What’s Become Of Us?

There’s something which I’ve been hearing so much lately in my job.

‘I can not tell him that, it is going to hurt his self.’

‘If I say he’s going to tell me to not tell him what to do.’
Is that what our sexual voice is now, us guys?

‘I need to discover a way to say it that will not upset him, and I must wait for the ideal time.’
Is that what our psychological voice is now, is guys?

The majority of the men and women who come to the workshops and retreats are girls.

What’s become of us guys?

Is that a space too full of fear?

And what exactly are we afraid ofbeing vulnerable, being disclosed, not knowing enough, being emotional, not understanding how to love, not being able to be romantic, being too proud, being too closed, not understanding how to be different, do different?
What’s the power, the unbelievable power we have contributed for this fear, to this vulnerability, to this willingness, our partners can’t tell us much without us being hurt, retreating, shutting down?

Do not we see how much they want to give us pleasure, how much they would like us to learn how to pleasure them?

Do not we see just how much love they have for us, and how much they are open to out of us?
Do not we see just how much they need to heal, to learn, to grow, to link, and just how much they would like us to do the same?

And we sit at the panic, at the shut-down, shut-off space, where what we have to provide is withdrawal, anger, frustration, disconnect and’Do not tell me what to do, do not tell me the way to touch you, how to kiss you, how to…’

Do not we see how she would love to worship us, love us?

And just how much she longs for that from us?

Do not we see how open her heart could be, and how much she wants to feel ours?

Do not we see just how much she’d love to research and experience?

It is so interesting when you consider the Neo-Tantric groups, the Conscious Sexuality pages, just how much there is for women, about women, about female sexuality, feminine sensuality, feminine power. It’s beautiful!

And it is time there was for us.
It is time we stepped out and up, us guys.
It is time we made more spaces for us to talk about, to speak, to link, to heal, to learn, to research.


I had a fascinating insight following a Biodanza Vivencia a little while ago. I was walking out behind two girls, and the way that they shared, not so much what, how, brought me to determine how significant the sisterhood is, how much support there is in how girls of consciousness are with each other.

And it brings me to ask, what about us, where’s the brotherhood?

The brotherhood of the center.

The brotherhood that lets us feel the strength of a man’s arms holding us{} us.

The brotherhood that lets us be seen by the eyes of a person.

It’s time.
Time for us to perform our job.
It is time.

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