This is another episode of the book I never printed regarding my history with girls and the lessons I learned from it. If you haven’t yet, you should read components one, 2 , three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 before you read the article below, so you can be up to speed on where the story picks up. Everything below is 100% accurate to the best of my memory, journals, and spreadsheet records, though all of the names of those people described have been altered.We last left off about ten years back, the summer of 2009…Summer 2009Now I had been seeing these three girls regularly, plus new girls I added sporadically:Darci — Blonde 23-year-old FB college student. I had been visiting her about 2-3 times per month initially, but as the summer wore on, I started watching her less and less.HBM — 19-year-old inexperienced Asian FB I saw every week that also cleaned my whole house when she came over. She began becoming more consistentSadie— exceptionally intelligent blonde Russian MLTR, age 23. She was the person who freaked out at the pregnancy test she found in my garbage can, leading to a (nice) soft next out of me.Darci began slowly drifting away. I began seeing her less and less often. No specific reason; she was terrific. It only happens sometimes. There are occasions where you or the girl become very busy with other things or other folks. I saw her less and less often during the summer, and by September I was not seeing her anymore. No next, no debate, nothing like this. She just… drifted away. HBM was becoming far more consistent. She was always happy, fun and 100% play free. She was an FB because she was just 19, but she was the most gratifying FB I’d ever had up until that point. We would go on to have one of my greatest consistent nonmonogamous relationships (nearly six years) and as she became older, we were going to grow a lot more serious. But I did not know any of that at this point and was not even considering it. She was just a very fun, sexy, young, drama-free FB who loved to clean my home. Win.She would wash my dishes when she saw other women’s lipstick all around the glasses. She did not say anything (though she would much later). She would only make a mental note, file it for later, and continue to sing songs while she cleaned, like a tiny Asian Snow White.The sex has been getting better also. In a few months I had her orgasming frequently, which only increased her high amount of horniness more. To this day she ranks among the most always horny women I have ever dated. I taught her various sexual positions and, though initially reluctant, she began enjoying particular ones over others, asking them in advance.She kept the whole relationship a secret from everyone she knew, including her friends as well as her family whom she lived with. She always made up a story about how she was going to “hang out with friends” when she came over to see me. This was easy for all to think since HBM was an extreme extrovert and spent time with a massive community of friends when she was not working at her fulltime restaurant job.She did not match my physical perfect very much. I like Barbie blondes with big boobs, and she was an Asian with small boobs, but she was hot, had an wonderful body outside the breasts, and was petite, which I enjoy. Not to mention all her other advantages I described above.Sadie came back after only a couple weeks, but only temporarily. She was still upset her Disney dreams were interrupted by the fact I was nonmonogamous and always would be. She gave me the usual Societal Programming ASD about how I was a sex addict or something (to which I clarified this and this for her). We watched each other for a couple more weeks, but the Russian in her only made her too angry about the fact I had been having sex with other girls, especially girls who were younger than her. She left me at a LSNFTE and proceeded to go date a Russian beta man she met in the unemployment line. (Yes, I am serious.) She’d be back in about six months. More on that in a future installment.Darci and Sadie leaving wasn’t any problem whatsoever since I was cranking the relationship machine and always adding new girls from my online relationship.The first one was Layla, a 6’1″ 19–year old who not only was taller than me, but someone I later discovered was a virgin. When she met up with me for the first time in a Starbucks down the road from my home (she only lived five minutes away from me that I thought was quite convenient), she was absolutely terrified. She had never been on a date before and had never been on one with a man who was nearly 20 years older than her (I was 37 at the time). By midway to 2009, after two and a half years of working in my relationship skills, I was a pro at this stuff, so I managed to get her to relax and set both rapport and fascination. I managed to get her over to my place for the next match, and over the next few months we did a lot of sexual things but never really got to full-on sex. She had a boyfriend in high school, and they had, like us, done lots of sexual stuff but never really went all the way. I though it’d be interesting and unique to have sex with a virgin because I had never done it before. I also had never had sex with a girl who was taller than me and believed that would be an interesting experience nicely.I was wrong. We never have to full-on sex since she was just too nervous. After a couple of times, I smacked myself in the face and asked myself why in the hell I had been wasting my time trying to have everything could have been dreadful sex with somebody this inexperienced and nervous. I was already having {} sex on a regular basis with a lot of other women. So, I allow Layla go and we became rare texting friends. Do not waste your time. If a woman does not want to have sex with you after two or so visits to your house, she is not worth it. Whatever reason she’s, even in case you believe it is a great one, just proceed. There are loads of women as hot or hotter than her right around the corner ready to have sex with you. I have not ever had sex with a virgin. I don’t need to. I think it’s most likely the dumbest sexual dream men have. (I would, however, later have sex with a girl taller than me. A few, actually. The other major addition around this time was Charlotte. I didn’t know it at the time, but Charlotte goes on to become one of the longest, most serious, and most important relationships I’d ever have. She was 27 years old, redhead, college educated, very clever, very pretty, with all the specific perfect curvy-but-trim body I enjoy.We hit it off instantly on the first date, got sexual on the next date, had sex on the third. Within two weeks I left her a powerful MLTR and we began seeing each other weekly. We loved spending time together. We talked, we laughed, had good discussions, and the sex was just how I liked it.For another six months I kept seeing HBM and Charlotte on a nearly weekly basis. I’d usually see HBM in the middle of this week (Wednesdays and Thursdays were her evenings ), Charlotte on Mondays or Fridays (she was a regional manager so she set her own schedule), and I reserved my weekends my kids. HBM just said to me one day, with a huge grin on her face,”You fuck other women, do not you?” I simply smiled and shrugged. You fuck other women.” And that was that, no additional discussion. My EFA had functioned perfectly. I’d later go on to have sex with lots of her friends, some of whom were hotter than her, but that would be later.With Charlotte, I told her I was nonmonogamous. She explained,”As long as I could have sex with other women, you can have sex with all the women you want.” Charlotte was heavily bi-sexual (I did not realize just how much at the time) and the majority of her best friends were hardcore lesbians, so what I was doing was not a big deal to her. Perfect.I dialed down the relationship system somewhat during the September — December time period in 2009. HBM and Charlotte were so consistent and strong that I really did not need a whole lot of other ladies, and my mad phase was starting to draw to a close (but it was not over yet!) . There were three other girls I saw very sporadically during this time, but none of them were significant or long-lasting.2010 was around the corner, which would be a significant year also.To be continued.

This is another installment of this book I never printed regarding my history with girls and the lessons I learned from it.

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