Can I Wait Too Long or Come On Too Strong?


First, I want to learn about this moment that happened before her birthday where you chose to be a gentleman.
That will tell me really if you’re a gentleman and let her know you {} her and wanted her… making her feel secure, irresistible and seen.

Or if on your definition of being a gentleman, you came across as a wonderful man, void of sexual energy, then she put you into the friend zone.

I’d like to find out more about the particulars of how you approached her.

If, however you’re yourself, current, grounded, and attached to her, noticed something about her and commented on it… then I do not believe you came on too strong.

My gut says that since you have really liked this girl for quite a very long time, you’re turning in your head and not as present on your body and heart, yes?

You probably held back your sexual energy or were reluctant or anxious around her, which would make her”blow off you”.

It’s also possible that she is not quite as amazing as you believe. Perhaps she is not terribly kind if she blew you off! Perhaps she’s reduced self-esteem and is into poor boys who will break her heart.

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From that point, you should have the ability to decode more about what happened.

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Can’t wait to find out more advice and support you in even more success!

Deliciously yours,


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