Foods Which Boost your Libido

Foods that Boost your Libido

Foods that Boost your LibidoThe oyster was heralded for many years as food which could increase the libido and put you in the mood for a little loving with your partner, but oysters are not exactly something people eat daily. Fortunately there are other more common foods that boost your libido when providing a spark to your sexual desire that could cause you to be a hit with your wife or girlfriend this day. Below you will find 7 foods that will get you into the mood obviously without needing to go through plenty of trouble to do it.

The Aztecs called avocado”ahuacatl” or”testicle tree” because of its similarity to a certain part of the body, but they’re also aptly named because they vitamin B6 and potassium nutrients which may help raise you hormone production (i.e. your libido). They also contain folic acid that enables you to metabolize proteins to have more energy once the fun begins.

Nuts are packed with essential fatty acids that aid in your body’s production of hormones, help in providing you with energy to please your girl and it’s reported that almonds may inspire fire on people when smelled.

This fruit comprises the bromelain enzyme which could help increased the libido and reverse impotence in men. They also are full of potassium, vitamin B6 and riboflavins that boost your body’s energy.

There’s something about berries which bring out the eroticism and help to raise the libido for both men and women; from the sweet, succulent aroma to the suggestive nature when you feed it to your spouse. Strawberries can get your fire working double time to produce a night together one to remember.

Sure it is not the sexiest of foods on the menu, but liver comprises glutamine that’s been proven to help increase a slowed-down libido in men in addition to fuel and boost your immune system.


These little fruits are full of amino acids that could help {} the libido going and improve your sexual stamina. Figs also have a sensuous element to them using their tangy, sweet odor and their suggestive shape that could find a woman subconsciously in the mood before trying.


The sweet treat includes phenylethylamine, the chemical thought to make that feeling of being”in love” as well as theobromine, an alkaloid that’s very similar to caffeine that could provide energy for a night of loving.

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