Break Up Presents Every Man Must Follow

Break Up Rules Every Man Should Follow

Break Up Rules Every Man Should FollowA break up is never an easy thing if you have been together for only a little while or for 20 years. But if you follow some simple break up rules that experience could be easier for the two of you. Nobody wants a mad ex-girlfriend with a desire for revenge or using an inkling that getting back together is a choice when it is really not.

So listen to those 5 break up rules each man should follow.

Rule #1: Do Not Provide the Clichéd”It Is You, It’s Me” Speech

This line is so popular that a woman who hears it’s liable to become angry and frustrated that the second you speak the words because she knows you are not telling her the truth. The clichéd address and ones like it are a recipe for disaster that might wind up causing both of you a world of hurt as well as some property damage if she does not take the address very well.

Rule #2: Always Split Face to Face

There’s nothing worse than having a break up text, email or voicemail… it makes the girls feel cheap and like yesterday’s news. Even if you just went out on a few dates, do it in person and give her the respect she deserves.

Stringing a girl along is not the correct choice even if you’re trying to spare her feelings. If you know that you will need to terminate the relationship, end it. Letting a relationship linger when the feelings have expired can breed both of you, allowing in a whole lot of anger and animosity that may fester and make the real separation much worse than it would have been if you did it when you made the decision to break up with her.

Rule #5: Do Not Date Her Friends/Family

There are countless millions of women around Earth that could be your next conquest of prospective game so steer clear of people who have relationships with your ex. Dating her sister, friend, cousin, etc will only make the situation worse and make you look like a jerk who does not care that what you are doing will hurt her.

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