My Very Best Friend’s Husband is Giving Me the Cold Shoulder

Now, it’s been about two decades and every time she would like to visit — he’s conveniently busy. It does not matter what it is, he somehow finds a way to disappear. Do I want to be friends with him also to maintain my relationship with my very best friend?

Response: This is inquisitive and I trust your consciousness that something’s up or has changed. Yet honestly, I would not let it disturb you. It is preferable of course that everyone’s one big happy family and’ not really realistic, is it? He could encounter and it would be strained or uneasy… this way he is not around and you have girl time.

There has to be something you activate in him, perhaps you are super confident, you’re highly intuitive, maybe he is shy, or perhaps simply your styles of comedy are different and he is not his very best self around you. That’s cool. That is his stuff.

I would not make your friend wrong about it. I would not take it personally. Just maintain allowance and let it all go. Hell, maybe he is super turned on by you and wants to honor his wife by remaining away! Maybe he hates your own cooking!

What is important is that your friend is happy. And your connection with her keeps expanding and growing. See if you’re able to enlarge your heart even wider than before and love her even though her husband does not want to hang around you.

Last, and I am not saying that is happening… yet if you’re highly intuitive, and you smell a rat a mile away, and he is using your friend, with an affair on her, stealing from her and he senses you are onto him, this could make him prevent you… that is highly improbable and you don’t have to search for something that is not there… just stay on your heart open consciousness and all will unfold as it is meant to.

All my love,


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