Oral Sex Tips that Will Blow Her Off

Oral Sex Tips that Will Blow Her Away

Oral Sex Tips that Will Blow Her AwayBoth people would agree that oral sex is amazing if done correctly. As guys we take on average about 5 minutes to achieve orgasm through sex, but oral sex can often cut that time in half. For women, the best pleasure may not come as quickly or easily. But if you wish to blow her away with all the best moves she has ever experienced on her lady bits, then you may want to follow our oral sex tips below to ensure that she comes back from more.

Oral Sex Tips for Guys to Give her an Orgasm

Warm up her

The worst thing any man can do is go straight for her hot place and remain there until a) their neck gives out or b) she asks him to leave. Don’t let this happen to you. Rather, warm her up gradually. The old analogy that girls are like a diesel truck and need to be fully warmed up before they could get going is absolutely correct. As soon as you get her completely warmed up it’ll be a lot easier to wow her with your motions. Get things going by biting and kissing her inner thighs and breathing heavily on her vulva. The sensation of warmth coupled with the anticipation of your tongue from her clit will drive her crazy and will make her realize you know what you do.

Once she’s heated up you shouldn’t go straight to your clit. Once more, wait, be patient and examine her eagerness. Basically you need her to push your mind onto her clit before making your move. Make her beg for your tongue and mouth to be pressed. Bear in mind that this is much more about getting off her than making things happen for you, so show restraint and take things as slow as you can. There are loads of other hotspots in around her vulva and vagina which feel great for her and taste good for you. Use your thumbs and palms too to tease her vagina and follow the outline of her clit and vulva. The stimulation may be enough to get her off in a couple of minutes of the most important event.

Use your tongue to draw each letter of the alphabet on her anus. Use wide strokes which cover the whole region and then use little defined and concentrated letters which cover only a small part of her genitals. The combination of little strokes with bigger licks will make her go mad and will make her beg you for more. This could be a bit of an oral exercise, but the effort you put in will come right back to you when she’s screaming in ecstasy.

As soon as you’re certain she’s completely revved up and ready to go you may then begin focusing on her clit, the whole reason you go down on her in the first location. Initially, gently lick and tease her with your tongue. Do this for approximately 30 seconds and then take her clit into your mouth. Suck it slightly and tug on it with your mouth. While you’ve got her there softly hum to make a vibration that feels amazing with this small organ. Let her go and do it all over again integrating licks and sucks back and forth till she’s beyond the point of no return.

Your spouse will be very impressed if you utilize these motions while listening to what she says makes her feel great. Very good luck!

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