A Love Letter to Money

Uh, feel the distress? We are living in a world where money has a subtle foul flavor. Love and money — they do not go together, do they?

Well, today I’m writing this blog to challenge this profoundly engraved idea in our collective mind. It’s not to overlook or {} the status quo of the planet now — being that more than half of their wealth on this planet it possessed by 5 percent of the people. However, to bring back the sacredness of cash and it has long standing history of misuse and misunderstanding and our obligation as open conscious people with it. I need to present the perspective that money is really utterly empty. And this emptiness is where it is mystery and magical lives. It’s so formless that it resembles the essence of water hence we use words such as fluid, cash flow and money in the dealings with cash. Water is characterized by the shape of the vessel it breaks in. It becomes contaminated by a dirty tank and stagnant if retained with no ability to flow. It’s one of the fundamental components of life without which no life in the world would be possible. Imagine if we can see money like this? Wouldn’t that imply that who we’re on the inside will determine how money is on the outside? For me that pushes forth a very strong obligation to take care of money knowingly, lovingly and abundantly. It can’t adapt to what you aren’t. It can only be that you are. So if you’re in lack and fear around it, it is going to take the odor of fear and scarcity to it and move it deeper into our collective consciousness. Money is remarkably moldable and can make evil at the hands of an unclean person and magic at the hands of a conscious being.


After stumbling upon Peta Kelly’s facebook live show on aware money magic, I reawakened the insight I want to take care of money like a buddy or better even: enthusiast. There’s absolutely no use in speaking bad about it or labelling it as the origin of all evil, especially not if you are like me, considering large change and have dreams of a far more beautiful world that my heart knows is possible. The truth is it’s the obligation of the open, loving and conscious people of the earth to change the collective cash story by modifying their own. How else could it be done? So I wrote a love letter to cash. And a couple of days later, cash walked in.

We’ve advocated this love letter to a lot of people and all who have followed it, felt tremendously enriched and empowered. But be ready for the unexpected. And be certain that you circulate it, keeping it clean and fresh!

We never actually had a terrific relationship. You, me and the entire world. You’re not enough for Dad so how can you have been for me? Although I had everything and you’re around more than for many people on this world, I believed you were somehow absent on your larger fullness. But money, I want to inform you that I adored you, really admired you more than I could confess. It was because of the odd sense of lack, I would talk bad about you behind your back. I am extremely sorry for that. I held onto you occasionally, tucked you away and counted your pennies. Hoping to get more of you only to realise that you draw and hold back when I’m clingy. My mindset of deficiency was a breach to your boundless nature and it created tension between you and me.

Today I know that you aren’t mine and I’m not yours. We are only here to dance, to make the world a little brighter and hearts a little lighter. You’re an infinite global energy force that comes from origin and goes back to supply. Just like me.

You’re like water and I’m your vessel. I have cleaned up my interior, so you can now pour and flow through me without picking up any debris of old conclusions and scarcity.

I’m your conduit, use me, so we can bring great change for this world. Together we can achieve much more.

I accept my responsibility for a heart open soul to circulate your universal energy through my life back in the world. I fully understand {} not the time to wait for those”who have more” to begin giving, but it’s mine — right now, right here! The more I give, the more I have to give. When I do this with complete existence, you surround me, proceed towards me like a fervent lover going on the first date.

Your presence in my life is profoundly appreciated. You give me everything I need and much more! I am so thankful for your service and the many surprising ways you show up. Always with a gift in mind, you can’t come empty handed. And the fruits of your existence grow magically lush and abundantly in my backyard of change.

Sometimes I’m still not positive if I can let you know how much I actually love you. I am afraid myself and others will judge me for only being after you. But I am denying that this is merely an old app direct me by the depth of my youth, where you’re never properly acknowledged and adored, seen or recognized as the infinite supply of energy that you truly are.

So now I declare my love for you openly. I no longer have to hide from you. I no longer have to undervalue myself as a way to keep you away from me. I’m proud to be with you. I’m eager to create you. I’m excited to change my world with you.

And I look forward to making love with you. More love from the world is definitely something we could do with. People have told me you’re wicked and the cause of so much suffering on this planet. But that is only because you’re at the hands of too many dirty containers which polluted you with their filthy attachments and desire for power. In reality you need healing and nurture yourself. Now I can see just how much you want me in this world, too! You want me to make you pure and clean again. I can do this for you. I promise not to mistreat you or lock you away. My love for you is too huge and open. I will not collect you with no purpose, I will set you free, so you can make love with other people, also. I know you only wish to flow. Like water, infinitely nurturing all creation with your greatest frequency.

You’re my lover, you’re my friend, supporter and co-creator. I love you.


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