What’s a Penis Fracture?

What is a Penis Fracture

What is a Penis FractureMen throughout the world love sex, but when there’s 1 thing that could ever make a man hesitate to do the deed it’s the danger of a Penis Fracture. Painful, permanent, and life threatening penis fractures can turn the manliest man in the largest blubbering baby in a second.

These cylinders are at risk for fracture. Since they’re sponge like tubes they’re not indestructible. They’re, in actuality, prone to breakage when transferred abruptly or are slammed up against a hard object. In circumstances where a Penis fracture has happened there’s instant swelling and swelling of the penis and excruciating pain. As you can imagine, breaking your penis is among the most painful things that can happen to a guy. But let us continue painting this gloomy picture of man disfigurement by exploring the ways that you may end up with a broken penis.

The fantastic thing is that penis fractures are very rare. There have only been around 1,100 reported cases over the last 12 years, of course that doesn’t include the amount of guys who were two ashamed to head out to the physician when it occurred. If your lady is on top and she’s bouncing like a bucking bronco she may inadvertently shake your manhood into her pubic bone. This may lead to a fracture due to the force together with the not so soft bone. It might also occur by sleeping with an erect cock and rolling onto it causing a fracture. And there’s always strenuous masturbation with a single incorrect hand movement.

The best way to Deal with a penis fracture

But if you end up in a situation where your manhood has moved from man power to all pain at the power house, you will need to see a doctor straight away. No quantity of ice and over-the-counter medications will save your penis from becoming a statistic. Doctors have several procedures of repairing your penis and may actually reverse the majority of the damage. Left untreated you will wind up getting a penis that does not work and causes you performance problems in the very least.

Suggestions to avoid this painful situation

You may avoid penis fractures by being cautious and conscious of the movements happening with yours and your spouse’s body during sex. Luckily penises are made to withstand quite a lot of pressure but one wrong move and you might end up in the ER. If you’re in pain during sex or at any stage experience blood flow throughout your penis stop what you’re doing and go to the physician. Better to be safe than sorry. Don’t fret too much though, penis fractures are rare and unless you’re into some hardcore stuff you won’t probably end up in this circumstance.

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