The Unspoken Rules of a 1 Night Stand

Before Tinder, 1 night stands were far more challenging. But the fantastic world of online dating changed all that. 1 night stands are far more accessible and far more common than they used to be.

You still need to be charming enough to write a swipe-rightable profile and string a few sentences together in conversation, but in case you’re able to skip that very low barrier of entry, you will be on the train to one-night-stand town.  But, as soon as you arrive, there are a number of unspoken rules that any decent human being must abide by.  Make your expectations clear

While we might not always know that we are headed for a 1 night stand before it occurs, you can be upfront about your intentions in the get-go. If you know you are only searching for something casual, just say so. This way you can avoid hurt feelings or feelings of things moving farther.

Message them before you meet up, or if you chance to meet in person (but what are the odds of that? What year is that?) mention something before things go too far. They need to be able to determine if it is worth their time and energy to pursue something casual with you. If they’re looking for something more serious and everything you want is a fast fling, they may leave the interaction atmosphere used. It’s essential to be honest.

Say something like:

You look like a really cool person, and you are super cute (which is a bonus). But I need to be upfront and let you know that I am not currently looking for anything serious. If you are still interested in going further, that is amazing. Otherwise, I completely understand!

It’s always great to be on the same page. This way, everyone understands what their expectations should be moving in, and it is more probable that everyone will be fulfilled another day (emotionally, in least!) .

Bring the required tools.

Make such as the Boy Scouts and”always be ready.”  You don’t need to bring a survival kit, but there are some things that you should always have available when searching for a 1 night stand.

1. Protection

Don’t expect your hookup will have security, always bring your own. You don’t need to be stuck in the heat of the moment and want to stop because neither of you came prepared.

Butif you happen to forget, bear in mind that many pub bathrooms are equipped with machines, or you could stop by the neighborhood corner shop for emergency supplies. Make it part of the experience!

2. Money

Do not be caught without enough cash to get home after the fun is done.
You may end up on the opposite side of town. You will need to be certain you’ve got bus or cab fare to make your way back home. Budget it into your day expenses so you are not stuck and frantically texting friends to come find you.

It is not fun to feel like you are trapped or reliant on somebody (particularly your date) for you home. Practice premeditated freedom and be financially ready to get home.

Post-Sex Tips

After everything is said and done, make sure you follow the proper etiquette so everybody feels comfortable.

1. Be ready to leave.

If the 1 night stand is at their place, you should be ready to gtfo, unless you are especially invited to stay the night (which means with no prompting or hinting from you). There is nothing wrong with staying the night and waking up with the following day. Perhaps you could even catch some brunch. But it must be what everybody involved wants.

Some people can not be comfortable with you sleep over. They might want to process the experience independently, or maybe they simply prefer to sleep alone. Regardless of the reason, you will need to give them their space.

Which is not to say that you will need to run out the door whenever the sexual activity is finished, but you need to stay aware of body language and verbal cues that it is time to leave. Then collect your items (all of them) and do not forget to thank them for hosting on the way out


I am not going to lie. In the event that you had a fantastic time in your one night stand, but do not feel the need to see them, send them a polite text the next day stating that.

“It was nice meeting you yesterday. That having been said, I really do want to leave this in a first date and wish you nothing but the best! Very good luck with [add personal information about target they were working on]. Take care!”

I understand that the whole notion of a 1 night stand implies that you don’t find each other again, but it is still super classy to send a followup text thanking them for their time. And perhaps something you thought would be a 1 night stand turns out to be something more long term. If you wish to see them again, there is no harm in asking.

1 night stands can be a complete blast. Provided that you perform safe and respect the boundaries of your short term spouse, it can be an excellent experience. Even those that don’t go completely to plan give you more insight to what you’re searching for in the long run.


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