Dos and Don’ts of Sexting for Guys

Dos and Don’ts of Sexting for Men

Dos and Don’ts of Sexting for MenSexting, if you have been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, is sex via text messaging and has become a frequent way to have a little fun with a spouse even if the man is not anywhere near you. Of course exactly like anything else in regards to either relationship or casual sex, there are particular things which you should and should not do if you would like to receive any results out of your sexting efforts.

Exactly like sex in real life, you would not just immediately start off by choosing the primary event without first seeing if your spouse is ready to have a little fun; the exact same is true for sexting as well. Test the waters and see if they’re in the”mood” for sexting or not because if they’re not, not only will you be wasting your own time, but you might be damaging any connection whether casual or in the procedure.

Don’t Forget to Give as Much as You Get

Being a selfish jerk by simply ensuring that you get yours. Whether through sexting or live sex, there should be an equal amount of give and take so that the two of you have the ability to get pleasure from the experience. If you just worry about your needs you will be cheating not only your spouse, but your future prospects for sexting later on.

Do Understand that the Devil is in the Details

Since sexting relies on words rathet than touching, descriptive information and wordplay are the best resources to ensuring the two of you are satisfied at the end. Be as descriptive as possible, making sure to set the scene and explain what you would do, what you want her to do and everything in between.

Don’t be a Drunk Sexter

Exactly like with drunk dialing, sexting while drunk isn’t the smartest option.

Can Be Creative and Tease Your Partner

Sexting because it’s limited to typed words out can find a little dull if you don’t use your brains and get a little creative. Thinking about ideas like teasing images that incite the imagination as opposed to a full frontal on mind picture; doing this will help to not only get her in the mood, but elevate the excitement and foreplay before the main event.

Do Not Sext a Partner Before Getting Live Sex

Sexting someone before you have have sex in real life may leave your girlfriend or potential girlfriend with ideas or expectations about you that might not be fulfilled in real life. Oftentimes with sexting or even telephone sex, people get a bit bolder and more adventurous than they’d be in real life, and when you finally have sex with a partner you might end up not able to fulfill your sexting persona. So make sure to wait until you actually done the deed prior to trying a late night sexting session.

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