Man Alive! –Last week’s episode was concentrated on female stimulation.  It is something men can overlook even though it’s a strong influence on whether a spouse is satisfied, in a relationship and in bed!As a heterosexual man, focusing on a woman’s arousal will make more pleasure for the two of you.  A woman who’s opened and attuned to by you’ll be happier, more loving and supportive.  AND let’s look at the opposite side of this equation — your pleasure!  As you’re part of the community I know you care deeply about girls. Your care is a excellent basis for a healthy and productive relationship.You simply need to look out for something I call gratifying, or giving, style  — putting all of your attention on trying to make a girl feel great and forgetting about your own enjoyment.More pleasure for you’ve got a couple of foundations…You need to know how your body functions and really be awake on your body so that you can FEEL pleasure. Along with feeling delight through giving, you also need to learn how to get (Many of my clients struggle with this!) And you must find clear about your desires AND inquire for them! She’s considered the”Dear Abby of Gender” and is a champion and advocate for all who need passionate relationships. She brings a mind filled with science and a heart filled with love for men. In our conversation we discussed: How men can tap into the natural healing ability of their own bodies Pumps and gadgets to keep your virility powerful Why it is important for guys to feel pleasure — both for oneself and in a connection Susan’s dedication to assisting couples revive passion, pleasure, and love Susan is a trusted hot sex adviser to countless and has sold a few hundred thousands copies of her 30 books. This is a must-listen for any guy who wishes to experience more pleasure!Even men on top of the game find themselves wanting more out of life. Man Alive is your source for men who want to have more meaning, a larger effect, unshakable confidence, a hotter sex life, more money, deeper love, strong friendships or a strong legacy.–A version of the post was initially posted on and is republished here with permission from the author. Do you wish to be a part of creating a kinder, more inclusive society? Combine like-minded people in The Great Men Project Community. ◊♦◊Photo supplied by the author.

How men can tap into the natural healing ability of their bodies.

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