My Massage Journey

My journey in healing started with massage and I have reconnected with this in this lovely and deep way.

Bodywork, touch function, have always been a large part of everything I do, in the understanding that our routines are in the mind and in the body.
We are energy, our bodies are energy.
Every emotion, every feeling is energy, has a frequency.
Everything we have done, everything that has been done to us, is energy.
These events, these adventures, sit in our cells, in our muscles, in our joints, in our fascia, in our nervous system, in our posture, in our motion.
Our bodies are a manifestation of all that we are, all that we have done, all that has been done to us.
These events and experiences produce our routines, whether expansive or contractive, whether patterns of pain, limit, inhibition, fear, disconnect, holding on or patterns of discharge comfort, integration, creativity, exploration, link, and intimacy.
These routines are in the mind in addition to in the body.
Healing, altering, releasing allows power to flow and move.
Like a river should stream, so does our energy.
Where the river has blocked the water becomes dirty and filled with mosquitoes and all kinds of junk.
So it’s with our energy.
The points of congestion are the pains of our lives, the damage, and also the restriction that we hold onto and live with and from.
As we release these in the body the stream starts, we are ready to let go, we are in a position to start to change, cure, enlarge and punctually, create.
Touch is one of the most effective languages of the body.
Heart Touch, a bit of existence, of intimacy, of relationship, enables the body to discharge to relax, to start, to find a new way of being, of moving, physically, emotionally and in vitality.
This signature goes deeply into the body, it is an expression of energy. It goes through the skin. It speaks to our cells, our cells. It conveys a message of discharge, of comfort, of peace. It conveys a message of letting go.
And in time, it carries a message of production, of chance.
And once we add the energy of enjoyment for this, we are adding a supercharged element.
It is all about frequency.
The frequency of pleasure is mild, it is joyous, it is happy, it is a celebration, it is vibrant and alive and vital.
It joins with intelligence in the body, an energy which guides where it requires. And in this brings something fresh to the mind. We can alter the mind through the body.
From this renewed link, and deeper comprehension of this signature has emerged new massage encounters, bringing elements of energy and sensation together in a way I have never been able to see before.
Its come from my own healing, learning and expanding my comprehension.
I am amazed at what I am seeing people do with it in my clinic, and I’m loving it, and seeing how it’s expanding the folks learning it.
I have always said that there are no limits to energy, to delight, just what we’ll allow.
I love the risk that is there for all people.

I’d love to share with you among the experiences that I am working with.
We’ll focus on the tradition of it instead of entering the explanation.

The space you are doing so in is warm and comfy, it has the components which are important to you.
The person that you’re working with lies in their stomach.
I start with a single hand on the sacrum, another on the heart center.
I guide someone to take three deep breaths, I do exactly the same.
The hand on the sacrum starts to move in a slow, gentle circle.
Then 1 hand remains on the sacrum, another strokes down the leg, gradually. Each stroke takes close to two minutes.
You’ll have to move to another side of the body for another leg so that your arms do not get tangled up.
Then 1 hand remains on the sacrum, another strokes up the spine, slowly, slowly.
That is it.
Straightforward, but what it is doing…

When we work together with the wisdom of this body we are allowing so many things to occur, which will differ for everybody, and different each time.
We are creating a space of relationship, of comfort, of discharge, allowing power to move, allowing the innate power within us to do what we all want.

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