15 Things Introverts Crave In Romantic Relationships

Are you currently dating an introvert and not quite sure about what an Introvert wants from a relationship?

Let’s talk about details. Introverts are terrific lovers.

They aren’t as tough as you believe them to be. These dreamy-eyed lost souls will keep you wondering’what is going on in that gorgeous mind.’

They’ll take you to get a’mystery ride’ but leave you madly in love as soon as you click well together.

Here are 15 things An Introvert wants from a relationship:

(Promise, we do not need much from you, except for these few things)


on a lazy Sunday afternoon, while watching our favorite show.

2. We crave your approval,

Just the way we’re — mad, daydreaming, overthinking, cluttered individuals.

3. We kiss your protective arms

Like we’re babies, who must be loved and pampered.

4. We crave to plant the seed of our never-ending, ceaseless, love,

That will one day grow in leaps and bounds.

5. We crave to look deep in your eyes

Until every ounce of our love is sipping through and drowning you inside.

6. We crave your patience to wait

Until we say exactly what we want. We’re slow in processing, but when we start doing this, our mind is going hayward.


To believe in our capacity to express everything once we are overwhelmed with emotions.


We need time to unwind, energize ourselves, and steer clear of all kinds of social interactions and what we’re expected of.


With the life-giving energy potion, and return to you with replenished power to appreciate and care for you.

10. We crave your compassion, to understand us and connect to us outside the Standard

So you can feel us deeply, more intensely and our marriage happens at a higher kingdom.

11. We crave one to be our muse, our rhythm, and inspiration;

We would like you to be the reason for our masterpiece, our love child.

12. We crave your mastery over the understanding of us.

We would like you to notice our small declarations of affection, the tiny attempts we make to make you feel special — the parties which we both rocked, laughing and drinking with our friends.

13. We crave to go for a couple of trips with you —

Where we could both enjoy quality and private time in the lap of the quiet nature embracing us and curing us.

14. We crave one to take a tour in our thoughts, in our dream land,

One of the many characters from our favorite books, that we fell in love with. Do not be jealous of them, as you’re the protagonist of the distinctive story we’re writing.

15. Last but not least, we would like you to know that we’re trying our best to love you the way you deserve to be loved.

We try our best to never let that lovely, glowing smile fade from your face.

Introverts treasure the near

relationships they’ve stretched

so much to create. — Adam S. McHugh


An editor and writer keeping keen interest in painting, creative writing and reading. I did my Masters in Clinical and Counselling Psychology and have been a counseling psychologist in a primary school for the last 1 year. I enjoy doing absolutely anything that mends a mind and soothes a soul. Most often than not, I ponder over to produce poems. A wandering soul in search for significance.

A version of the post was formerly published on TheMindsJournal and is republished here with permission from the author.


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