60? 70? And Beyond?

It’s a sign of the times that divorce is still at the greatest rates ever. Some perceive this as a bad thing, since the conclusion of a long-term relationship can leave someone feeling frustrated and alone. However, like every life challenge that spans each path, the end of one love may cause the start of a much fuller and more fulfilling relationship.

It all depends on how you see love

People over fifty have found that the days are over when lust at first site was utilized to ascertain the right partner. Lust alone doesn’t last. When the love bliss bubble burst, you’re left with the nature of the individual lying next to you. You may have missed this while you’re busily trying to get them. This is when you might discover you do not like that person very much.

Although some people at this age haven’t tried another system to try to find a new partner because we’ve been in a long-term relationship, we’re instinctively aware this alone does not cut it anymore.

I’m not saying that sexual attraction isn’t essential as you get older, it certainly still important to me, but our definition of love varies. This isn’t because we’ve become overly stubborn and set in our ways; it’s that we’ve become less tolerant of what we’re certain another cannot change. Very good sex alone is not sufficient to put lipstick on that pig and make it tolerable.

There is another variable, this has to do with the truth that we learn to love ourselves better as we age. We know a relationship won’t work unless two spouses can enthusiastically and respectfully support each other in their own development without limitation. This is a significant change from where many people began when we discovered our first romantic partners.

The make-up of a venture has shifted

It isn’t only our definition of love which has changed, the formulation for intimate unions has also changed. A huge proportion of people over fifty do not find the need to get married as part of a committed relationship. By way of example, many couples do not find a need to reside together in the exact same home, town, state or even country. There’s absolutely no formula, both people involved will need to find out the best way for them, and that’s fine.

Bottom line is this, if you’re still searching for that sexy woman/man to satisfy your sexual dreams and fill your life with love for perpetuity, then I believe the answer is no, you won’t find true love after fifty. If you’re still relying on sex appeal as your principal feature, then you’re most likely not going to draw the sort of partner that may result in a fulfilling relationship.

But if you are able to be open-minded, optimistic, flexible and accept new dimensions of love that go beyond the physical, you might discover a love that goes beyond sex and love and can help you form a union with another’s body, soul and mind. If that is you, then the solution is yes. There’ll be a few trials, and you’ll need to be patient, however you’ll find the best love of your life with a spouse who completely cherishes you and you them.

Remember, paying gratitude for life ahead will fill joy with joy and calmness.

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If we assume the following truth in all our interactions and strategies, we may be able to give up some of the stress and anxiety that we self-inflict on our own lives and the lives of those around us.
There’s absolutely not any hurry. I have all of the time I need.
In fact, we’ve got tons of time in our lives. We have precisely the amount of time we want. Needless to say, the fact is we have just the time we have, no more, no less. But if we trust in our god, in our program, in our higher power, if we’re following our greatest purpose, if we’re living our lives, we’re being given exactly what we want in this moment. And this one. And even this one.What would happen if you were able to unwind and let go of your expectations and aspirations for a couple of minutes and just breathe in the approval of this part of becoming a human being instead of a human doing.I have all of the time I need. I am exactly where I am supposed to be, in this very moment. A can begin from this moment to guide my activities towards my greatest purpose in all my words and actions. I will pause here and love my life and the lives of those around me. As I go forward from this moment, I’m relaxing into the arms of my high power and the”greater plan” that’s above my comprehension. I can attempt to guide my life and run things by my roadmap and time, OR I will go a little bit and permit my spiritual guide to direct me. Listening to my high calling, I will make decisions now based on planning towards my greatest purpose. I can say no to actions and answers that are pointed in advertising adverse direction. Now I will breathe in this fact for a couple of minutes. I’ve got enough time. I’m committed to living my best life. I walk forward from this moment in coping with my religious values and my authentic self. Intentional and Adaptive Negotiation in Love I woke up this morning needing several things. Like Winnie the Pooh, my initial enthusiastic question for the world was,”What’s for breakfast?” And then, of course, my other 40-acres voices came to the scene. Piglet’s voice is concerned about time, money, and getting everything done on our to-do list. Eeyore’s voice appears with some grief about my work schedule and”I wish I did not have to work now. This rain will most likely make destroy everything.” Let us look at how this could play out as a few discusses what to do for breakfast on a Sunday morning? The first partner expresses a desire to go with the flow and permit the other spouse to pick. The next spouse says,”How about we cook something here and spend some time together?” The first partner then revises their first option. “Well, that would work, but I was thinking of heading out as an experience for both of us. As sort of a party of the day together.” The next spouse considers this new information and responds,”That sounds fantastic. Can you like texmex or something different?”In this simple discussion about what we’re going to eat for breakfast this couple reveals their willingness to permit the other partner to direct the direction of this morning. Then, once the decision is different than they expected, and what they really wanted in the first place, they revised their supply. In accepting the shift, the next spouse can”flex” and combine their spouse in their vision of a breakfast out. Did either of the spouses compromise? Did they finally join in their choice?And I will tell you this Sunday discussion and breakfast went really well.The three-point formula for negotiating love relationships: Listen for what your partner is expressing. “Flex” when things are simple and join with your spouse as opportunities arise. In aligning our activities, intentions, and words, we can align with another individual for a couple. In the long term, this is the only way to approach relationships: uncompromising honesty. I invite it. I celebrate your honesty to tell me when things aren’t working out for you. And I promise to do my part to allow you to know what I need, what I want, and what I am flexible about. And as we go forward we can rest assured that the connection has become a priority in our lives and our unique agendas are big enough to contain a partnership.Proceed, listen, and be {} .Always Love, 
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