Sex Temperature – Proceed From Chill to Thrill

Sex Temperature - Go From Chill to Thrill

Sex Temperature - Go From Chill to ThrillAs it pertains to sex, temperature is one of the most frequently overlooked sensations.

Did you know there is anything call sex temperature?

Some lubricants deal with this by developing a heating or cooling feeling made possible by particular chemical additives. But some people, like those with sensitive skin, locate these products to be bothersome to their skin. And once it is there, it usually takes a fantastic shower to get off it… talk about a mood killer!

The safe, simple, and enjoyable alternative is waiting for you in your freezer… ice. A single ice cube can offer many different pleasure for you and your spouse.

Start foreplay off to a frosty start by distributing an ice cube over exposed skin.

Start on areas such as the legs and arms and proceed to more sensitive areas. Do not be afraid to lick up any paths of water left behind. Gently rub the cubes around the nipples with your hands, after with your tongue to leave her with a warm feeling.  The change in temperature between the cold ice block and a hot mouth can be tantalizing.

2. Work in a little bit of ice through kissing or oral perform for an unexpected yet thrilling surprise.

Have her go back and forth between getting the ice in her mouth to cupping it in her hands and massaging your scrotum. The hot and cold mix heightens sensations in a very enticing way. You can even use a block in your mouth when going down on her. Simply move it in a north to south motion with your tongue to get an amazingly strong sensation.

You can even place your other preferred toys for a completely new way to enjoy them.

Just make sure that the toys are freezer friendly or just slip the side with no battery opening in a cup of ice. The freezing vibration will send hot flashes up her spine when it touches her sensitive regions.

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