Make Your Morning Sex Even Better With These Tips

Let’s not deny the undeniable fact here people. Morning sex is the best thing to do. You can do so much in the mornings and a naughty hookup session under the covers is certainly one of them. And, who doesn’t like good shower sex? Oh, it’s just the best, isn’t it? Getting a little naughty with your man in the shower isn’t a bad idea.

Waking Up Sexually!

Morning sex always makes your mornings with your partner turn into a beautiful and sexual awakening.

  • Don’t you just hate it when your alarm goes off in the morning with a blaring sound? Instead of doing that you could set something slow and romantic, just to set the mood in the mornings. The feeling when you wake up to sensual and romantic music will be good for you and your partner. And while you are at it, you could always massage his genitals and get that blood pumping downwards. You know that always works.
  • We all want to have fresh breath during love-making or kissing. But did you know that brushing your teeth right before giving your man a blowjob will multiply his pleasure? No, right? Well, the trick here is the menthol in the paste. Not only does it give you a minty fresh breath, but it also gives a chilling effect to your man’s penis. You can just forget everything else and concentrate on the head of the penis, a long lick can do wonders here.

  • Men love morning sex. And they are the horniest during that time. Studies prove that the testosterone that is used during the daytime, accumulate while a man is sleeping. So don’t hesitate to let it flow. Your man will surely like it if you take a ride in his morning wood.
  • Why not tease your man with a sneak peeks of your curves, the first thing in the morning. Men love visualizing stuff. So while you are awake, then slip the covers a bit to reveal your curves so that he gets greeted with this sexy sight just as he wakes up. You know that’ll make him hard, for sure.
  • How many of you knew that the musky scent of the body can be a booster for libido? We bet not many. Well, that’s what the experts say. Snuggle closer to your man in the mornings and take in that musky scent of his body. Now that’s a definite turn on, isn’t it?
  • A good and hot shower in the morning always works, even when you are alone. And do we even have to mention how good it is when you have your partner with you? Well, certainly you know. Having a quickie in the shower is what everyone wants. And while you do that, don’t forget to give your man a sensual massage. Just the feel of your soft fingers, running all over his body will make the blood pump south…if you know what it means!

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Spicing Up Things In The Bedroom In 2019

Sex is an important part of any relationship. However, most of us are familiar with the fact that sex life with a significant other can get a bit less “interesting” as time passes and you two get to know each other. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship is doomed. However, you might want to start coming up with ideas to make sure that the sex is fresh and exciting again.

After all, sex can help in some very tangible ways. Did you know that a healthy sex life helps your immune system, or that it can improve bladder control in women? Of course, it can also relieve stress in a relationship and help when it comes to feeling loved and connected with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or casual date. Here are some ways you can spice things up in the bedroom with your partner.

Make The Sex More Random

Often times, one of the issues with a sex life between those who have been together for some time is the fact that the sex is always at expected times. For example, you two might only have sex at night, or you may even schedule your sexual encounters if your professional life is extremely busy.

If you start making it clear to your partner that you want to initiative sex in a bit more spontaneous manner, it might turn both of you on. You might consider having sex in the middle of the day whenever you can, or in the kitchen while you two are cooking. If the sex is more spontaneous, it will definitely help to spice things up.

Add Some Toys

While it might not be for everyone, adding a sex toy can certainly help to spice things up. A sex toy can help bring your partner to an orgasm when you might not be up to the task, and it’s a great way to show your partner that you are willing to cater to their sexual needs and desires. It doesn’t take much to add some toys into the mix – browse an online sex store and order away!

There are some that might even consider doing more than adding toys – they might consider adding another person. Of course, when it comes to threesomes, there is clearly a conversation that must be had when it comes to the expectations and desires of everyone involved.

Talk More

You should find out what your partner wants to hear while you are having sex, and start to try out whatever words “feel right” in the situation. Of course, you should take into consideration the preferences and personality of your partner.

If you are better at “dirty talk” – it can not only help spice up your sex life, but it might clarify more about what your partner appreciates or wants more of during sex. 


You might find that the answer to your sex life is about what happens BEFORE you have sex. Are you taking enough time to make sure that your partner is sufficiently turned on? Does it feel like you two are simply “going through the motions”?

You can try all sorts of interesting foreplay games, and discuss what type of activities you might be open to. One obvious option is to concentrate on giving each other oral sex for an extended period of time before real sex is initiated. In fact, even the act of kissing passionately for some time can build up the anticipation needed for a more interesting sex life.

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