What’s Your Definition of an Remarkable Day?

What an wonderful day up to now.

Do you know what the definition of an remarkable day is?

An remarkable evening is when you wake up beyond your alarm, which I did this morning.

It was an incredible morning because I woke up alongside the woman I adore and then took Daphne for a stroll on the beach. I will return to the beach and do some aerobic then off to purchase a new beach cruiser bike.

I’ve got some errands to run and then tonight I’m taking my girl to her favourite place to eat.

Its a Saturday and I will appreciate and enjoy every second. I will engage people and enjoy conversations with strangers. I will discount the blackberry and be 100% gift where am it every step of the way.

It is all about taking each and every moment and enjoying it.

That is the definition of a gorgeous day: being able to love every little thing about you. It is about taking everything in.

When you are out there on earth, you might not take it all in? Can you take in every little bit of each and every day? You might not appreciate it and keep current in the moment?

You knew there was a lesson in this blog someplace and the lesson is this: go out there and take in every little thing.

Count the stars in the skies. Have a look at the water that’s around you. Consider the colour of the sky. Look at everything that’s around you.

The more observant you become, the more that you will have to speak with people about. The more you can talk to people, the more powerful your relations together will be and the less time you’ll be stuck in your mind.

Todays video is about how to look your best in your amazing days.


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