Four Ways To Make First Time Sex Mind Blowing

Four Ways To Make First Time Sex Mind Blowing

Four Ways To Make First Time Sex Mind BlowingHaving sex for the first time with a spouse can oftentimes make or break a connection because no matter how much chemistry you’ve got beyond the bedroom if you’re compatible under the sheets everything else just does not mesh quite as well as it should. First time sex is all about engaging your spouse and making her feel as into you as you’re into her and with these four tips you’ll be on your way to mind blowing time sex with the woman in your life.

Tip #1: Get Your Head in the Game

Sometimes among the biggest mistakes you can make with first-time sex with a spouse is becoming lost in the awkwardness of a new body or nervousness of trying to be sure you’re doing everything correctly. When these items are a part of any sexual relationship, they should not be in the forefront of your mind while you’re with her. Concentrate on making things as pleasurable as possible for the two of you with no other distractions in mind such as that company meeting tomorrow or whether you paid too much for dinner earlier.

If you’re concerned about endurance the first time around it may be wise to masturbate ahead to attempt to take off the edge of your overwhelming desire for her. Being with a girl for the first time who’s stunningly beautiful and hitting your trigger dead on will take any endurance you’ve got and turn you into a 15 year old experiencing sex for the first time. It happens to all of us, but by taking matters into your own hands you can built up a tiny barrier that keeps your appetite muted a little longer so that you could continue as long as you will need to make sure her pleasure also.

Hint #3: Foreplay is Essential

The simple reality is that women take longer to achieve an orgasm than men and if you overlook that the first-time with her is not going to be a knock out of the park. It’s vital that you stimulate her correctly before the main event so you are not popping the cork before she is ready, disappointing her and chance risking that she will feel you are not compatible sexually. Use your lips, tongue, teeth, hands and whatever else you can think of to get her hot under the collar and raring to go.

Hint #4: Leave the Missionary Position to Missionaries

If you wish to knock off her socks do not play it safe by going with the old dependable move; indicate moves like the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie style or in areas aside from the bed such as up against the wall and in front of a roaring fireplace. Make your first time together unique and give her something that she’ll remember for a very long time to come.

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