Do You Respect Your Partner?

Have you ever been driving when that adorable little gas guage light comes on, and you examine the computer that says”30 Miles To Empty?” I wonder how it knows that, because I drive until the car says”Refill Gas Today!”

So it is kind of like the car is lying, kind of like how a person is lying when they say”Give me a second.” I believe the identical person invented the term”give me a second” and the”Refill Fuel Now” message.

You can tell it is Saturday since those are about the only thoughts in my mind. Good thing I have a site written, otherwise the”refill gas today!” Message could have been the subject of the blog.

So onto a less “gassy” topic…

You might not respect your partner? Think about all of the people in your life. Consider your best friends. You honor your friends, otherwise you would not be friends together.

Do you really admire the person you’re dating though? Do you really respect their wishes and the things they want to do? Do you make sure that there is sufficient balance between the things you like to do and what they want to do?

Say among you’re a late night person and the other is an early morning person. Can you compromise about this? Do you respect each other’s needs and desires? It’s actually important that you do. A great deal of people tend to tune out or dismiss their partner’s wishes.

Say your spouse wants to go out for supper to a Chinese restaurant. You had Chinese food for lunch, but you know how much your spouse is craving it. You just kind of do not answer them. You enter silent mode and hope they do not ask you again.

Here is how you should manage it. Do not ignore them. When you ignore a person, they will immediately begin to believe that the answer is no and {} not on the same page together. You don’t need to do this.

It is only human nature that if somebody asks us to do something we are not actually in the mood to do, we’ll often go on mute mode (and will just ignore the request). Pretty soon what happens when you do so, however, is that your partner will begin to think you are not interested in doing this thing together (when perhaps you just are not interested in doing it that night).

So if your spouse wants to go to a Jazz club one night and you are not in the mood that day to do so, answer them by saying something like”No, I am not in the mood to go listen to jazz tonight and get drunk. Let us do it tomorrow.”

Therefore, don’t dismiss somebody when they have a desire. Do not dismiss somebody when they need something. Just let them know you are not in the mood for it that night, otherwise you’re likely to cause your spouse to form all kinds of incorrect opinions about you.

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