G Spot – Fact or Fiction

Does it exist? Is it really the secret to powerful and intense orgasms? Does every girl have one? Can every man find it?

What is the G Spot and where can it be?

Science says the G Spot, as it’s been characterized by pop culture simply does not exist. There is no”magic” area within the vagina that’s anatomically more sensitive or more receptive to enjoyment than anyplace else. There is the clitoris, which is outside and really has more nerve endings than other elements of a female’s genital area, but nothing similar exists. It’s simple human anatomy.

Finding Nerve Endings

Sensitive regions have more nerve endings per square inch than non-sensitive places. Our palms are more sensitive than our elbows as a result of this reality. So, the fact that science and medicine hasn’t discovered a bunch of nerve endings in a localized inner vaginal region should be a clue to those intrepid G Spot searchers. And yet — the myth continues. There are girls who swear by it… men also.

Find the Ideal position

More likely, science says, these people have found a sexual position which allows them the most contact with the best number of nerves simultaneously. And because each individual’s anatomy is a bit different there is likely to be a variation in positioning between one couple and another.

Likewise, because all human beings have a whole lot of similarity in their sexual body, it is not uncommon for there to be a lot of agreement among different people about positions which are pleasurable. Interestingly enough, obsessing over the G Spot can actually have a negative influence on your sex life. Men feel inadequate that they are unable to find such a spot and girls question themselves if they are unable to reach that legendary amount of climax.

Allow the experience itself be the experience. Consider reaching new heights of intimacy and trust rather than going on a fishing expedition. When you find something you want, stick with it for a little while. Enjoy it. Trust it. Do not question it. You may just find you do not”want” the G Spot to take part in exceptional sex.

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