Four Ways Your Dating can Harm Your Health

Four Ways Your Relationship can Harm Your Health

Four Ways Your Relationship can Harm Your HealthThey state that your connection status can help improve your wellbeing from helping to decrease your odds for becoming sick to living a longer life. However, what they do not state is that just like a connection can help your health a poor one (or rather parts of a connection ) can do just as much harm to your wellbeing. Have a look at these four ways your relationship can damage your health and why.

1. The”Letting Go” Impact

In a recent study conducted by the University of New York it was found that people tended to gain 10-30 pounds after getting settled into a long-term connection. The reason is that after you’ve found someone to be with your are less conscious about your looks and let yourself go… from not exercising as much to eating more and worrying less about your external appearance. Weight gain, an extra 15 pounds, can place additional pressure on your body that could affect everything from the heart function to your hormone balance and much more.

Anxiety from the Relationship

All relationships can incur stress whether it’s problems communicating, financial issues, not seeing eye to eye with everyday matters or something else. Anxiety can cause the body to maintain a constant state of anxiety and stress that makes the organs work harder simply to function properly. Stress may also play havoc with weight, emotions and hormones, doubling up on the stress already from in the connection.


Sleeping next to the person you love can do a world of good to help you unwind and get a more restful sleep… however, if your partner has sleep issues like snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea or the like you may wind up have sleep difficulties right alongside them. In a 2005 survey done by the Sleep Foundation, the results revealed that the people polled reported that a greater prospect of fatigue and disrupted sleep when their sleeping partners suffered from a sleeping issue themselves.

Depression from the Dating

Much like anxiety, depression can have horrible affects on a person’s body and when a connection is experiencing turbulence those inside it are more likely to experience moderate to severe depression. When a man is depressed it reveals both inward and outward from a less joyful demeanor into a diminished appetite (therefore a reduction of weight), all of which may put additional stress on the body.

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