Getting Back With your Ex Destiny or Disaster?

Getting Back Together with your Ex Destiny or Disaster

Getting Back Together with your Ex Destiny or DisasterAll of us know those couples who split up just to get right back together then break up again. So what is the deal with those on again off again relationships and do they work in the long run? The key to answering this question is to recognize the issue at hand and then determine if fixing it and getting back with your ex is possible.

What caused the break up?

First thing you may want to do is ask yourself why you’re breaking up. This is a question you have to honestly answer before {} diving back in. Individuals usually split for one of 2 reasons 1 they really need to break up or two they need to control another person. In the event you or your ex breakup without the aim of breaking things off then you or another person is playing games which isn’t a healthy relationship and getting back together is guaranteed to end in another split up.

Can you Resolve the Situation?

As soon as you’ve identified what the matter is then comes resolution time. If you broke up due to infidelity did you get down to the reason you or another person stepped out? Whatever the problem was it is necessary to let go and proceed. Failure to forego the reason for the breakup is only going to put you back at the very same struggles you’re having before over and over (not healthy).

Another large problem with dating your ex is all the fun and fascinating things which produce a relationship great you’ve already done: first match, first kiss, first date, first time. When you get back together with your ex the trend is to bypass all those steps since you’ve already been there and return to love and sex.

The issue is somewhere between all of the firsts and the separation was the part where rift occurred between you and your ex and you’ll have to clear that hurdle to proceed. The secret to working out it is beginning back slow with a clean slate.

So what is a man to do?

If you feel like you’re ready to get back together and make it last by all means go right ahead. However if you’re feeling hesitation or pressure you are probably better off letting go and finish the relationship once and for all.

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