3 Ways Your Ego Will Organize Your Dating

Before I begin today’s blog, I wish to make certain to thank everybody for all of the remarkable blog comments and emails I received yesterday wishing me a happy birthday. I loved and appreciated all of them!

Let’s talk a bit about relationships today…

Anybody who has read me understands that there’s something that I say over and over again (since it’s so important!) : In order to really enjoy yourself and to truly have the ability to love someone else, you need to drop the ego. This is absolutely vital to finding an remarkable relationship, but it is equally essential to maintaining and continually enhancing a connection as soon as you’re already inside.

Nothing will kill a connection (even the best of relationships) more quickly than ego. Here are 6 ways your self can kill your connection, and how to avoid getting your ego destroy your relationship.

1. Resist the desire to Defend Yourself: Consider the amount of times you have fought with a significant other, and whenever things get a little heated you begin to defend yourself. All you hear is that you being attacked, and you instantly enter”defending yourself” mode. Are you aware that if you defend yourself in a fight, what is really happening is your self is defending itself.

Additionally, it means that you have stopped listening to another person. If someone tells you they don’t like how you’ve been behaving lately, why don’t you hear them out rather than defending yourself? It will almost always produce a far better outcome.

2. To Love Yourself And Someone Else Entirely You Must Separate The Ego: To be able to genuinely love somebody, you need to separate your self from yourself. This is also true if you are interested in being able to completely love yourself. Now, I understand in a perfect world, we would never be ego-driven. We’re all ego-driven to some extent or another, so let us acknowledge it and embrace that we will need to separate the self to nurture and maintain a really amazing relationship with somebody.

3. Your Ego Can Ruin Any conversation: The reality is that however much you prepare, plan and hope for a fantastic conversation with your significant other, your self is the 1 thing that will always ruin any conversation you are going to have if you allow it.

Let us say your significant other is frustrated with you in 1 way or another and actually needs to express something about that to you. How do you react?

So as to actually listen to somebody, it is uncomfortable. Occasionally your significant other has things which are really bothering them about which they would like to speak with you, but which you’d rather not hear. To keep a terrific relationship, however, you can not let your self keep you from listening.

This is a topic which we’ll go deeper into another day.

So next time you see that your self getting involved in your relationship, remove it! If you end up protecting yourself or not allowing you to truly listen, then you want to take a step back. Listen carefully to what is being said, and use it to make the most remarkable relationship.

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