How Can I Walk Away for Good?

What do you love about fighting him? You may say”nothing”, but actually look at this question.

Question: I’m constantly fighting with my ex-husband! My friends keep telling me to knock it off but somehow he always brings me back in. How do I walk away for good?

Response : This could be super challenging once you have children… do you have children? If you do not… woman this will be a good deal easier and otherwise, write me back again and I will provide you mores practices to cure this.

So if there were not any children And he is still drawing you back in… here is a dooooozer of a question… ready? What do you LOVE about fighting him?

Initially you may say, NOTHING Allana!

And if you really look, you may find you need to be right.
You want the last way.
You can not stand him lying and you need to defend yourself.
You can not stand him poking at you, you must poke back.
You cant stand he left you and you would like to get him back.
You can not stand you left him and feel guilty and consequently put up with being mistreated.
You may be scared to be alone and negative contact is far better than no contact.
You may be scared that if you do not respond he will come after you with more anger.
You may be enraged that you married him in the first place and beat up yourself by allowing him bully you today.

SOMETHING in that list has to hit a chord yes?

Now FEEL the impression that the truth brings up… even though it makes you want to conceal, scream, vomit or perish.

Just breathe.

And breathe.

And as you breathe do your best to not attempt to change it… just BE with this part of you.

Paradoxically, the part of you which you wish was not there.

The part that is feeling some yucky feelings at this time.

Keep breathing.

Keep doing so until the’charge’ or’activate’ is gone. Until you may cry a bit… or laugh a little.

I used to get SUPER triggered by ANYTHING my ex would do because what I did not need to believe was how SUPER mad I was at me for marrying him.

Thus the job to perform was self forgiveness.

Enjoy, this not only sucks to have had the guts to leave your ex and you have not left your ex…. Additionally, it sucks because with that frame of mind, energy, heart… you are only likely to attract ANOTHER ex in a new body.

I suggest healing this today and forever to set up yourself for healthy love. I know I am not cheap as a trainer, and yet I am way less costly than another divorce, and falling madly in love on you, free from play in your life, is priceless.

Let us start with a strategy session so that you know you are going to have a massive return on your investment.

Life if short.
Be happy.
Let it go.
I will help.

Tremendous LOVE,


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