and gently ask her if you are on a job interview. Then laugh, and change the conversation to more enjoyable, casual, or interesting subjects. When it doesn’t work, you are likely screwed since this woman is not interested in fast sex regardless of what you do and is much more focused on searching for her next ex-husband, but give it a shot.

4. Keep probing until you discover a topic she actually likes.

Most girls have a topic that actually turns them on and makes them excited. Your task is to discover what this is. As soon as you do, she’ll get animated as hell and begin rambling about it for 25 minutes straight, and that is excellent. I once had a girl speaking about her three puppies nonstop for thirty minutes. We had sex in the very beginning of the next date. I had another girl talking about stage crew work for plays she worked (yes, I am serious) again for about thirty minutes and had sex only as quickly. I could give you so many examples. Uncovering a lady’s Happy Topic is actually powerful.  

Frequently you won’t find this secret topic, but you need to try anyway. Keep asking more questions, going deeper, until you discover her Happy Topic.   

One note of caution : With this technique to work, a lady’s Happy Topic can not be anything having to do with politics. If she begins nonstop ranting about GMOs, Trump, or bees going extinct, this will put her into a negative state, so clearly you do not wish to go there. Read that for more detail.

As is true with so many other dating methods, self-awareness is where you will need to begin. Know about how much you speak on first dates and set a goal to reduce it instantly.  

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Putting In The Numbers

There’s not any getting around this unless your name is George Clooney. (Man, it is likely to be sooooo fun if he has divorced… Gotta wait for Jay Z to get divorced first )

I’ve seen a great deal of men execute the numbers game wrongly and from a number of different angles. But before I get into what men do wrong, I will clarify what you should do.

The Appropriate numbers game means you are doing the following four items:

1. You are contacting / opening a high number of women. With night game and daygame that means you are opening tremendous numbers of girls, well into the hundreds. With internet dating that means you are doing thousands of swipes and/or countless openers. With social circle game which means you are constantly meeting new girls through your social circle that you’re actively expanding all of the time (rather than simply trying to have sex with these two or three adorable girls you happen to know).

2. You are putting in these amounts over an extended time period.

3. You are actually tracking your actions and outcomes, at least to a degree.

4. You’re constantly modifying your strategy and methods to maximize your results, as opposed to simply doing the exact same exact thing over and over again (unless doing the exact same thing over and over again is getting one to fast sex with an adequate number of attractive girls, and is doing this on a consistent and reliable basis, but that is not likely to be true unless you have been at this for several years).

If you are not doing all four of those things, you are doing it wrong. It means that you aren’t likely to find the long-term results you want. Your results will be crappy, or they’ll be great but just good sporadically.

This doesn’t mean that you will need to spend the numbers in this way forever. Eventually, if you are doing all four of these things, your girl life will be at a location where putting in a enormous quantity of numbers will no longer be required. I put in an assload of amounts for several years. Today, my girl life, on a scale from one to ten, is an eleven, and I don’t should devote a high level of numbers. At least not now .

I will use my favorite Brian Tracy example of this pilot. You will need to keep it there till you reach cruising altitude. As soon as you get there, something interesting happens: you can return to only 5 percent, and the plane keeps flying. You are flying high on {} 5 percent of the effort it took to get you there.

That is how dating abilities work. A great deal of men push the throttle to 80% or 90%, hit it hard, but not get off the floor because they are unwilling to go to 100%. After a time at 80-90%, they whine that relationship is too hard, or that girls are bitches, or that it is impossible because their SMV is too low, and only stop having sex or just settle for an average-looking monogamous girlfriend.

Let us avoid that. Let us get you off the floor so that you may eventually throttle back to 5 percent and still be getting laid, with attractive ladies, pretty much if you want. It’s a really good place to be.

The Things Men Do Wrong

Here are the ways that men do not put in the amounts, or do it incorrectly.

The first group are men who just… do not put in the numbers. Some of these men are scared. Some are low-testosterone betas. Some guys are simply lazy.

Other men in this group get far too picky and attempt to locate their Perfect Unicorn Woman and do not bother with any other girls. That is not putting in the numbers, and that is not the path to success.

The next group are men who do put in the amounts and do it well. However they burn themselves out and finally cease. Yet again, the symptom for this is a very long dry spell or a monogamous girlfriend (who’s not your perfect ). In any event, you are settling, and settling will not make you happy in the long term.

I see this with a great deal of men in the PUA world. “Dry spells,” going months with no sexual activity, is typical for these guys. Then they eventually can not stand it, get out there, get laid for some time, then have another dry spell.

Read my lips: I haven’t gone without sex for more than 32 days at any time in the previous 12 years. I don’t have dry spells. My whole FB / MLTR / OLTR version protects me from those, but I also put in the numbers.

There were only two times I went just 32 days without sex in the previous 12 years. One was back in 2009 when a gigantic snow storm paralyzed my whole city and that I was literally trapped in my home for over a week. Then it was Christmas season, which is a dead zone for girls.

The next time was when I went to a yearlong visit to Asia and Australia. I was so excited I did not bother with getting laid but I did as soon as I got home. (I have had sex in Asia several times, just not on that specific trip.)

The next group are men who put in the amounts and keep at it, but they do not track anything. If you ask them how well they are doing, they really don’t understand. They may get laid or they may not. If you ask them how many openers or dates it requires them to actually have sex with a new girl, they have no idea. They simply guess.

As I always talk about with my small business information, what gets measured gets improved. What doesn’t get measured usually never enhances unless you are lucky, and you can not emulate luck. A excellent way to spin your wheels for years on end with no real improvement would be to never monitor what you are doing.

That having been said, I have seen men go to the other extreme. They become spreadsheet nerds and monitor the fuck out of everything. Some of those guys have shown me their information and it is hilarious. Pages and pages of all types of stats and numbers, like their next date ratio with girls who have black hair (yes, I am serious). These men spend more time on their god damn clocks than they really perform in the world with actual girls.

Please do not do that. You just need to monitor some basic statistics, such as:

  • Openers (or contact closes) to dates ratio
  • dates to gender ratio
  • Second dates to gender ratio
  • How long it takes, in terms of face time, for to sex with a new girl on average

It is possible to monitor a few other things if you would like, but these are the big ones.

The last category are men who put in the amounts, work really hard, monitor everything, but not change what they are doing.

I recall one man on the pick-up forums a couple of years back in particular. He decided to get really good with daygame, and chose to be an approach machine throughout the whole summer. He spent four months opening girls just about every single day and monitored everything religiously.

I forget his exact numbers, but he left something like 9,000 approaches… and just got to sex after , early in the procedure. He laid out what he did and asked for information.

He worked hard, which was terrific. Hell, that is more than the huge majority of men reading these words will do. He tracked his numbers, which as also excellent.

Nope, he just plowed on, repeatedly doing something that clearly did not work.

As I’ve talked about in my Background Series, I invested 2007, 2008, and 2009 not only monitoring everything I did but always modifying my strategy. I tested new methods. I experimented with quitting certain techniques (which worked better than introducing a new technique, like when I stopped kissing girls on first dates).

Because of this, I moved from a clueless beta man divorced father to really good at this stuff in under two decades. And today, my full amazing woman life is largely on autopilot. I am at that 5 percent throttle yet flying high, for the rest of my life. That investment in time ten years back was well worthwhile.

So put at the numbers, do not stop, track your actions and results, and alter your approach to continuously improve the results. After a time period, you won’t have to bust your ass anymore, and the girls will still come.

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This is another episode of the book I never printed regarding my history with girls and the lessons I learned from it. When you haven’t yet, you ought to read components one, 2 , three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 before you read the article below, so that you can be up to speed on where the story picks up. Everything below is 100% accurate to the best of my memory, journals, and spreadsheet records, though all of the names of those people described have been altered.We last left off about ten years back, in May of 2009, when I finally achieved my objective of getting four girls on rotation at precisely the exact same time…I had done it. At age 37, only two years after my divorce, I was finally living my dream. I had both relationship skills and non-monogamous relationship management skills pretty much in the bag. I had four strong, reliable women on turning, all of whom were young and attractive, relatively simple to get, all of whom I actually liked, and all whom I watched regularly.Darci — Blonde 23-year-old FB school student I saw about two a month.Emma — Physically fit 25-year-old single mother MLTR I watched about three times each month.HBM — 19-year-old inexperienced Asian FB I saw every week that also cleaned my whole house when she came over.Sadie— exceptionally intelligent blonde Russian MLTR, age 23, I watched two to three times per month.This is when shit really started to get mad. I was often seeing four girls at the same time and I was still bringing in fresh ladies.Why? Since I was a maniac back in 2009. After a lifetime of being a beta, eventually getting this magical power of being able to use online dating to bring in fresh, sexy, younger girls , fast and easily for almost zero cash, whenever I wanted, and also have the ability to date many of them at once without needing to guarantee any of them monogamy……it was just so fresh and god damn wonderful it began going to my mind. I began having weeks where I’d have sex with three, four, sometimes even five different girls in 1 week. I began having days where I had sex with two girls in 1 day (and after that three girls in 1 day). A few of the women I began to trust and I stopped using condoms with these.This was in addition to me hitting the dating websites and scheduling new girls via first and second dates. I was having a wonderful time, but I was also extremely out of balance. I began to gain weight (and not one of my girls seemed to care; some even hinted that they preferred it). I cut back on my work hours for the first time in my whole life. My company suffered even worse in 2009 than in late 2008 when the crash happened. Pretty much every part of my life began to suffer except my girl life, which was rocketing into the stratosphere, ever greater, every month. I didn’t care about anything else.As always, LSNFTE finally begun to occur. After just a month or two of beginning to see Emma, I went out on a first date with a sexy blonde Dominant I will call Shelly. I’d already engaged in several longer IM discussions with Shelly prior to the first date, which was an exception to the rule, so she already knew about my multiple-women lifestyle. She had no issue with it, but she had been a Dominant and wanted to throw her jurisdiction around a little bit.So, the day after the first date she went directly to my Facebook page and plastered a hot pic of herself with the message”Hey Caleb! Thanks for the terrific date!”Later that afternoon Emma sent me text asking who”that woman was” in my Facebook page. She was polite and not mad; she simply asked. I don’t recall what I said but I blew it off. We had a short talk about something else, and then as of the following day, boom, she was gone. She ghosted me stopped responding to my own texts.Regrettably, Emma subsequently made a dreadful mistake. I have mentioned this story before. In her anger, she instantly went into a dating website (I believe she used Match.com), discovered some random man, went out on a {} date with him between dinner and drinks, got drunk with him, went back to his place, and had unprotected drunk sex with him.Two days later, her vagina began bleeding and she began throwing up.She went to the doctor and they gave her the bad news. The man had given her Herpes II, the poor one without a cure.She confronted him. She endured through her first outbreak and went into a deep depression for many weeks.A couple weeks after I sent her one of my resurrection messages over Facebook (she had never blocked me or anything like that), and she responded with a few unhappy messages about how”reckless” and”dumb” she’d been, how she should not have reacted that way because I’d always been honest with her about me dating other girls (which was true, of course), and how she had been”tainted goods” and how”no guy would ever want her today” for her disease. (She had no idea how wrong she had been; guys will take anything, but I am jumping ahead in the narrative; more on that later.)Though everything she did was her fault (you do not have unprotected sex with a random stranger on a first date while drunk; Jesus!) , I still cared for her and felt sorry for her. I told her that I could not have sex with her {} she wanted to come over and just talk, I’d be fine with that. She did so, and one day we talked on the sofa and I held her as she cried.There is much more to her story, but everything happens years in the future. Be Alpha but be fine. Do not take women’s crap, and never hesitate to soft next them once you will need to, but also treat them with kindness and affection. These things aren’t mutually exclusive. While all this was occurring, HBM and Sadie were becoming more serious, both in exactly the exact same time. HBM was an FB, but she had been so fun to be with so drama-free I began considering upgrading her into a real MLTR. She was beginning to learn to actually like sex, and soon I had her orgasming for the first time in her life. Being a Filipino, the horniest girls on Earth, her libido went on overdrive and we began having sex a lot. I kept to the once-a-week rule but I greatly expanded the period of her meets. HBM was among those few women from my whole history that had the identical amount of sex drive that I had. And she continued to clean my home.We began going out to eat, and when I told her I did not need to cover it, she began paying for it herself(!) . Sadie was an MLTR, and we started getting really serious. She wanted to introduce me to her parents, and that I really stupidly agreed, not knowing what a dreadful idea that was.Lesson Twenty-Seven That is classic boyfriend behaviour that will backfire on you quickly. Like a whole dumbass, I went over and met Sadie’s parents. Little did I know how badly that jeopardized my Alpha 2.0 EFA, but I would not realize exactly how much until a few weeks later.While at her parent’s home, Sadie excitedly introduced me to her exceptionally Russian mother and dad. Her father just grunted at me while her exceptionally dominant mother drilled me with nonstop questions, though politely, about what I did for a living. Sadie was really excited. A couple weeks later, HBM worriedly said that her period was late. I explained to her that she was not pregnant since we had been using condoms, at least putting them halfway into intercourse. As always, I was extremely cautious with condom usage. The prospect of getting a girl pregnant absolutely terrified me, a lot more than getting an STD. My experience with Selina had scared the crap out of me (though of course I was not the dad ) and I was not about to repeat that experience again if I could help it.I knew HBM was not pregnant because I had been extremely careful, and that I knew she was not having sex with anybody else. She was too nervous and inexperienced for that, though that could radically change about a couple of years later.This was just a case of a very young, inexperienced girl not being used to having sex or to her own body yet. Regardless, she was {} nervous.No problem. I just walked over to my bathroom and instantly whipped out one several pregnancy tests. I walk my talk; I consistently have pregnancy tests in my toilet for these occasions.Lesson Twenty-EightAlways have at least two distinct brands of pregnancy tests, some little Dixie cups, and at least one morning after Plan B pill into your bathroom for emergencies or to calm down hysterical girls. I had her urine in a Dixie cup and utilized both pregnancy tests on her urine, right in front of her. She was not pregnant, obviously. She sighed with relief and I threw the pregnancy tests off, forgetting about it. While going to the toilet during that trip, she rummaged through my bathroom trash can, searching for evidence of other girls (ah, Russian girls ). She knew I was seeing other girls of course. As usual, I never doubted what I was doing, I just didn’t verbalize any specifics.In the bottom of the garbage can (and yes, it actually was at the base, you could not see if you just glanced at it) she discovered among the used pregnancy tests I had used on HBM per week before.With a horrified look on her face, she emerged from the bathroom and said,”Caleb, I do not mean to be a snoop,” which was obviously a lie,”But I only saw a used pregnancy test on your garbage can.”She subsequently unleashed Drama from Hell. She began yelling at me, insulting me, crying loudly (ah, Russian girls ) like I had done something horrible, though we clearly were not anything like boyfriend and girlfriend and just been seeing each other a couple weeks while she understood I was seeing other girls.But some of this was my fault, because I was stupid enough to satisfy her parents. Had I not done that; she probably would have responded much less badly.I just told her that I do not do drama. She then did what I train lots of my girls to perform; she grabbed her phone, went out on my deck, closed the door, and began crying about me to one of her beta man orbiters.I shrugged and went back to work on my PC. She was not crying anymore but she was extremely upset. I asked her one of my tender next phrases:”Do you like me to take you home?” She thought for a moment and said,”Yes, I would.” Let us go!”I drove her home and said nothing to her throughout the trip, just listened to the radio. She asked me to drop her off in a inexpensive restaurant where one of her orbiters was going to meet her, and I did so. This started a very long soft next for Sadie, although not a comprehensive LSNFTE. She’d be back in a couple of weeks. (They always return.)While driving back home, I texted Darci to determine if she was free. She was, therefore I had sex with her that day instead.It’s great to be an Alpha 2.0.In the next episode, I add two more MLTRs to the mixture, one of these very serious.

This is another installment of this book I never printed regarding my history with girls and the lessons I learned from it.

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Over the last year and a half, I have regularly received mails and comments at my blogs from guys very concerned about the #MeToo movement.  I get questions like: BD what’s your advice about first dates today that #MeToo is something??? How do I calibrate my daygame to never get in trouble with #MeToo??? BD do you still recommend sexual escalation on the next date in the aftermath of #MeToo??? Isn’t that dangerous today??? What about getting FBs and MLTRs today we have #MeToo??? Fear of #MeToo is classic untrue Societal Programming. You hear about all these horror stories regarding male actors over and over again and so start to assume that maybe you too will have your reputation destroyed or lose your next film deal due to #MeToo.   Do you have a reputation? Are you currently doing movie deals?   And that is my point.   #MeToo is a threat for two forms of guys, and only two kinds of men. If you’re not in either of those categories, #MeToo won’t impact you in any way at all. You’re 100% safe. No changes needed. Just proceed.  Men that work for medium-sized or big companies and often hit on girls they work with. Wealthy public figures. These are the two different types of men who must be concerned about #MeToo. No other person should be worried about it.  If you hit {} you work with, then you are just flat out dumb. However, I’ve addressed guys like that already. Please see this article for what I said about guys who date girls they work with, and please note that I wrote this article in 2011 that was five years earlier #MeToo actually happened. The most important thing is that we live in a hypersensitive left-wing society and hitting on girls you work with in such a society is a dumb thing to do regardless of what’s going in with Hollywood stars.  That brings me into the public figure facet. Return over the past five or six guys you have heard about who have struck enormous issues in their professions because of #MeToo, and you will find pretty much all these men were very wealthy, very strong, very famous, or all three.  Are you really wealthy, strong, and/or famous?   No?   Then please, for fuck’s sake, stop worrying about #MeToo when you are on a first date with some random woman you met on Tinder. Not only are you not wealthy or famous, but an internet first date or road game has nothing at all to do with your office, which is largely what #MeToo is about.  Frankly, I am at more risk for problems with #MeToo than 99.9percent of anybody in my audience, and I am hardly in danger, because even with one million subscribers annually, nobody understands who the hell I am, nor cares.  Now, in case you truly are a public figure, then yeah, you will need to take a few additional precautions, like I did here and here. You also need to avoid 1 night stands ike I do, possibly prevent drugs and alcohol just like I do, and be fine to girls like I’m . Fine. But not a single man who has asked me one of those”oh no what about #MeToo???” questions was a public figure. They were just ordinary, everyday men nobody gives a shit about that are at zero risk for from any #MeToo issues (again, unless you are dumb and you hit on girls where you work, but if you are that dumb and desperate then I can not help you.)  This all goes back to a much larger issue that’s common with guys in the manosphere and the red pill, MGTOW, and MRA moves in particular. In other words, giving more power to left-wing/feminist motions than they really have.  Women that are professional strippers or hookers very quickly begin to operate under quite skewed and highly inaccurate views of guys since they assault themselves daily with a particular sort of disgusting guy.   Men do the exact same thing when they spend day in and day out consuming nonstop content about how horrible or mad women/feminists/SJWs are. They begin walking around assuming that each and every woman they see will call the cops on them whenever they do anything even close to sensual. This is, naturally, not only untrue, but insane.  I have been on a variety of first and second dates which number well into the triple digits, and have tried to have sex with and actually did have sex with an extremely significant number of girls, and most of all of this happened in one of the most left-wing and feminist-infested cities in North America (Portland, Oregon), and I’ve literally never had some problem like this in my whole life.  So please, if you are one of those guys who walks around fearful or mad that every girl out there is ready to tear off your balls and throw you into prison, please see these two posts I wrote a few years back: 4 Reasons Why Feminism Is Not A Threat Feminism Is Not a Threat — Revisited Unless you’re a highly effective public figure or you are doing something really dumb, feminism is not a threat to you. #MeToo is not a threat to you. If you follow Alpha Male 2.0 connection and financial structures, girls are not a threat to you. (Women are just a threat to beta men and Alpha 1.0s dumb enough to get long-term monogamous or traditionally wed .)  Seriously, calm the fuck down. Proceed as normal with your regular dating strategy and usual relationships. If you get super famous or strong, then sure, make some alterations at the time. But for now, chill out and continue.  Be a person.  

Over the last year and a half, I have regularly received mails and comments at my blogs about guys very concerned about the #MeToo movement.

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What Is Potential for Older Men with Younger Women

The following is an except from my novel The Supreme Younger Woman Manual That I’ve enlarged for the purposes of the Report.   

Among the more frequent questions I am asked is,”I am a really old man. I am X years old. Is it reasonable for me to expect to date/have sex with a sexy 22 yearolder? Or should I just forget about studying relationship or game methods and pay for sex?”  

It is a valid question. After teaching thousands of guys these techniques within the last ten years, the age groups of guys break down into something like this: 

Men in their twenties or teens are younger guys, not older guys, so they do not need any particular changes in their strategy with younger girls. The advantage younger men suffer with younger girls is, of course, they do not need to overcome the distress and negative Social Programming regarding a huge age difference.  

The disadvantages younger guys have are: 


2. They’re extremely outcome dependent.  

3. They are normally short-tempered, quick to anger, and put up with a great deal of bullshit drama from girls.  

It is those aspects that truly assist older guys attract much younger girls. But regardless, younger guys don’t need to take part in any special sort of dating techniques so as to score with younger girls.  

Men age 30-34 are also not what I believe”elderly guys,” and nowadays, by and large, most younger girls don’t either. As I‘ve discussed on this site before, guys in the modern age are a lot more immature at elderly ages nowadays . Thus, most guys age 30-34 seem and behave like younger men. Due to this, they also typically don’t have to do anything radically different for VYW, though some adjustments may be required depending on the circumstance.  

As soon as you cross over age 35, younger girls are certainly going to put you into that”older” category. The fantastic news about guys that this age is that while they’re considered”older,” they’re often still young in appearance. Personally, I believe age 37 as the era where a guy peaks in physical beauty, and a number of my own informal polling in my real life and on the world wide web appears to indicate many women and men agree with this.  

Men in their forties continue to be able to date younger girls of any age, but the ifficultly degree is raised radically , and personal look gets considerably, much more of a variable. Younger guys can seem like bums or dorks and get to sex with younger girls. Older men can’t. Strangely, the older you get, the more important it is to maintain your physical appearance (if your purpose is to date younger girls , that is).   

It is important to do everything right when on your forties when dating much younger women, because the margin for error is razor thin.  

Sugar daddy match, a game style in which men find women on sugar daddy dating sites and pay girls for sex or imply that they will pay, is an option for men in their forties, but it is not required. I have dated VYW while at my forties without paying them any money with zero issues and I understand a number of other guys in their forties who do the same. But you must do everything right, achievement rates/response rates fall to tiny percentages, and you, really should put in the amounts .  

Men in their fifties split into two subcategories. If that is you, then concerning women, you’re basically a guy in his forties, so what I stated above regarding men in their forties more or less applies to you.   

The other sort of man in his fifties, a far more common form, is the common fifties beta man who has allowed his physical health and appearance go after decades of monogamy or fail. He is also balding, has poor teeth or skin, slovenly dressing, dresses like a dork, has feeble, stooped body language, and has a general beta man demeanor. He resembles the average”dad.” Not a good look.  

If this describes you, you must concentrate very hard on your physical appearance, and set a goal to make the most of your appearance as far as humanly possible, even though it costs time and money to do so, which it likely will. Confidence, fitness, style, and dressing ought to be addressed before you invest plenty of time going out to try to date much younger women (unless all you need to do is cover hookers).  

As you’re improving your physical appearance, I don’t suggest that you focus entirely on VYW, since dating them at this stage is going to be challenging. Instead, you may temporarily concentrate on dating girls within your age range or concentrate on dating girls much younger than you but not quite as youthful as VYW (women in their thirties, by way of instance ), or concentrate instead on sugar daddy game where some money is involved. I generally advise men over 50 who are still in look optimization mode to prevent normal (non-sugar daddy) match with VYW till they obtain their appearance in check.  

I personally know many men in their fifties that are dating girls in their mid-twenties, without paying for it, with no problems, but those are guys who take time (and money) to take additional care of their physical appearance and health, far beyond the normal Western beta male 50+ dad or grandpa.  

Men in their sixties or outside should {} on sugar daddy game if they need VYW (which shouldn’t be a issue financially for you, since by the time you’re in your sixties you should have tons of disposable income) or, if they maximize their look, focus on younger women in their thirties or forties. Non-sugar daddy game with VYW for men over age sixty is not really an option unless the situation is exceptionally unusual. If a woman as young as 22 is ready to have sex with a guy over age sixty for no trade in cash or presents, even if he is pretty attractive for 60+ guy, she will at least anticipate some sort of payment, gifts, or service at some stage in the interaction shortly. Again, yes, I understand there are strange exceptions, but these are precisely what they are: exceptions.  

This should not surprise nor bother anybody. When I am well over age sixty I fully expect to need to shell out some cash, at least to a degree, if I wish to get funky with a girl in her twenties. As I mentioned above, this should not be a problem because by the time you’re over sixty, cash shouldn’t be an issue for you, and you ought to have lots of it. I highly suggest that you go take a look.)  

If you plan on only dating girls within plus or minus ten years of your age for the rest of your life, that is fine, and you’ll never have to be worried about any of the younger woman stuff. But if you’re planning on becoming sexual with much younger girls either now or when you get much older, now’s the time to plan and prepare for this so that you won’t have problems later in life when getting to sex with younger and more attractive girls becomes harder.  


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