I’ve Done All I Know to Save My Marriage But My Wife Is Not Responding. What Now?

Q: I have done all I know how to save my marriage, but my spouse is not responding. What’s your advice on what I should do next?

A: Well first, I respect you for doing everything that you can do to save your marriage. So your wife is not responding, like she’s completely ignoring you? Like she’s emasculating you daily? She is just telling you”Oh honey, everything’s fine!” She is move out? There are many phases of not reacting where there actually is. There’s always a chance but you want her on board to make that chance. You can not control another person and when she’s done, remember you can not control her, it might be {} to just bless and release her, and move on; if you really feel you’ve done everything you can. You can not get blood from a stone. Do not continue banging your head against a wall when she’s not changing, it’s time to surrender –“Ok, I give” — let us complete and proceed in a manner that is aware and sort and self-honoring, and honoring of her, to the best that you can.

When you haven’t tried treatment, if you have not tried coaching, that’s a stone still left unturned. I would certainly do that. If she won’t come along for the ride– you can not control her, you can not drag her along for the ride. Something must have occurred where she’s decided that she is done. And next is for you to find support to sit at the distress and the flame of”Ow, I did everything I could and I {} make it work.” There’s just a great deal of heaviness to go through but it may also be the most nourishing, self-evolving, self-loving, confidence builder, heart expanding, time of your life.

So please be ready to contact me for training because this might be a moment, in the event that you indeed opt to finish the relationship, where you are gonna need someone to have your spine, as you walk through the shadow until the light appears again. It would be my chance to be there for you. You can email my supervisor at [email protected], that way it’ll come straight through me. If you’re interested in doing some work, this could truly be a fantastic time. If there’s that window of opportunity she’s ready to join you, then let us do those six sessions together and cure whatever is in the manner of you two coming back together for stage two of your connection or finishing phase one and discharging each other with ease and grace. It would be my joy and my love is with you.

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You can not control someone else.

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