I’m So Worried About My Child I Can Not Be Intimate With My Husband. Ask Allana.

My husband is trying to be understanding but I understand that his patience is wearing thin.

Query : My husband and I are the proud parents of a gorgeous little girl. She’s my world. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I’m consumed by her. I am aware that I can not seem to do anything about it, which is beginning to cause problems in the intimacy department. I really don’t want to have sex because I believe I won’t have the ability to get to her when she needs me. I might not hear her. I sleep in the nursery each night since I am so concerned about her. My husband is trying to be understanding but I understand that his patience is wearing thin.

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Response : Wow! To ask me this question is the individual to ask. Yes, you’re right — this is not working. Your worrying is not love — it is worry, it is fear — not enjoy. We’ve got two choices — love or fear. In addition, I understand the love of a child. I know that they’re everything. You created them on your body, they’re the most valuable thing to you. In case you’ve got to be by her, sleep with her, not make love and revel in rejuvenating your sensuality and linking with the father, she’s going to believe life is a frightening place, life is a dangerous place — she won’t ever relax, open, be happy, be free, be living if you’re so on her with all this pressure and I know this isn’t what you want.

I remember when I let my son go live with his afternoon primarily, I remember when he was one and we began 50/50 and my breast were still filled with milk, I just wanted to be with him. I’ve even experienced death, my very best friend died when I was 16. It was among the biggest gifts to aid me from the time I got to be a mother. I’ve been through passing to another side. I think we are eternal beings. I’ve been through the most excruciating pain of watching my mother die too, and I kept breathing.

This is your training — I’d encourage you to do some training with me. I can take you through this fire to the other side and you’ll experience your eternal nature and you’ll give that spaciousness, security, and calmness to your own daughter — and your union will get back on course, and your spouse will be thankful! Promise! Go to allanapratt.com/strategy — put in the code”friend” and you’ll find a discount. Let us connect — I guarantee you after one semester, you’ll be like”Yep — she is my trainer — let’s do this!” Or go straight to 6 sessions, and let us do it.

To continue our training here, breathe I bet you’re holding your breath a good deal. If you keep on your breath and breathe, I’m not saying this is enjoyable, but if you continue breathing through everything you think will kill you — I guarantee you it won’t. It’ll be scary, it’ll be tough, and very uneasy. When we breathe down into our hearts, breathe into that belly that birthed that beautiful baby, keep breathing — the emotion/fear will pass and leave and you’ll be left more calm, more serene, and more connected to your instinct, which is what will keep your baby safe — not the fretting — which will make her scared. Once you release the fear in your instinct and on your belly, that’s your consciousness and discernment and that’s what will keep your infant safe while keeping your calm and keeping you connected to your spouse. It’s totally possible — I guarantee you.

Meanwhile, breathe, and understand that I adore.
You can achieve this.



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