10 Online Dating Mistakes Dudes Make

Courting girls through the flaming hoop that’s online dating isn’t straightforward. There are hurdles, expectations, and unwritten rules you will need to understand and follow.

The women at TheFrisky.com have produced a list of the top 10 online dating mistakes guys make. Here are a few tips from girls who should know:

1. TMI. We don’t need to learn about your ex-wife, your insolvency, or your feelings of masculine inadequacy. If you are neurotic about it, leave it out.

2. Mr. Eager. Should you send us an overly long email that seems too solicitous, we won’t believe you are interested. We are going to think you are desperate.

3. Bang-Bang. Make it clear you are outside for a one-night-stand? With few exceptions, we are delighted to show you the door.

4. The Dealbreaker. There is a difference between knowing what you need and using a list of standards no girl could meet. Keep it real.

5. Body Obsessed. If you say you won’t date “fatties,” even skinny chicks won’t date you. You are not a hater. You are just a….

6. Stalker Boy. We’ll let you know what we want from you.

To find the rest of the internet dating mistakes, have a look at TheFrisky.com.

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