The Way to Satisfy Her Desires in Bed

How to Satisfy Her Desires in Bed

How to Satisfy Her Desires in BedThere’s one part of life where every guy wishes to carry out his best, and that’s in the bedroom (or wherever you wind up having sex). The problem is that men understand what turns them on, but aren’t always certain how to get the same response from their woman.

Suggestions to Satisfy Her Desires in the Bedroom

The anxiety of trying to fulfill her desires can actually make things worse it may cause poor sexual performance in your end. So here’s a little cheat sheet, so you don’t need to spend as much time fretting about what to do next, once you ought to only be focused on what you’re doing right now.

First of all, girls like to be treated around. You may have one special part of your body which could receive all of the attention and leave you satisfied, but she wants you to be all about her from head to toe. We’re not saying you must play with her hair or produce a foot fetish, just be certain she knows you’re interested in every part of her, not the just the areas you may fit into.

Maintain the Communication going

Another little known fact is that women tend to be just as worried about satisfying their man. A fantastic way to let her know she’s doing a fantastic job is by simply not holding back your breathing or any other sounds you may make. You do not need to shout and curse, but when she is not getting any feedback, she is probably taking it as a sign that you aren’t enjoying yourself, and instead of encouraging her to try harder, that likely will just make her more nervous. If she is worrying about how you’re enjoying things, then she is not getting satisfied.

Kiss During Gender

One more piece of advice — do not stop kissing when the foreplay is over. Kissing is not just a part of the foreplay, it’s a component of the full experience. If you can not get to her mouth, then kiss her where you can. She wants to know sex is all about the connection for you also and not only the pleasure.

These are simply a couple of ways to ensure that your lady is being completely happy. So rather than worrying about what to do next time you’re together, try these 3 simple suggestions and just concentrate on being intimate with her.

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Five Gender Mistakes Men Make

Five Sex Mistakes Men Make

Five Sex Mistakes Men MakeIn regards to sex men learn about the basics early on and then as they mature they get a bit more knowledge along the way of what works and what does not. Needless to say, trial and error only works so much; occasionally men lose out on the subtle things a woman may say and do this signify her desires, needs and feelings in regards to sex.

Top sex mistakes guys make and how to prevent them

1. Thinking You Know Everything When it Comes to Pleasing Her

Women are not synonymous and what works for one woman may not work for another one on your life. Moving into sex for the first time with a new girlfriend believing that you understand precisely what to do to make her achieve an orgasm may wind up leaving her frustrated and faking it. Do not just assume you know what to do, make an effort to learn what works for her by asking her, paying attention to how she moves, her voices queues, etc..


When it comes to entering a new sexual connection the learning curve brings the chance to not only learn what works for her, but what you want and are ready to do when it comes to fantasies and desires. Talk about the”taboo” things that excite you and her, figuring out the boundaries of your sexual relationship so you are both familiar with what happens and know what to expect in the future.

3. Know When the Appropriate Time for Gender Is

For men sex can occur anywhere and at anytime since guys can get aroused and ready in only a couple minutes, however women need the ideal kind of situation and the perfect type of mood to make it happen. Understanding when it’s the ideal time for intercourse and when it is not can help eliminate a great deal of trouble in the bedroom. Oftentimes girls won’t come outright and say it, but their moods play a huge part in whether they need sex so if she’s angry, stressed, tired, etc {} not be in the mood for sex.

4. Don’t Just “Git ‘er Done”

For men there’s that old saying of”Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am” this sort of shows the mindset of guys feeling like sex is a mission to become accomplished and then get out. But, for girls sex is as much about the lead up to it since it’s about the primary event; do not just select the prize without offering a small foreplay beforehand. Get her excited and prepared, stimulating her entire body and head with caresses, licks, nips, filthy words, etc until you make a bid for the finish line.

Accept that Sometimes She Could Need Something Extra

For many men it takes very little to achieve orgasm, but for girls the simple act of penetration might not be enough. Don’t let yourself get in the mindset that you’re all she needs because you’ll be doing her a disservice and damaging your pride if you find out she is faking it. Sex toys are a terrific way to boost her pleasure so she reaches the finish line just like you do, so be man enough to admit it if she needs something extra.

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