I have run into this ridiculously silly social media meme many times today when girls repost it. It is known as Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Would These 70 Matters . Yeah.  I tried to dismiss it, but I simply could not not respond to the intense bullshit Societal Programming. I just can not help myself.  Before I get into this, I am not reacting to these 70 things because I am taking this dumb clickbait article seriously. I’m not. I am reacting to such things because so many women read these items and agree with them to the purpose of reposting them saying things like”Hell yeah” or”Exactly!”  
However, you want to describe what a”real” date means. I’ve a sense that means full-on dinner and beverages. Fuck no. Once we are dating, sure. If I like you.  
2. Holds open your own doors.
While this type of thing is pure Societal Programming, I think it’s ok so long as it is not taken to extremes ({} a woman does not really complain about it).  
3. Pulls out your seat.
If you are my OLTR and we are on an incredibly fancy date, then fine.  
4. Takes your jacket.
Jesus. This is not the fucking 1950s anymore. A guy would look stupid doing this now. It would actually confuse many girls. “Why are you standing up?”  
6. Let us order first.
It is bullshit SP, but I do so just to be nice. Not a huge deal.  
7. Pays.
That’s a really major topic I’ve addressed here and other areas . The bottom line is if we are talking the first date or two, sure, the guy can pay so long as it is a beverage or two at a pub or a coffee or two in a Starbucks. I’ve had sex with a enormous number of girls where I spent zero and 27 dollars over the first two dates. It functions .  
8. Stands on the exterior of the sidewalk.
The likelihood of someone attacking a girl when walking near a man she is with on a city street is well inside the 2% Rule and shouldn’t be a concern. (Unless you are both walking in a very dangerous section of town, but why the hell would you do this on a date?)  
It is the 21st century. Please upgrade your software.   
10. Walks you into the door.
Eventually, one where I concur.  
11. Wants to fulfill your father.
I don’t need to satisfy your fucking dadvertisement.  After a couple of years of relationship once we are actually talking about getting married, if you get that far and you likely won’t, then fine, fulfilling your dad may be appropriate at that moment. But out of the ?  
12. Introduces you to his loved ones.
Read over what I just said. If we are super duper severe, then fine. Besides that, no.  
13. Thanks you for a fantastic date, every date.
Eespecially when I am the person who probably paid for everything?   Hey, here is an idea.  See how insulting this seems? That is how you sound.  
14. Direct you to and from places.
You must download this cool program called”Uber.”  
Read over what I said about your Dadvertisement and your loved ones. Of class , we do not should wait quite as long for friends since we do your Dadvertisement, but the principle is exactly the same.  
16. Texts back quickly.
Wrong. Responding to texts fast is dreadful time management and damages personal efficacy on multiple levels. I am a guy on a Mission and I am busy working on that the majority of the time. I will text you back when I am done. If that is not acceptable for you, then great, go date a man who’ll never earn more than $30,000 annually.  
17. Supports you and everything you do.
Uhhh, what? I Must support what you do?   Imagine if you lie to your friends? Imagine if you go $70,000 into debt to get a degree in art history?  I do not care how sexy or entertaining you’re, I am not going to encourage you in the event that you do dumb shit. Sorry.  
18. Does not push sex immediately.
” I understand that usually does not work. Instead, we will have a one-hour date in a Starbucks and then I will push for sex on the next date when you come over to my house.  
19. Takes care of you once you’ve had too much to drink.
20. Asks the way you are and waits for a response.
Okay. Not certain why I’d ask you a question, not await an answer though. That is weird.  
22. Pays for your taxi.
Again, there is this really cool app you can get to your phone known as”Uber.” They are really cool. You should totally check them out.  
23. Kisses your forehead.
Only if we are dating and I have already decided I like you, sure.  
24. Learns what you enjoy in bed.
Oh, I totally agree. I want you coming back again and again even once you know I am having sex with different women, so I will learn what you enjoy in bed as fast as possible and do it to you every time we have sex. You’ll return to me for years and years because no other person will do so for you as always as I will.  
25. Learns to see you and knows when something is not perfect.
26. Still provides you butterflies.
I agree but that’ll end in many years, no matter what I do, due to your feminine physiology.  
27. Reaches to your hands when walking.
But she is my spouse . Any other girls now or previously, no.  
28. And kisses you for all to see.
I will make out with you with complete tongue and catch your ass right there on the sidewalk in front of everybody, even when you’re 25 years younger than me, and stink everybody off about how unsuitable we are being.  Cool.
29. Pushes you to become better without needing to change you too much.
 And I am not surprised.  
30. {He keeps you on track with your {} .|}
Objectives? You are a woman. Let’s be fair. The chances are that”goals” are not something you are into.  
31. Admires the life you’ve got outside of him.
If your life out of me is really admirable, sure. Unlikely. Extraordinary men and women are rare.  
32. Does not get jealous.
A guy who does not get jealous? Ha HA!  
33. He teaches you without bothering you.
Makes you laugh until you are crying.
I don’t disagree, except that I am aware that making you laugh generates amusement as opposed to fascination , so I am not going to overdo it.  
35. Has profound emotional conversations.
Only if we are dating. If you’re only an FB, no.  
36. Works through fights and does not walk away.
Wrongo! You can disagree with me all you want, but if you raise your voice, insult me, or endanger anything, you are likely to get immediately soft nexted and I will have sex with another girl on the list, who in all likelihood is younger or hotter than you. If you don’t like this, bear in mind that you’re an adult and thus have the capacity to disagree with me without losing your cool. Or aAre you currently a kid?  
37. Respects your privacy.
I concur but that is a two-way road, Pumpkin. Too many a girls demand that a guy respect her solitude then turn right around and try to enter his phone when he is sleeping or in the shower.  
38. Present when you want him.
Dude. You are going to want me all the fucking time and I am busy working on my Mission. If you prefer a man who’s present”when you want him,” be sure you go after a man who does not make very much money, does not have a very exciting life or long term, and contains plenty of free time. That is not me. Thank god.  
39. Does not cancel frequently but leaves it up to you when he does.
I agree but that is just another one of those two-way roads… 
40. He shows you his favourite places.
Do you actually wish to go the Warhammer shop?     Yeah. I don’t think so.  
41. Values trust and fair y.
So… because you appreciate honesty and trust, when you begin with a DM conversation with your ex-boyfriend over social networking, you’re likely to immediately tell your present boyfriend about it, right? Right?
42. Remembers little details you inform him.
Sweetheart, I am too busy running three businesses, traveling the world, being a good dad, losing weight and having sex with many women. It’s very unlikely I will recall some of your little details. If you would like somebody who does this, go lesbian and date another girl .  
43. The man who makes sure you text him when you get home.
44. Who does not mind hanging out with your loved ones.
If we are married / living together, sure, to some degree.  
45. Or you once you sing too loudly in the car to tunes he does not like. He does not change the channel.
If it is country western I am changing the station.     
46. Travels merely to see you.
What??? You’ve got this backwards. Otherwise go date somebody else. {I live in a city of over two million people, meaning {} there are loads of hot girls where I live. |} Thus, it would make no sense for me to invest time and cash to traveling for you when I can get whatever I need right here in my own city.
47. And asks you how your day was.
If we are married or living together, sure. Otherwise I do not care.  
48. A person who never makes you wonder how he feels about you.
Kitten, you are a woman . You are always likely to wonder how you feel about me. That’s what women do.  
49. Tells you when he is proud of you.
Sure.   Just don’t expect it quite often because it will not be.  
If you’ve got large tits, sure.  
I concur but that is another one of these oh-so-lovely two-way roads. Women often expect guys to confer with them but they (the girls ) never appear to want to confer with guys.  
54. He pushes you from your comfort zone.
Otherwise I really don’t care enough.  
55. Read this book. Watch this movie.
56. And you grow from it.
Your own personal growth is the responsibility, not mine.  
57. When he wins over your heart and does not quit trying.
When I have to”keep trying” to acquire your heart after it has been won, then I am with the wrong person and that you will need to leave me instantly and go find someone else with whom you are more compatible.  
58. He makes you understand why every other connection collapsed.
Yeah. Because you anticipated long-term monogamy to operate.  
59. A person who touches you so subtly it means so much. His hands on your back when you are standing next to him.
60. Someone who does not mind that you take all of the blankets.
Girls always scream and bitch about equity and they say something like this.   It’s called equity, Darling, something that you girls state you would like (but really do not ).  
That is fine, I will only move you over.  
62. Or your hair is always in his face when he sleeps.
Or that I burp and fart all evening. Cool.  
63. Somebody who makes you breakfast in the morning and allows you to sleep.
For special events, certain. I expect surprise dawn blowjobs though. Two-way street!  
64. Is passionate about his profession.
I completely concur. The thing is that you don’t. Though your high-achieving husband/boyfriend is functioning all of the time you will bitch and moan that he does not spend enough time with you.  
That would utterly ruin any attraction you had for me in short order, so no. I must keep saying no to you on a semi-regular basis to be able to keep your attraction, or the whole connection will eventuality fail.
66. Orders you food, though you say you are not hungry, but he knows you will take his.
I agree, but I am only ordering you enough food I would eat it if you do not. I am not wasting my money.  
67. Someone whose word is their bond.
I concur … two-way road though!  
68. Labels don’t frighten him, and he would like to call you his girlfriend.
As soon as you’ve qualified for OLTR after several months of MLTR (that is extremely improbable and requires a lengthy time) and we have experienced the OLTR Chat and you have endured it and are cool with it, then fine, I will call you”girlfriend” at the time. But if you anticipate that tag just because you need it, sorry. That title is something that you must earn.
69. Someone who likes you when he has seen you in the worst.
If you are in the worst in my existence, then you are out.    
70. And is not afraid to say that I love you.
The odds are that you will say it, but if I say it first that is fine under those particular conditions.   I understand that some people will comment and whine that this guide is”frivolous” and suggest that I do”frivolous” posts”all the time.” Number 1, I do not. Look at the Archive of the blog over the past several months and you will clearly see posts like this from me are quite infrequent. Number two, plenty of men in the red pill / manosphere world do material such as this always , so you are welcome. Number three, bear in mind that I have a great deal of readers in a number of unique sub-demographics and I want to appeal to every one of them, not only the individual section you happen to be in.

I have run into this ridiculously ridiculous social networking meme several times today when girls repost it. It’s Named Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Would These 70 Things. Yeah.

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