Why So Stubborn?

Today’s blog will be personal. Let us talk about stubbornness.

Allow me to tell you about a stubborn decision I made, and how I am still paying for it now. I’d never been surfing before, but really wanted to test it (although I knew it was not the best action for someone with a history of lower back problems ).

So I went out and surfed during a holiday season. I got up on the board with no issue, but I kept jumping from it to the shallow water. By my final day of this trip, I was getting very sore… but still chose to browse one more time. Ever since then, my back hasn’t felt the same.

Now I have tried practically everything to fix it. I have done acupuncture. I have gone to chiropractors. I have gone to massage therapists. I have been to yoga. I have done everything extending and exercise related. I have done it all… except for have an MRI.

It is funny, but during this time I’ve tried to cure myself I have never previously sat around and just rested for a couple of days like I did during the Memorial Day weekend. I really don’t like to do this since I get too into my own head.

While I sit, I feel helpless. I’m miserable. It borders on melancholy for me.

I have been sitting around my home the past several days doing nothing all day long. A number of you frequently just sit around and watch tv all day long. I don’t have any clue how you live that life.

To me, sitting and watching tv all day long is only an emotional torture. I am a doer.

I have been an athlete my whole life. I workout daily. If I don’t workout for a couple of days, I feel terrible and I must do something active to feel better.

Let us talk about psychological torture, however, because for me there is nothing worse than being made to rest. I am really stubborn. My girlfriend has told me lots of times for an MRI, but I simply would not do it.

Finally, last week, I decided to make an appointment. I am going today to receive it.

I can’t escape from my head when it comes down to needing to rest. It actually comes from the way I was brought up as a kid.

My Mother has a bad back. My Mother has struggled through it her entire life. My Mom also got sad occasionally.

My Father died of MS. He got into his head so badly that he really caused himself to receive it. He did not need it so badly that he ended up getting it. Strange story. I will share that story another day.

So I have done nothing but practice psychological strength because I was a little kid. My entire life I have had to practice mental strength.

When I was in school, I separated my shoulder. At the moment, I played a competitive intramural league and I was also weightlifting. Two days later separating my shoulder, I had been playing soccer again with my friends. I {} you struggle through pain, because nothing is worse than the emotional anguish.

So as I layed around all Memorial Day weekend stiff as could be (and annoyed as could be), I understood what my lesson from this should be: When I had listened to my girlfriend weeks ago, I’d have gotten an MRI and figured out what the problem is and what is really wrong with me. Had I done that, I’d have gotten the perfect treatment rather than performing 80 percent the wrong things.

I’ve never sat around for a week to rest and just let my body heal. I don’t understand how to let my body heal. When my spine locks up or contracts, I will fight my way through it so that I can begin walking again.

Time seems to move so slowly when you are resting. It’s ridiculous. This weekend has been torture.

She has got a little holiday and a small business trip. Good for her.

I would not want to be around me when I’m like this — stubborn, cantankerous and in my own head.

There is something about me that’s so stubborn, telling myself that I could look after myself and can make this go away on my own, that {} I really needed her I’d never say a word. When I am really hurting, I have a tendency to push people off.

Admitting that truth, about that or anything else, is a significant part of changing. I see the identical issue at a lot of you when I read your articles.

A good deal of you are still going through the exact troubles with the opposite sex over and over again. When are you going to reach out to assistance? When are you going to stop being so stubborn?

This post was formerly published on Davidwygant.com and is republished here with permission from the author.


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