First Date Tips

Who’s Someone you’ve met and would like to get to know better. 

What: Be imaginative! If you believe sitting across a desk feels like an interview afterward, think outside the box. It’s wonderful to indicate something the person talked about during your initial meeting or on a recent phone conversation (yes, speaking not texting). Whether this relationship lasts, it’s great to remember a memorable first date.

Interactive first dates could be: a cooking course, visiting a museum, a bicycle ride, exploring a place of town neither of you have ever seen, a physical activity that you enjoy like biking, golfing or sailing. 

Don’t consent to an activity that will stress you out or make you feel uncomfortable. 

Only agree to appear in the event that you feel relaxed and safe. If a 6’m dip or a midnight concert sound awful, say”no thank you”. 

Just agree to go places that make you feel relaxed and safe. If fulfilling him/her there makes you feel much better than say so and drive yourself or take an Uber. 

It’s far better to say goodnight after a excellent goodnight kiss at 11 pm than to be yawning at 1 am and stating,”I’m tired, I figure I must go”. 

Always do so: Be respectful, considerate and kind (even if they’re not). 

Never do so: Get drunk, discuss your exes, pets or children ad nauseam. 

What about gender?   I keep using the words”secure”,”relaxed” and”comfortable” for a reason.  As a rule of thumb, unless this”date” is with someone you’ve known for some time and come to trust, it is probably not the best choice the two of you could create.  But if you’re consenting adults who make this decision together, please be safe!

Above are a few tips that work. Can it seem very different and still work out well? Yes, all of us know the happily married couple who had sex the first night, or the few who tells the story about their horrible first date. These stories are the exceptions.

Have a {} first date and odds are you will have a second one soon thereafter.

Getting to know somebody is a marathon, not a sprint.  

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