Four Lies Women Tell Men When Dating

Four Lies Women Tell Men When Dating

Four Lies Women Tell Men When DatingYou might believe beautiful woman you just met is completely perfect or your girlfriend of two years is completely honest with you, but the simple reality is that in some situations all girls lie just like guys do. When it comes to dating there are a few common lies that women will tell their men to placate egos, avert problems or the like; take a look at these four lies women tell men when relationship to see if you’ve ever had one told for you.

I Don’t Want to Change You… You’re Perfect

It’s a simple fact that women are made with the desire to”fix” things to better suit their particular needs and needs, and the man in their life is the same. We have all probably heard from friends about girls trying to curb customs, change a guy’s personality, point men towards more desirable jobs and so forth… the old”fixer-upper” adage for girls is never truer than when it applies to men. When a woman tells you that she would not need to change anything about you, she is telling you a huge whopper whther she understands it knowingly or not.

Sweetie, I do not Care How Little Money You Earn

In an ideal world money would not be a problem, but let’s be fair… a guy who can hardly support himself would not have the ability to support a family and this is exactly what girls see whether knowingly or not. Women want to feel safe in the fact that the guy they’re with is in a position to financially maintain their own in the relationship and offer a feeling of protection against the harsh fiscal realities of the world. There are a number of girls who actually do mean it when they say this, but for the most part money actually does matter regardless of what she says.

I’m Not Angry with You

This passive aggressive line is a favorite among women, leaving men to translate the message between the lines to root out not just they’re in the doghouse, but why too. Whether she’s acknowledging her anger to herself or not, 9 times out of 10 when a woman tells you she is not mad now is the time to grovel and magically come up with the perfect words to get back into her good graces.

You are into _____… so am I!

Have you ever had a girlfriend who told you she loved sports, but oftentimes had a glazed look in her eye once you watched a game together? If that’s the case you have been caught in a frequent lie that girls let me create a better relationship with you in the connection or to catch you attention in the first location. Whether it’s sports, action films, adventurous rock climbing, hair bands from the 80’s or something else, her excitement in something you enjoy could only be a lie she tells you to spend some time with you.

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